Name: HunterWoman.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Wood
Subtype: Guts
Appearance: One look at HunterWoman, and it's clear she's not meant to be a perfectly normal Navi.

- Her head lacks a true helmet, though she does have a sort of headband with earflaps. The earflaps contain her emblem, an animal of nebulous identity in a crosshair. She has long hunter green hair, which is held in a ponytail that extends halfway down her back. To keep it from potentially getting in the way of reaching for her weaponry, it has several other bands as it moves downward. Her face, the one part of her body where her skin is visible, is a warm shade of brown, with green paint-like lines occupying each cheek.

- The remainder of her body is completely encased in a skintight Navi bodysuit, to prevent any undue exposure to the elements. While it appears at a glance to be black, a closer inspection would reveal it's actually a very, very dark shade of green. Thicker, olive green armor covers her upper torso, from the bottom of the chestbone to the bottom of the neck, giving off the appearance of a cutoff tank top. A large leaf adorns each shoulder, serving as guards of questionable use. Her gloves are mostly standard Navi gloves, but are fingerless...though the bodysuit completely covers her hands anyway.

- Unlike most female Navis with bodysuits, she has no sort of lower armor, and instead her lower regions are covered in large leaves that form a knee-length skirt, though her hips remain mostly exposed. Her boots are standard Navi fare through and through, though attached to the left one is a rather large hunting knife.

- She has a green quiver filled with crossbow bolts over her back, attached to the thicker armor. Attached to it is a crossbow attachment, which she can easily access with her right hand. It completely covers much of her forearm while in use, but is light enough to be wielded with a single hand.

Personality: Due to a small flaw in Diana's programming technique, HunterWoman rarely experiences small emotions, and instead often wears her feelings on her sleeve. Unsurprisingly, this makes her rather boisterous, and generally bad at hiding whatever she's feeling. She has a tendency to act on instinct instead of logic, which can put her at odds with her cooler headed operator.

Custom Weapon: The crossbow attachment HunterWoman carries on her back allows her to shoot arrows at anything or anyone she's hunting, deems a threat, or just really needs an arrow in them for some reason. It can also shift its appearance a bit to accommodate chips.