Name: ResQ
Gender: Female
Element/Subtype: Normal/Wind
Body: ResQ herself stands at a respectable 5'6", with a thin, lithe figure. Her overall body shape is that of a distance runner, toned and flexible. The only part of her body she would change, which she wouldn't publicly admit, is her rather small bust size (30A). Her hair is raven black and split with two sharp, distinct bangs that hang on either side of her head, bracketing her intense amber eyes. When she isn't in the suit she has a pronounced "drill" ponytail, which essentially disappears once she suits up. She insists upon the hair style, as it is one of the few things she has left over from her former life (plus the mix of intimidation and curiosity it tends to invoke from others).

She is always wearing a dark gunship grey bodysuit, but her attire changes slightly (and automatically) whenever she enters or dismounts her A.N.G.E.L. armor. While piloting the suit, her legs are mostly uncovered save for the bodysuit, and the armor of the suit itself conceals her feet and lower legs up to her lower thigh. Her upper torso is mostly covered by an olive green zip-up jumpsuit, which is fairly snug as to prevent excessive flapping in the downdraft created by the rotors. There are several dark grey armored plates built into the chest and shoulder areas of the jumpsuit, but they are rather thin and light, barely restricting movement. She wears a pair of unarmored gloves, which not only protect her fingers from scratches and heat, they also assist her in controlling the slave arms on her armored suit. Her helmet is a flat dark gray and covers everything other than her face, and has a moveable visor that can slide down over her eyes, providing protection and limited all-weather vision capabilities. There are multiple microphones built into the lower rim of the helmet, allowing her voice to be heard over the rotor wash.
While separated from the suit, her legs are covered by slightly baggy olive green breeches and black knee-high boots. Usually she doesn't wear the gloves or the protective armor plates when she's just walking around.

Augmented Navi-Guided Evac/Lift (ANGEL) Armor Suite:
- Counter-rotating rotors, 8 blades total mounted on a halo-shaped twin rail system to slide the rotor head from the ready position above her head, to the storage position behind her head. The blades themselves are rather flexible (like the real world equivalent), and can flex/rotate as the suit moves almost like large, slightly more rigid strands of hair.
- ~12' tall from the bottoms of its feet to the top of its rotor-head.
- large legs that can form together into a single tail-like structure, splits in half for walking and stabilization, intakes on the unit's "hips" which curve around to the back where the exhaust acts like the back of a miniskirt. It also has a pair of square flare boxes splayed back, capable of carrying and deploying 16 flares each.
- Equipped with two large slave arms situated behind her body. The arm on her right is fairly standard, with a five-fingered hand, while the left is outfitted with a three-fingered claw attached to a cable hoist. The inner lining of the claws fingers is made of a slightly maleable rubber-like material, allowing the claw to hold delicate or small items. However, the actuators are strong enough to clamp the claw down with crushing force. The cable-guided claw can be extended and retracted at a variety of speeds, from a gentle pull to "rocket fist"-esque extensions. The cable itself is made of a very strong, light-weight woven material, allowing the suit to secure targets from a long distance, then either reel them back or fling them around.
- Primary weapon is a small-bore solid firearm with a very long barrel, covered by a perforated cooling shroud and fed by a cylindrical magazine near the back of the weapon. A large, angular blade is fixed to the bottom of the barrel, which spans several inches in front of the flash suppressor all the way back to the front of the magazine, while a slightly smaller blade is fixed to the top of the barrel. This upper blade extends to the trigger assembly mounted above the barrel. Held normally, the weapon functions as a rifle while also being capable of being thrust forward like a spear. A handle is fused behind the back of the barrel assembly, allowing the weapon to be held upright like a sword. The weapon itself has no visable optics or sights, but ResQ's aim is aided by a targeting screen projected by the arc-shaped control panel in front of her, or displayed on her visor when in use. The total length of the weapon is approximately 8 feet, and weighs a significant amount. Swings are usually limited to vertical chops or wide horizontal slashes due to its sheer weight and bulk.
- She straddles the thin saddle-style seat, and her lower legs are covered in the suit's thigh armor. Her hips are obscured by an arc-like spar that helps keep her settled in her seat, and houses a turret-style camera underneath.

Background: The navi, originally known as Slip.EXE, was created by her original NetOp for the purpose of pilfering data. She used a powered exoskeleton, but unlike the A.N.G.E.L., her unit was entirely land based and specialized more on stealth and carefully applied force. The machine was almost cat-like, boasting high agility and balance, and utilized blade-based weaponry to silently breach and remove anything in her path. She became very skilled at manipulating her mech effectively, and the Navi/NetOp team started to rake in profits from doing bigger and bigger heists. She became close with her NetOp, almost dependent on him since everyone else was a potential threat. However, the pair bit off more than they could chew by attempting to steal data from a Sharo military server. Faced with a rapidly tightening noose, the NetOp bailed and fled before the authorities closed in, abandoning the Navi and erasing all data linking them together. Betrayed and alone, Slip was eventually captured and incarcerated. A few weeks in, she was selected as a candidate for the Navi-Exclusive Rehabilitation-Focused "NERF" program, where she eventually graduated with a "rehabilitated" status and a new name: "ResQ."

While it isn't entirely obvious she used to be a career criminal, any astute folks could connect the dots. Her wit and demeanor are equally sharp, which often intimidated and/or dissuaded others from sticking around her for extended periods. She only spoke when she deemed it necessary, and preferred her actions to do the talking. She occasionally adopted different roles to suit her needs, and practiced enough to become rather convincing; sometimes it's difficult to tell if she's being herself or acting behind a mask. Since "getting NERF'd," she no longer needs an abrasive, deceptive personality to keep potential threats at a distance, but old habits die hard. She views Alexander as just another straight-laced sucker who will fail to bend her to conformity, just like the NERF faculty.

NCPs: Undershirt, HP+50
Chips: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw x1, AirShot1 x1

Sig Attack: (60/60)
Grapple Claw: ResQ launches her ANGEL's left claw hand at a target, stunning it from the impact before dragging it towards her (20dmg Null + Stun + Pull + 2TCD)


Name: ParaMet.SP
Element/Subtype: Normal/Recovery (Medical Mastery | IV)

As the name suggests, ParaMet has a general resemblance to the Metool family of viruses, and very similar dimensions. Standing a mere 2" tall, it's mostly a helmet with feet. Unlike it's viral brethren, its helmet looks more akin to a lightweight ballistic helmet than a simple dome-shaped hard hat. The helmet is painted in a similar shade of gray to the ANGEL, and has two "cutouts" where the Met's ears would be, which are covered by what appears to be a low-profile tactical headset. The left earpiece has a small, black mic stalk that extends and curls towards where the ParaMet's unseen mouth would be. The right earpiece has a small antenna that extends up and back at around a 30degree angle, and extends only couple inches above the top of its helmet.

Its eyes are the same as the standard Metool, but they're partially obscured by an angular protective visor with nearly zero tint to its scratch and smudge-resistant surface. It doesn't enhance ParaMet's sight, but the myriad of mounting rails and brackets on its helmet gives it plenty of room to mount night vision tech, targeting lasers, flashlights, etc.

It's comically large feet, common for a Met, appear slightly more armored than normal, as if it was wearing "boots," complete with cleated soles. It gives the SP a waddling gait when "walking", but it doesn't seem to slow it down much in a full sprint. It can scuttle over the ground with surprising speed, which is quite useful in a firefight.

Typically it'll enter the battlefield riding on the ANGEL, from which it will then jump or fast-line down to the ground. It's equipped with a gray medical pack mounted to the back of its helmet, which extends further down than a normal hard-hat, for providing combat first aid. Since the ParaMet support program is designed fight its way in and defend its patient, it foregoes the standard mattock for a rifle. Well, it doesn't really look like one due to its deformed proportions, more like a machine pistol or micro SMG. Its slightly curved magazine extending down from the back of the rifle and large barrel shroud suggests it's a suppressed bull-pup design. Like the ParaMet's helmet, the rifle is also decked out with mounting rails, allowing for easy customization.

Personality: Though it's more advanced than its viral counterparts, its vocabulary is still limited to the word "meep." Its voice is high pitched and somewhat squeaky, like a standard Met, but it also has the electronic crackle and graininess of a voice transmitted over radio. As expected for something designed for/by the military, ParaMets follow their "commanders" without question or hesitation. It's capable of limited creativity and "outside-the-box thinking," but that's simply to allow commanders to simply give it an objective, without having to detail every action it must take to achieve said objective.

When not in combat, ParaMet either remains stowed on the ANGEL, or follows ResQ in cautious silence. Unsurprisingly it's not designed for socialization, and even less so for small-talk. ResQ is quite fond of that particular trait. Until one of its "commanders" identifies another program as an ally or neutral party, it has a tendency to keep them under watch. However; once established as a "friendly," the ParaMet won't hesitate to move to his/her/its aid, even while under heavy fire.

ResQ's Level 0 GMO:

Name: Formal Uniform.GMO

As a more "formal" alternative to ResQ's default breeched jumpsuit, this attire consists of a gray suit jacket, long sleeved undershirt, and knee-length skirt. The upper garments are tailored to ResQ's frame and fits well enough to fit the contours of her body without being needlessly stiff, while the skirt is comfortably loose with two medium pleats in the front. The jacket has a fairly broad collar with two breast pocket flaps each with a single black button, but they're really just for show as there aren't any actual pockets. Four polished black metal buttons in a square formation fasten the two sides of the jacket together, showing ResQ's thin waist, but also hints to her fairly small bust. As for ornamentation, the jacket has a simple black stripe around the cuff of both sleeves, and a silver badge pinned above her right breast pocket, which looks almost exactly like her Navi symbol: a pair of outstretched wings with a four-bladed prop at its center in a + formation, but without the circular background.

The outfit is tied together with a black tie, black leggings, and lightly polished black lace-less pumps. The uniform also includes a gray garrison cap, with an embroidered version of her jacket badge wrapped across the front in silver thread. When worn, it's tilted slightly to the right, and doesn't interfere with her raven black drill-style ponytail or the rest of her hairstyle for that matter. Her hairstyle is completely out of regs, but ResQ adamantly refuses to change it.

As for the ANGEL, the suit itself just looks as if it had been "white gloved." It's metal skin looks freshly painted, components oiled and polished, and "cockpit" scrubbed and painstakingly cleaned. When ResQ mounts up in the ANGEL, her garrison cap is either stored or "anchored" in place so it doesn't get blown away by the rotors, and her command gloves look to be made of well-treated leather.

Battle Information:
The ANGEL performs no differently in battle in this .GMO. While dismounted, ResQ can utilize all chips and sigs like any normal Navi, save for signature attacks literally requiring the ANGEL's hardware (grapple claw, etc).