Name: Firefly.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Fire
Subtype: Break

Appearance: "Tank girl" is the simplest accurate description for Firefly. Though she has a humanoid and feminine body, she is quite tall at 6'5" net equivalent and is fitted not with a simple bodysuit but with mechanical armor and weaponry inspired by a tank. Namely, a Sherman Firefly.

Starting from the top down, Firefly's head is left exposed by default. This is normally the only part of her body left uncovered, revealing a woman of military age with light but slightly scarred skin, short platinum blonde hair, and blue eyes. She wears a black military beret out of combat, but switches it for a steel plate helmet in battle.

Heavier armor covers her chest and torso, sloped and rounded in design to help divert oncoming weapons fire. Her arms are similarly plated, with mechanical prosthetics providing the extra support and machinery required to hold her weapons. On her right arm is a massive cannon in the style of a 17-pounder, reaching almost three feet past her fingertips when in combat position. A mantlet mounted in front of her hand protects her arm and the cannon's loading mechanisms. Meanwhile, a modified trigger mechanism allows Firefly to fire the cannon from her right hand. Her left arm is simpler and less unwieldy, mounted with a machine gun designed after a .50 caliber. A belt of ammunition wraps around her upper arm, held in place by mounts on her armor.

Her legs themselves are covered only by light bodysuit leggings. However, four plates of "skirt armor" are attached to her waist, and extend far enough to shield down to her knees. She wears heavy armored boots with the same sloped armor as her chestpiece, with thick soles textured like treads. And speaking of treads, a pair of continuous track treads mount to the back of her legs. Though mostly for show, these treads are fully functional and can attach to her feet for use if necessary.

All of Firefly's armor is rifle green in color. Her main cannon is the came color, but has a lighter, wave-patterned countershading on the lower half of the barrel. The machine gun, bodysuit leggings, and treads, meanwhile, are black. Finally, her navi emblem, located

Personality: Firefly is a very proud navi. She's proud of her weapons, proud of her armor, proud of the tech that goes into both, even proud of her operator. But despite all of this pride she's...surprisingly easy to get along with. Firefly is cheerful, if a bit boisterous, and is prone to deciding on a whim that she's now friends with someone just because they haven't tried to kill each other yet. She's the kind of person who'll gladly have a drink with someone (or, internet drink at least), swap stories, help someone move, help someone take down dangerous viruses, all without asking a whole lot in return. Because, really, if she can get along with everyone, she doesn't have to blow them up.

That's the other side of Firefly. If someone's an enemy, they're a target. Trinity need only give the order (or if Trinity's not calling the shots, said enemy need only provoke her into it), and Firefly will readily use her 17-pounder on them. It's better to get along with everyone than fight, but when that fails, she fights. Above all, she's absolutely fierce in combat. Which isn't to say she's loud and hot-blooded - her cannon will just drown her out anyway. But she will continue to fight with all she has until she's won, disabled, or forcibly called off. Outside of serious combat, Firefly enjoys fighting for fun as well. She thoroughly enjoys a friendly spar, and lists firing off her main cannon as one of the most pleasurable experiences she can have.

Custom Weapon: Her main gun is a large right-arm-mounted cannon designed in the style of a 17-pounder. While this is typically used only for heavy weaponry (battlechips), a secondary weapon designed after a .50 caliber machine gun mounted on her left arm is used more for lighter weapon fire, including her (current) standard buster shots. In a pinch, her armor and treads can also be used for melee attacks.

Signature Attack:
-Incendiary Round [Active, 2TCD]: Firefly loads up a shell containing incendiary components. It bursts into flames when it strikes an opponent, dealing fire damage. With a successful hit, the fire will continue to burn for a short time.
40 fire damage (40), then 10 delayed fire damage for two turns (20), 60 total points.