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Name: SliceMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Type: Sword


Standing at a rather tall 213cm (~7'), SliceMan is the head of operations of the Meat Hacker's NetNavi Restaurant side. His main body consists of an enormous cleaver, handle side up, struck through the middle of a white-colored tapering cylindrical body. The white handle is made to resemble a chef's hat, and serves as SliceMan's head at its bottom side, where a black section reveals small, discerning eyes. The black section rests on a wood-colored disc, before the tapering cylindrical body starts. The body is made to resemble a white chef's double-breasted jacket, complete with the Meat Hacker's logo, a white cleaver on a black background, on the left breast. These go down to white-colored legs, which end at the knee into large clear pepper shaker-themed legs. These are filled with what appears to be pepper, and end in short white boots.

Towards SliceMan's sides, his second most prominent features are his enormous wooden knife racks, which serve as shoulderguards of sorts. Each of them has six knives stuck in with white handles, which are able to launched into the air to be caught as weapons, or towards enemies as projectiles. They go down into white upper arms, and large clear salt shaker-themed forearms. Thick gloved brown hands protrude from the bottom of the salt shakers, which are normally filled with what looks to be table salt. Under his arms, brown exhausts are installed into the sides of his body, which are able to extend clear tubes into his salt shaker hands, providing them with various effects.

Personality: SliceMan's personality is rather twisted, in that his morality senses are skewed against whatever he can find to be most suitable for his cooking. His keen sense of appraisal for cooking often lands him in hot water, as he relishes being able to find new supplies for his dishes. Ever absorbed within his craft, SliceMan never actually tastes any of his cooking, due to his stark lack of methods to do so in the form of a mouth or such, and as such, he is extremely meticulous in his artful "preparations", as he calls them. Most of the time, these involve only viruses, but the amount of times that Norton has had to restrain his Navi from slicing up another of his kind is not a single digit.

It's not often that people find SliceMan at the opposite end of his blade, besides his operator, and his customers. As such, people are usually surprised to find that SliceMan himself is rather amicable, and perhaps even acts a little shy. Nevertheless, his sociability disappears rapidly once he finds a new target, when he devotes himself to finding the best way to slice up their best-tasting parts.

Custom Weapon: Shaker Limbs: SliceMan's salt shaker arms and pepper shaker legs are able to be augmented with various effects to replace the normally inert salt and pepper inside of them. The exhaust holes from his underarms can extend clear tubes into his salt shaker arms in order to fuel whatever modifications he chooses. Usually, this comes with the removal of his hands and feet in order to accommodate the transformation. His favorite transformation is igniting the contents of his limbs in order to fill them with fire, turning his limbs into flamethrowers, which, oddly enough, are often simply used to cook.

Knife Rack-Launchers: The wooden knife racks that serve as his shoulderguards are able to explosively launch the knives that are seated in them, either as sharp, deadly missiles, or as weapons for SliceMan himself to use. The knives reload as soon as they are fired, popping up from within the racks themselves.

The Meat Hacker: As a last resort, or simply as a flashy finisher, SliceMan can expel his own giant cleaver body to use as a weapon. Often only used against large targets, the cleaver is named after his operator's restaurant, and can pack quite a punch, with its edge never dulling against anything it is meant to hack through.

Signature Attacks:

Passive: Heat-Seeking Knives (3 Instances)
| 5 Damage, Slashing | 15 PP/60 SP |
SliceMan's knife rack-launchers are set on autofire when he encounters any hostile threats, or potential meat sources. This does mean that he is often unable to catch them himself, and that the knives used for this purpose are often too fragile to be used more than once in any case.