Name: DragonMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Subtype: Break
Appearance: A Navi named DragonMan would be expected to be a humanoid Navi that looked like a dragon...he does not disappoint in this regard. He stands at a rather impressive 8'2", though he usually hunches slightly.
- DragonMan's head appears as very reptilian, somewhat resembling an orange stylized carnivorous dinosaur's head. His mouth is little more than a permanent, openable grin, allowing him to constantly reveal his razor sharp teeth. His eyes are yellow with black, reptilian pupils. On the very back of his, nearly where it meets the neck, are two small flaps resembling some sort of animal ear. One might expect the neck to be extremely long, but it's actually only slightly longer than a normal human's.
- His body is perhaps the most 'man' part about him, not coming across as anything reptilian. Instead, it's a fairly standard Navi torso (though a bit larger to accomodate his larger size) with black armor, including pauldrons. On his chest is his emblem, a stylized dragon's head breathing fire. The most notable things about it actually are what stick out from behind it: a tail which extends approximately 4 feet, and possesses a constantly burning flame at the tip, and a pair of wings that resemble pendulum blades. The wings currently have no actual function, but if augmented by the NaviCust, they would be entirely capable of providing free flight.
- DragonMan's arms are fairly skinny, though otherwise they mostly look as a normal pair of orange, scaly arms. The one exception is the hands, which appear to simply have four footlong claws instead of fingers, arranged as a hand would look with four fingers. They do possess some sort of movement, but it clearly lacks the dexterity of a regular Navi hand.
- His legs, by contrast, are nearly bird-like, as while the thighs do seem to have some muscle, they thin out past the knee. They also possess an extra joint, which bends backwards in comparison to the more typical front bending knee. His feet consist of three front toes and one hind toe to aid in balance, and all possess sharp claws.

Personality: A Navi as beastial as DragonMan would be expected to be of limited sentience and have a destructive bent, but this is only half true at worst. He actually possesses a high degree of intelligence, and while he does enjoy a good razing every now and then, he's perfectly aware that destruction for destruction's sake is, well, destructive. He serves as the voice of reason to the more spacy Ruby.

Custom Weapon: As a fire breathing dragon, DragonMan has all the claws, teeth, and physical weaponry one would expect. Oh, and he can also breathe fire. Because, well, fire breathing dragon.