Name: Anathema.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Subtype: Variable
Subtype Active: Transform
Subtype Passive: Debuff

Appearance: Anathema stands at about 5'9", but very seldom appears to be that height, as she often floats a few inches above the ground, and even when standing, her boots tend to add a few inches.

Despite her witch theme, her headgear more resembles a Navi helmet than anything one would normally associate with a witch...or the front of one, anyway. The front half of her head consists of a dull bronze plate, to guard against attacks. It goes back as far as a pair of ear flaps, then suddenly stops, and allowing a purple translucent veil to trail along, down to her waist, and covering her shoulder blade length black hair. A second veil connects from the front to cover her face from the cheekbones down, but doesn't actually hide any facial features, nor is it intended to.

Her normal outfit is a dark purple dress, which rises only enough that her shoulders remain bare. From there, the middle third plummets downward, only stopping below the belly button...though, from the bottom of her chest to the bottom of the opening, it's covered by a bronze colored sash. On this sash, as well as her helmet's ear flaps, is her emblem; a stylized black cauldron with a stirring stick, and emitting some sort of steam or smoke. Oddly, only her left arm has a traditional sleeve, and her right arm simply has a purple fingerless glove that extends to the elbow. She also wears a black choker on her neck.

The lack of symmetry also applies to the lower part of her dress, as there is a single slit along the right side that extends clear up to the side of her waist. Aside from that, it extends down to her ankles. She wears plain black knee high boots, though their heels are at least 3 inches long.

When entering battle, to prevent herself from being too exposed in battle, Anathema activates thin Navi armor, to cover herself from her choker down.

Personality: Despite her name and appearance, Anathema is actually pretty friendly and even tempered, serving as the voice of reason to her operator's darker moments. If severely sleighted, however, she has an extremely vengeful side, and will spend entire days devising horribly dehabilitating or embarrassing curses or brews in the name of payback. She also has a tendency to ignore some basic social etiquette; she wouldn't hesitate to ask someone for a cup of their own blood, if she needed it for a potion, and wouldn't initially get why someone would refuse such a request.

Custom Weapon: Anathema is capable of firing bursts of dark magic at will.

Signature Attacks:

- Black Heart
Anathema blows a kiss at an enemy, creating a black heart shaped projectile. Upon contact, it quickly sucks some of an enemy's life force, and transfers it over to her.

- Dark Slime
Anathema creates purple toxic goop that creeps forward to infect a target with a potent, but short lasting, poison.

- Shadow Choke
Anathema causes a target's shadow to rise and momentarily bind them with suffocating darkness. Oddly, it works even when the enemy isn't giving off a shadow.

PurpleFog.GMO - Anathema borrows from her 'father's' abilities, and becomes a formless mass of dark purple mist. She can't maintain this form for long, though, and will automatically reform into her default appearance after a short period of time.