Name: Veda.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Null
Subtype: Guts

Appearance: Veda is a short, thin, flat and lightly tanned girl. Her black hair is styled in a neat topknot which is held there with a white strap. Attached on the front of the topknot is a large round pin with her emblem on it: an opened book on the background and a brush with black ink at its tip on the foreground. She has sharp looking green eyes and a small mouth on her youthful face with somewhat bigger ears on the sides.
Hanging from the back of her topknot is a chain of 108 silver beads that is three times Veda's height in length. She can control this chain of beads as if it's a fifth limb. The 108th and final bead is larger than the other 107 and has a painter's brush attached to it, which can produce any color from its bristles.
Veda wears a black skinsuit over her body, from the top of her neck all the way to her toes. She wears a pair of wide pants made of blue cloth held up by a big light blue sash. She wears a pair of short silver gloves with banded cuffs. The tops of her fingers can be removed to reveal small paintbrushes under them. Veda also wears silver boots, but have the shape of her feet.
Attached to Veda's body and outfit are 8 feminine hands, nicknamed the Matrika Hands, which are all entirely silver with a rounded wrist at the end. These hands appear more mature and larger than Veda's own hands. She's got a hand on the back of each shoulder, the fingers on top of them except the thumb. Another pair of hands covering her breasts, positioned inward from the sides. The next pair is positioned downwards on her hips, with the wrists below the sash of her pants. The final pair of hands is on her behind, positioned downards, with the wrists behind her pants' sash as well.

Personality: Veda can be most easily described with: loud, strict and calm. While Veda was originally programmed to be a teacher's assistant, she is perfectly capable of fighting and has downloaded the necessary techniques for combat. And being a teacher's assistant, she also has the necessary skills to teach others in various subjects.

Custom Weapon: Veda is a martial artist, but only uses her hands to fight with. Veda can make The Matrika Hands adorning her body float and use them to attack with at any range. She can also perform some ranged attacks with her paint brush, but mostly uses it to enhance her many hands.
Signature Programs

Name: Sanskrit Drive
Description: Veda forms a puddle of ink under her feet, either with her hands or paintbrush, in which she can submerge herself or use to swiftly slide around the battlefield. She can only use the ink to slide around on metal tiles, because the ink cannot maintain its form to submerge into on the smooth surface of metal.
2x Burrow
2x Movement
Total: 100pts

Name: A.S.U.R.A. (or Augmented Samadhi of Unified Reactive Assault)
Description: Veda launches 2 sets of 2 hands each into the air where they'll keep guard until they detect someone or something performing an attack at Veda. In that moment they'll launch themselves, fist first, at the attacker before returning to Veda.
2x Counters (When Hit By Attack): 2x Buster Shots @ Attacker
1x Sacrifice (-15 HP)
Total: 100pts + 20nerf

Name: Tuxedo.GMO
Description: Veda gets to wear a gray tuxedo with long coat tails to replace her pants. The tuxedo top is buttoned up to her chest and she wears her black bodysuit underneath it, up to her neck. At her neck she wears a gray bowtie with a light blue button in the center. Her hands are still silver, but her silver feet have been replaced for common black Navi boots. Around her waist she still wears her light blue sash. Silvery white hands have been printed on the tuxedo in various areas: Four on her back in the pattern of an X with the fingers outwards, two on the front on each side positioned with the fingers upwards and two on her pants at each hip with fingers downwards. Each hand is pictured as an open palm, entirely blocky with the fingers against each other. Veda can make her physical Matrika hands appear out of these prints, although she'd create holes in her tuxedo by doing so.
On top of her head she wears a gray top hat, with light blue lining, to cover her topknot. The bead chain holding her paintbrush is kept within her top hat and the paintbrush sticks out of a hole at the top of the hat so only its bristles are visible. At the front of the top hat is a badge of her emblem.