Name: Machman.EXE (MKII)
Gender: Male
Element: Null
Type: Speed

Appearance: Thanks to the addition of his dark blue, nearly black armor and prosthetic limbs, MachMan stands at a slightly taller 6'4" and approximately 230lbs. The entire armor ensemble looks reminiscent to older 21st century stealth aircraft; in fact, his upper torso looks like an aircraft fuselage with twin jet engines. His head is covered by an ellipse-shaped "bubble" cockpit, with opaque dark cyan glass. Though the material of the glass still allows someone inside to view the outside world, MachMan's sight has been all but disabled as of late. His right eye was destroyed (along with most of the right side of his head), while his left has recently been blinded; instead of a clear, deep sapphire iris, his eye is darker and clouded by a misty grey sheen. Said eye is covered by a dark blue, rectangular sensor array that's bolted on to his face, two areas up near his eyebrow, with another down by his left cheekbone area. Instead of seeing in a traditional sense, he can merely "detect" terrain and objects around him thanks to his Enhanced Perception signature attack. In essence, he can detect a NormalNavi ahead of him on a rectangular object, but he can't describe the Navi's posture, what color or style of armor being worn, nor read the label of the box upon which the Navi's standing.

The canopy sits in a large ellipse-shaped "collar" that blends seamlessly into the fuselage that makes up MachMan's chest and back. The chest armor has a flattened spade-shaped nosecone that extends about 1.5 feet from the front of the canopy and smoothly transitions into the rest of the fuselage, giving it a flat diamond front profile. The back of the fuselage tapers down to an edge similar to that of a wing, but ends in a zig-zag pattern commonly seen in radar-reflective designs.

In place of MachMan's shoulders, two cylindrical jet nacelles are affixed to the left and right sides of his fuselage-like upper torso. Each nacelle is about as long as his chest fuselage from tip to tail, and have a diameter slightly larger than the width of his canopy, giving him a bulkier, wide-shouldered and slightly top heavy profile. Both engines have large nosecones that extend just slightly past the tip of his chest armor, and are so wide that they nearly cover the entire front of the turbine engines. A trapezoid-shaped fin is affixed midway down the side of each nacelle and extends diagonally up and out at a 45 degree angle. The rear of the engines have three hinged paddles arranged in a triangular formation around the exhaust ring, which allow for multi-axis thrust vectoring. At idle, they provide 0 net thrust, while at full afterburner they provide enough thrust to propel MachMan at speeds that make him live up to the name.

These engines act as Mach's shoulders, though entirely immobile. To compensate for this, Mach's spindly arms are significantly longer than normal; his fingers can reach down to his knees. The arms are very thinly armored, and can be folded upwards to lay against the underside of his engine shoulders when cruising. There are little differences in width from his upper arms to forearms, and his elbows are seamlessly in-line with the rest of his arms, as if his arms were designed to function also as aerodynamic fins or control surfaces. His fingers are also quite long and flattened, so when his fingers and thumb are extending straight outwards on a single plane, they nearly form into a wingtip shape, and can function as such if Mach needs additional control surfaces, especially for gradual and precise movements.

Mach's abdomen is mostly unchanged, though his Navisuit is now dark blue like the rest of his armor, and a single wedge-like piece of armor extends down from the bottom of his chest armor to a similarly angular bracket around his waist. Below that are his purely mechanical legs. His thighs aren't quite as spindly as his arms, though they are quite thin by normal standards. Two trapezoid-shaped intakes bracket his knee joints, which lead back to small slot exhausts to provide extra thrust when needed. His lower legs are very thin, and look more like aircraft stabilizers with feet than "normal" legs. His shins are rounded like the leading edges of a wing, which taper to a thinner trailing edge that makes up his calves. Their side profile looks roughly like a normal leg, where the width of his legs are thicker up near where his calf muscles would be, and very thin around his ankles. His feet are very mechanical-looking and flat like two-toed skids, as if they were designed to give the most stability while requiring the least amount of weight and material.

A recent addition were two emblems that can be displayed at will on the outer surfaces of his ruddervators. The first was a gold-bordered shield crest with a black background. Inside the crest was a simple orange diagonal thunderbolt design, wreathed in a white halo and flanked on the trailing side by a birdlike wing, but made up of many small, angular blue shards. The bottom of the shield was bordered with a scroll-like banner with a similar gold outline and black field, with the words "HONORA JACENTES" written in gold text. The second was identical to the first with exception of the color scheme, everything other than the black background was changed to a matte gray, a "subdued" version of the emblem.

Background: Machman started out as just a standard NormalNavi purchased/created by Mazer Patrovski. However, one day he was traversing the net and encountered a strange data anomaly. He was confronted by a collection of foreign data that took the form of an almost invisible Navi. This data infected the NormalNavi and synchronized with it. This caused the NormalNavi to be basically "possessed" by Machman.EXE (Mk I); a Navi who was wrongly self-deleted years ago. Machman has his own personality and memories, but he shares some of his predecessor's memories, battle skills, and temperament. Machman also bore a striking resemblance to the original Machman.EXE. Years later, he ended up meeting a fragment of the MkI that he didn't absorb all those years ago, during that time it slowly gained power by siphoning power from passing viruses and other programs as it lay in wait for Mach to return.

When Mach and his SPs did finally return to the scene of both of their "births," the spectral fragment attacked. At the end of the battle, the spectral fragment was destroyed along with Aera and Vector. MachMan was able to EJO, but the battle left his body riddled with tainted wounds, that eventually required both arms and legs to be amputated and replaced with mechanical prosthetics.

Personality: Machman's personality developed and changed slightly since his creation, then took a sharp turn after his encounter with his spectral "other half." At first he matured from a rather cocky "flyboy" to a calculating, and protective fighter. His protectiveness especially applied to his SPs, with whom he formed a very strong bond. His bond with Aera was particularly significant; Mach was devoted to her, and her to him. He professed his love to her at one point, and though they were seemingly "joined at the hip," their relationship didn't fully blossom in a romantic sense. His SPs' demise at the hands of the spectre filled him with bitterness, remorse, and unrelenting fury. With no one else to protect, his approach has become even more offense-oriented, and no longer shies away from brutality to achieve his objectives.

Machman's trust in his NetOp, Mazer, was previously unwavering; he almost never questioned Mazer's decisions, mainly because he simply had the same idea in mind. He became a little more distant from his NetOp since the introductions of Aera and Vector, though the trust remained. With his SPs destroyed, his trust in his NetOp degraded significantly; he partially blamed him for the loss of his compatriots, and the relationship between them had become much more tumultuous.

In combat, Mach tends to be more aggressive than most, but said aggression is refined and sharpened to forge a very surgical fighting machine. His combat strategy taps into his primary skill: speed. Drawn-out battles are much more taxing on him, and prefers a lightning-fast assault to eliminate the enemy before they even have time to react. He tries to utilize everything he can use to destroy the enemy as quickly as possible. Without the need to protect his now deceased SPs, he can fully utilize his own abilities to decimate his foes without hesitation or fear of collateral damage.

Buster: When activated, Mach's fingers extend outwards from their knuckles and slide back over the top if his hands to reveal a rectangular buster barrel that fires high-velocity solid projectiles. It makes very little noise when fired, and barely a flicker of a muzzle flash.


Name: Shrike.SP
Gender: Unknown
Element/Subtype: / (P: Marksmanship | A: Reload)

Shrike is a small, roughly humanoid program with its structure built around its central and most notable feature: a single mechanical eye roughly the same size and shape as a standard volleyball. The majority of its eye is dark gray in color, with a slightly lighter gray shutter-like "iris." Shrike's pupil normally glows a soft green, which intensifies when utilizing its weaponry, and flickers whenever the program "blinks."

Shrike's eyeball "floats" in a frame-like housing from which its limbs and control surfaces are mounted, allowing its eye to point in any direction regardless of its body's orientation. In its humanoid mode, Shrike stands a little under 2 feet tall and a similar-length wingspan when its stubby, dark blue arms and simple two-fingered manipulators are outstretched. Its shoulder armor is very angular and flattened, so much that they act as its wings when in flight. Slightly smaller control surfaces protrude from its cylindrical legs, which are actually tiny jet engines with thrust vectoring paddles similar to MachMan's, which act as its toes and heels when standing.

In addition to its arms and legs, it has an angled loop-shaped bracket that acts as its nosecone/leading edge when in flight, giving it an angular, roughly airplane-like profile. The bracket extends forward from the sides of Shrikes eye then bends down in a 45 degree angle for a short distance before returning to its original angle, so when the bracket's arrow-like tip is pointing straight forward, it doesn't obstruct Shrike's line of sight. The bracket is also split down the middle, allowing the two "arms" to swing independently to give a greater range of movement and act as additional flight control surfaces.

While fully capable of moving and acting independently from MachMan, it can also fasten itself to the upper surface of Mach's torso armor, just behind his canopy-shaped helmet. It does so by stretching its arms and legs out to its sides and clamping down on purpose-built brackets, keeping itself firmly attached to its Navi's frame. When Mach is maneuvering or moving at very high speeds, it normally presses itself against the Navi's armor to avoid being shorn off, but can also slightly hike itself up to give it a mostly unobstructed view and forward firing arc.

Personality: Not much customization was put into Shrike's personality, as its AI was limited to combat-oriented functions. As such, while it can speak in an androgynous, synthetic tone, its phraseology is very mechanical and doesn't speak unless queried or given parameters to speak, such as to announce an inbound threat. Outside of battle, Shrike remains seen but typically not heard, and to others it would seem Shrike was just a part of Mach's armor or some piece of equipment, much like Cirrus was when Mach first met her.

Buster: Shrike's eye also doubles as its primary weapon. When needed, it can fire a concentrated beam of light, which can quickly cause significant thermal damage to its target. In lower energy states, the active beam is simply a ray of heat, but at higher power settings it can cause the "air" caught in the laser's path to glow and/or ignite, creating a reddish orange beam.
122 (Sylk) Level 3 Cross
100 (XIII) Level 2 Cross
87 (Roc) Level 2 Cross
81 (Skywriter) Level 1 Cross
52 (Rhea) Level 1 Cross
46 (Yasu) Level 1 Cross
41 (Escort) Level 1 Cross
41 (DragonierMan) Level 1 Cross
38 (Rainfall)
36 (Red) Level 1 Cross
35 (Pestilence) Level 1 Cross
26 (Vee) Level 1 Cross
23 (Neo-ShogunMan)
23 (Arachne)
22 (Aegir)
19 (Peace)
14 (Seer)
13 (Rodeo)
11 (Agony)
11 (Load)
8 (SliceMan)
9 (Curseman)
7 (PinPoint)
6 (Zazz)
4 (Dee)
4 (Jack)
4 (Guillotine)
7 (PinPoint)
4 (Coral)
3 (Sake)
3 (Scavenger)
3 (Cruz)
3 (Cabal)
2 (DimensionMan)
2 (Nihl)
1 (Kismet)
Element/Subtype:  Elec/Shadow (P: Assassin | A: Substitution Technique)
Description:  In this cross, Mach's dark blue armor is becomes nearly pitch black with a very slight crimson sheen, with major panels of armor trimmed in thin indigo lines.  Mach's chest "fuselage" is slightly thinner and longer than usual, while his shoulders extend from his upper torso by thin nacelle stalks.  The normally cylindrical engines now curve inward like a pair of pincers, and instead of a jet-style design the banks of thrusters at the flared out back edges of the engines look more akin to rocket boosters.  They're just as fast, but burn bright purple instead of orange to blue.  The fang-like engine nacelles don't have any fins or wings, he instead uses a myriad of small spoilers that ring half-way down the nacelles to provide any maneuvering required.

His arms are still attached to the nacelles as normal and are just as spindly and thin, but his fingers are armed with crimson hook-like claws.  He also has two extra pairs of identical arms that are also attached to the nacelles.  They move independently of each other, and are fully capable of wielding battlechips or busters.  Thanks to his experience in using fully prosthetic arms, he can mentally control all 6 with relative ease.

His legs are mostly unchanged save for the indigo trimmed color scheme and the two-toed skids that make up his feet are equipped with downward-facing claws.  They're similar in shape and color to those on his fingers, but significantly larger.  Shifting to his head, instead of the standard dark cyan canopy, the cockpit-like helmet over his head is covered in very dark crimson armored plating.  Said armor was studded with several glowing purple eye-like lenses, which adds to his alien/arachnid look while still providing the 360-degree visual data Mach has become accustomed to.

Signature Attacks:
Chaos Pulse: MachMan charges in, then uses his elemental affinity to rapidly overload his body with electrical energy and unleash every volt in a massive explosion. Blueish purple webs of electricity and magnetism surge around the area like the inside of a plasma globe for several seconds. Anything caught in the blast would be rendered dazed and disoriented, as if they were subjected to multiple venomous bites or hit with an EMP. Mach isn't fully immune to the effects himself, it leaves him with his targeting subroutines temporarily degraded, and crashes his Buster entirely.
(Movement + Confusion Nova4 (320) + Self Slow (40Nerf) + BusterLock (60Nerf) + 9TCD) (240pts + 100pt Nerf)
Element/Subtype:Fire/Sword (P: Lunge | A: Riposte)
Description:  Upon activation, MachMan's entire body ignites and seemingly consumed in a pillar of fire.  The swirling flames engulf his body, until several darkened blade-like structures cut through the flames and cause it to dissipate and reveal his new form.  His overall scheme is mostly of dark crimson, gold, and white, though his overall body shape remains the same.  His canopy is a rich red which sits in a white "collar" atop a darker crimson fuselage.  The engine nosecones are tipped with gold, and the two elevons have been honed to a razor's edge on each of its three sides.

His spindly arms are no bulkier than normal, same for his legs.  The largest change to his overall body shape comes from a pair of cleaver-like blades stored blade-up over the tops of his engine nacelles.  The large blades run nearly the full length of the nacelles before angling downwards to their respective handles.  When needed, Mach can simply reach up to his "shoulders" to grab the blade handles.  They're secured to his nacelles with some fairly simplistic clamps, that can be opened upon his command, or automatically once he grasps the cleavers' handles.

Signature Attacks
Decisive Blow: Machman manipulates the temperature of the air around him, and throughout the battlefield to push and draw a single target towards him. With his arm blades folded outwards, he then delivers a single devastating slash straight down the target's midline.
(Gravity  + 120dmg Fire + Slashing + 4TCD)
Element/Subtype:  Wood/Wind (P: Gust | A: Turbulence)
Description:  In this cross, most of Mach's body is concealed in a heavily damaged and severely tattered hooded red cloak.  It also highlights Mach's overall hunched, animalistic posture even with his bulky engine nacelles.  Said nacelles are the only parts of his body fully exposed and protruding from the cloak, and are almost entirely unchanged, save for more jagged zig-zags on his intakes and the trailing edges of his ruddervators and thrust vectoring paddles.  The hood of said cloak drapes almost entirely over his canopy and mostly obscures it in shadow, with only the piercing crimson glow of a right eye shining through.  The hood also angles up in odd places over the canopy, as if Mach somehow sprouted a pair of canine ears.

In fact, a good portion of his design in this form is inspired not by RedRidingHood herself, but the villain of the story from which she was inspired.  The exposed parts of his body are very dark grey and jagged like a mechanical recreation of fur.  The cloak reaches nearly to the floor, but stops or has been shredded enough to expose his mechanical canine legs and four-clawed feet.  His arms are still long and spindly as always, but his fingertips are curved and sharpened into a set of armored claws by default, and many of the previously smooth edges are jagged and zig-zagged like his legs and upper torso.  

Signature Attacks:  
Piercing Gale:  Machman belts out a frenzied howl with a back blast from his engines, sending forth a concussive shockwave along with a trace of parasitic data.  Upon impact, it would send the target flying and sap a small amount of energy, which would return to replenish Mach's own.
(20dmg Wood + Life Drain + Microburst + 2TCD)
Element/Subtype: Null/Sword (P: Lunge | A: Riposte)
Description:   In this cross, his frame is primarily brushed aluminum with purple stripes and green trim.  The stripes are seen on the leading edges of his arms, legs, elevons, and rudders, plus one large vertical stripe directly over the fuselage from nose to tail.  Instead of cloth or "skin," Mach's entire body looks to be covered in metal plates of varying shapes and sizes, much like Rhea's design.  His engine nacelle shoulders are similarly colored, and their immobile nosecones are unchanged in size and shape.  Further back; however, he has an additional pair of forward-swept stabilizers pointing 45 degrees downwards to mirror the originals.  The exhaust sections each have an added spinning slotted ring, so when the engines are in afterburner, some of the bright cyan flames jet out through the angled slots to form a glowing propeller disk.

His canopy is also similarly covered in brushed aluminum panels with green trim, but can still see the world around him thanks to an array of small camera programs recessed into the seams of the panels.  Though mechanically cosmetic at most, it at least gives the appearance his upper torso would be more capable of taking hits.

Mach's arms in this form are mostly unchanged in shape and size, save for two small energy projectors mounted on the backs of his hands.  When active, they emit two thin, cyan energy beams that eventually converge into a blade-like point 3 feet away.  His legs are slightly more reinforced to compensate for the stresses of quick footwork required in close-quarters combat, and his feet have several rubberized cleat-like studs to give better traction.

Signature Attacks:
Riposte:  Thanks to this cross, MachMan has a heightened sense of awareness when in close range with foes. With his blade at the ready, Mach can nearly instantly react to an attack and counter with his own. His attack is sharp and fast, aiming not only at the enemy, but also at the very weapon that attacked him.
(Counter: (Melee-Range Damage) 40dmg Slashing + Disarm + 2TCD)
Element/Subtype:  Fire/Wind (P: Slipstream | A: Turbulence)
Description:  In this cross, the plating that covers his body is mostly red with touches of white, purple and chrome, all highly polished.  His canopy isn't as smooth as before, and split up into several subdued purple glass panels held in a metal frame, as opposed to a seamless "bubble" canopy.  Two chrome exhaust tubes protrude out from near the front of his fuselage (approximately where his collarbones would be located without the armor) and wrap up and around the "collar" of his fuselage.  Two identical tubes are mounted on the underside of his fuselage and wrap around his torso to meet up with the other two at the back of his fuselage armor.  The quartet of exhaust tubes don't flare out like a typical exhaust pipe, but instead are each capped with a hole-y "muffler" of sorts, designed to better spread the white smoke that would pour from them.

Mach's engine nacelles are more cigar-shaped than usual, and his normally large, long nosecones are much smaller and shorter, but with a smaller intake aperture (For Reference).  An additional pair of ram-air intakes are positioned atop and a bit further back on the engine nacelles.  His ruddervators are in their normal positions, but look less trapezoidal and more like "standard" aircraft rudders.  Two additional wing-like structures extend horizontally outwards from each nacelle to increase his overall "wingspan" by a good 4-5 feet.  The wings are in an "inverse gull-wing" shape, much like his old MachFighter_SkywriterCross.GMO.  Both wings have a simple slat-shaped elevon, to assist his pitch and roll capabilities at low airspeeds.

His arms, hands, legs and feet are structurally unchanged, save for fitting his overall color scheme and more pronounced control slats on the backs of his thighs.  Overall, the design is to allow for supreme maneuverability and lift at low airspeeds, at the cost of lower maximum speed.  However, with the addition of smokescreens, he doesn't have to simply outrun foes to lose them.

Signature Attacks:
Smokescreen: Utilizing the new smoke-creating properties of the cross, Mach leaves a concentrated plume of white smoke behind him as he deftly maneuvers to better re-position himself and/or avoid incoming fire
(Feint + Small Area Illusion + 2TCD)
Element/Subtype:  Fire/Wind (P: Slipstream | A: Turbulence)
Description:  In this cross, his color scheme becomes mostly black and brown, with small amounts of red, white, and gold.  The collar around his canopy is raised and flared like a ring of red and gold feathers to contrast his mostly brown upper torso and engine nacelles.  His ruddervators are also mostly brown, but the trailing edges are segmented like a pair of heat sinks, which are brown, then red, and tipped with gold.  His engine nosecones are tipped with gold and slightly shorter than normal, but the rest of the engines are unchanged.  When not in afterburner, his engines leave a pair of black smoke trails.  However, with the intense red and orange flames of his afterburners active, he leaves no such smoke trails behind (like actual aircraft).

His bubble canopy glass is onyx in color, save for a glowing left eye and slash-shaped scar over the right eye, and several "warpaint" markings.  One uninterrupted line runs along the undersides of his eyes and peaks where his nose would be, with a thinner red line forming a trapezoidal outline of a scowling mouth.  Two thicker yellow lines are drawn from the collar and angle diagonally towards his eyes, but stop a few inches before the red line below his eyes.

His forearms and hands are encased in heavily-armored gauntlets that normally take shape of closed fists.  Each gauntlet's enlarged 3 fingers and thumb are encased in matte black plating, and each of its knuckles protrude outwards like blunted conical studs.  When the gauntlets are opened, a quartet of dark crimson, raptor-like claws slide from the tip of each finger.  These gauntlets theoretically allow MachMan to easily switch from hammer-like fists to razor-edged claws in the blink of an eye.  His lower legs are covered in armor of similar design and function, they too can open up to bring four claws per leg to bear.

Signature Attacks:
Mach uses one of his claws to rip and tear away a target's weapon, then follows up with a powerful forward kick to send the target flying. The violence and satisfaction of sending the target careening away further encourages Mach and his allies to pursue the inevitable rout of the enemy with increased fervor.
(Disarm [40] then Microburst [40] + 80 Strengthen [80]) + 4TCD)
Element/Subtype: Null/Guts (P: Vigor | A: Intimidation)
Description:  In this cross, Mach's already dark color scheme goes several shades darker, mostly to matte black.  His entire body appears larger and sturdier than normal, which would make sense considering the cross was with an amazon-esque brawler.  His engine nacelles are more heavily armored, and his ruddervators were replaced with shorter, wider structures that functioned more like shoulder pads than control surfaces.  The "collar" of his fuselage is ringed with 18 dark jade, dome-shaped "beads" each about the size of a baseball.  They serve no purpose other than to reflect the similar beads worn by Escort herself, to contrast their mystic/meditative look with the demonic look of his canopy.  Though unchanged in shape, the canopy's glass is matte black, and is covered by a dull silver mask on its right hemisphere.

Said mask looks similar to the "Oni" masks in Yokan folklore.  Its skeletal, enraged scowl was peppered with deep gashes, even its teeth and enlarged crossed fangs bore similar scars.  A single horn protruded from its forehead, looked to have been shattered an inch above its base, leaving a jagged stump behind.  The matte black void in the mask's eyepiece was occupied only by pinhole of bright blue light, to further add to the mask's unnervingly malevolent look.

His arms are also heavily armored and matte black, save for several tattered and wind-blown strips of white athletic tape around his forearms and hands.  Said hands are significantly reinforced to allow for dealing repeated blunt-force blows and vicegrip-like grapples.  His lower chest is covered in more intact athletic tape, while his lower torso and thighs are simply reinforced and matte black.  His lower legs and feet are wrapped in tape in similar poor condition to the tape over his arms and hands.

Signature Attacks:  
Defender Stance:  Mach's physical frame doubles in toughness and malleability thanks to a momentary boost in power dedicated to reinforcing his body, allowing him to temporarily shrug off blows that would normally cause significant amounts of damage.
(Hard Body x2 + 2TCD)
Element/Subtype: Wood/Sword (P:  Lunge | A: Riposte)
Description:  With this cross activated, Mach's armored body adopts a mostly green color scheme with occasional white and brown highlights.  His canopy shape is unchanged, but is colored a brownish orange in this form.  Yokan-styled slat armor covers the area that would his collarbones would normally be, along with his thighs and upper arms.  His lower arms are mostly unchanged save for the color change, while his foot struts are more fused into a wide two-toed "tabi" configuration.

Many scars and gouges criss-cross his entire body, much like Yasu's own.  The nicks and cuts in his armored frame reveal a silvery metal beneath, instead of darkened scar tissue.  The largest scar is on his upper body, it starts from the right of his nosecone and traces diagonally upward to the collar and canopy itself.  A green eyepatch glows over the right side of his canopy like a LED display, with a trio of "straps;" two smaller ones stretch diagonally up and down from the right side of the eyepatch, while a third traces up and across the left side of the canopy.  It also somehow covers the aforementioned scar that went over halfway up the canopy, but it was likely more to accurately mirror Yasu's own injuries rather than cover up actual damage.  The slashing gouge appeared to have ruined two nose-mounted guns, but the two on the left of his nosecone still appeared functional (arranged similarly to the nose guns on a J7W "Shinden")

This cross also included a weapon similar to the one wielded by Yasu against him, held in a sheath mounted on the underside of his fuselage near his left engine nacelle.  However, instead of drawing the green, slightly curved blade out of the sheath in a traditional way, the underside of the sheath opens up like a long pair of bay doors, allowing the katana to drop into Mach's waiting hand(s).  Said bay doors close quickly after drawing the katana, but will reopen whenever Mach moves to return the weapon to its stowed position.

Signature Attacks:
Leading Charge:  With katana in hand, Mach charges ahead and brings his blade down upon a single enemy.
(Movement + 60dmg Wood + Slashing + 2TCD)
Element/Subtype:Normal/Bug (P: Contagious | A: Hack)
Description:  In this cross, Mach's overall profile appears even thinner and spindly than normal, though the majority of his color scheme is unchanged.  His arms and legs look very thin and fragile, but are each equipped with three darkened hook-like talons, designed to grab and latch on to prey.  To better subdue and hang on to prey, his wrists and ankles have increased movement range, and his elbows and knees are capable of bending backwards without sustaining damage.

His engine nacelles are shorter and thinner than usual, and each contain a couple of counter-rotating ducted fans instead of jet turbines.  The triple-bladed propellers are protected by dome-shaped wire screens over the intakes, and produce a much quieter droning noise than the shrieking roar of turbojet engines.  His ruddervators are absent, replaced with two rectangular exhaust ports.  When the ducted fans are running, the engine exhaust is directed out of the ports, leaving behind a sooty trail of embers that roughly look like a pair of thin mosquito wings.

The wires of the intake screens are arranged in a set of hexagons, matching the pattern over his green canopy.  A single strip of metal splits the canopy down the middle, and the red-trimmed lattice of hexagons give him the appearance of having two large compound eyes.  The insectoid look of his canopy and spindly frame combined with the myriad of long, dark spines protruding from his shoulders, thighs, and forearms altogether give Mach an alien, hazardous look.  Said look is for good reason, this cross gives him the ability to drain energy and inject unstable viral data into hosts like a one-Navi blight.
Signature Attacks
Siphon:  Two bay doors on the underside of his fuselage open to reveal a hollow drill bit, surrounded by three small mechanical claws.  This drill/claw assembly can shoot forward a couple feet to impact a single target and hang on with its claws, then quickly drill a small hole before draining energy.
(40dmg Lifedrain + 2TCD)
Element/Subtype: Null/Speed (P: Scramble | A: Overclock)
Description: With this cross activated, Mach's armor takes on an older, heavier look.  His normally slim mechanical limbs are outfitted with slightly bulkier, dark gray armor plate that look to be designed to a human-standard frame; though the armor has a bit of a scaly texture, it still appears to cover/accentuate the standard musculature of a human frame, at least for most of Mach's lower body.

This design mantra changes entirely above the lower chest; his chest plate protrudes out a significant distance but maintains the scaled texture like that of a dragon's thin, bony chest.  His "fuselage" is more blunted and shorter in this form than usual, but still pointed enough to keep him relatively aerodynamic.  The engine nacelles that doubled as his shoulders were as bulky and pointed as always, but instead of solid nosecones, they were cut with several grooves along their length to give them a grated/slatted appearance, and were wide enough at the base to cover the entire intake instead of just the central spindle.  As normal, these nosecones remain static; they don't spin regardless of their respective engine's power setting.

Between his engine nacelles sits his standard-sized canopy, but the collar in which it sits was raised slightly, like that of a jouster's neck shielding.  A tattered, heavily-worn cape was bolted on to this raised collar; it was so shredded by apparent use, it barely extended past the ends of his engine nacelles.  His matte-black canopy is adorned with a dull gray "helmet" forged in the rough shape of a dragon's skull; its snout protruded forward and its empty eye sockets exposed the black canopy beneath, while its dagger-like teeth formed vertical slats like that of a knight's visor.

Signature Attack:
Draconic Assault:  A sudden pulse of percussive energy and powerful gales explode outwards from Mach's body, heralding a sudden transformation that becomes visible as the dust settled.  His entire body transformed into something akin to a Wyvern from ancient Netopian mythology, and remains that way until the Navi so chooses.  Supported by two large, mechanically animalistic hind legs, his body stands easily 25 to 30 feet tall.  Said legs are equipped with five heavily curved metal talons each, designed to snare and shred prey.  The upper torso of the beast is layered in dull gray metallic scales, but seems to cover a nearly skeletal frame from head to tail, one could easily see the outlines of what appeared to be ribs and vertebrae.  Instead of a pair of arms or wings, this form has a pair of large engine nacelles, like a scaled-up version of Mach's normal engines, but covered in metal scales like the rest of his body.

Supported on a relatively short, skeletal neck is Mach's head, which is shaped like a vertically-oriented crescent with its points facing back, with two similarly curved protrusions out at 90 degrees to both sides.  Centered in the curved, four-pronged arrowhead-like head is a maw lined with broad, trapezoidal teeth.  When his jaws are open, one could see what looked to be the inside of some oddly-designed turbojet engine; serrated turbine blades holding back a hot orange glow.  No eyes could be seen on the beast's head, which is a reflection of Mach's true blindness, though he was no less dangerous.  If one wasn't convinced, his roar, which gave the ear-piercing shrill of a jet turbine at high speed, would shake any deletion-fearing program to their core.
(Microburst Nova2 + 2TCD) [80pts]
Element/Subtype: / (P: Trap Mastery | A: Substitution Technique)
Description: With his cross activated, Mach's armor becomes mostly matte black and his overall silhouette is significantly more streamlined. While he still has engine nacelles for shoulders, the normally circular intakes are replaced with smaller trapezoidal structures that seem to fit more snugly against the side of his upper torso. Instead of one large ruddervator on each nacelle, they are replaced with two triangular structures, that while move-able, don't seem to be as effective as control surfaces. However, their purpose is two-fold: They can act as stabilizers while Mach's in flight, but can also be detached and magnetically clip to the rest of its counterparts, forming a large shaken-style shuriken.

The engines intakes and stabilizers weren't the only components that were changed; each engine's exhaust sections are seemingly "caged" by a myriad of horizontal slats to help diffuse heat to give off a smaller heat signature. In addition, the engines themselves are electrically powered, so what little heat produced by the friction of the turbines would be quickly dispersed with the heat sink-style slats. At higher power settings, the motors start to throw off excess electricity in the form of electrical discharges. To maintain stealth, the bolts can be held at bay via the engines' housing, but to reduce wear and tear some vents near his collar can be opened. With said vents open, the resulting plasma-wreathed electrical discharges stretch behind him like a glowing scarf. However, due to their electrical nature, said "scarf" seems to jolt into slightly different positions instead of gently flapping in the wind.

Mach's canopy is almost entirely covered in matte-black plating like an armored hood, save for a single angular slot that exposes the gold-colored canopy glass beneath. While it appears Mach's vision would be restricted due to the hood, the camera blister on the underside of his fuselage-shaped armor is enhanced to a significant degree, giving him an excellent field of view and even the capability to see through decoys or traps little effort.

His arms and legs are made of similarly matte-black plating, and are mostly unchanged save for arrays of small curved spines on the undersides of his forearms, his shins, his palms, and the bottoms of his feet. These spines are purely designed to allow him to cling to surfaces with ease without relying entirely on his anti-grav drives, so he can be a proverbial "fly on the wall" to perform reconnaissance and espionage operations, while also armed enough to carry out sabotage or assassinations.

Signature Attack:
Surprise Infiltration: To sow chaos or cover his movements, Mach utilizes his stealth and electrical abilities to designate a target, then manipulates the data around it to involuntarily transform the target into a perfect image of himself. While said target confuses/is attacked by its comrades, Mach uses the ensuing chaos to try avoiding enemy fire while relocating to a more advantageous position.
(Disguising Illusion (50) + Feint (30) + 2TCD) [80pts]
Mach's .GMOs
Name: NS_Armor_MkII.GMO
Description:  With this .GMO active, Mach's overall shape becomes roughly more humanoid, inasmuch as he could wear a dark blue tunic similar to his original uniform.  His height remains the same, but the lack of engine nacelles and fuselage-esque armor makes his forward and side profiles significantly less wide.  Over his tunic he wears a slightly lighter colored sash-like garment, but the two sides extend straight down from his shoulders to his waistline, and appear impossible to fasten together at the center of his chest.  The Yokan-style sash is also anchored in place by 6 white, fist-sized circular engine intakes aligned in two vertical trios down his chest.  The top set has intakes beneath the tunic that travel slightly up and over his shoulders, while the lower four's intakes travel underneath.  The matte black exhausts for each engine sprout from his back, and splay out in angles like feathers in a simplistic bird's wing, though they look very small compared to the glowing wings present in his original uniform.  Each of the trapezoidal exhausts have multiple horizontal vanes, to help vector some of the thrust to assist in maneuvering.

His dark blue, baggy pants look relatively unchanged, but they seem to fuse with his lower legs instead of being bound down with white tape.  His lower legs and feet are still very mechanical, but the strut-like bottoms of his feet are more human-like in this GMO (albeit blood red in color), split into two broad toes as if he was wearing tabi-style boots.  However, instead of a flat sole or multiple "teeth" like traditional Yokan footwear, it has a single centered "tooth," which several inches long.  While precarious-looking, Mach has minimal issues keeping his balance, and can simply utilize his Omnishoes NCP to prevent falls.  His prosthetic arms appear slightly more life-like in build and are bound with light gray wrappings from his wrists to just below his elbows.  His hands look also fairly lifelike, but are colored dark red and the tips of his fingers are slightly pointed like claws.

Mach's neck is covered by his red bodysuit, which leads up to his angular, full-face helmet.  The face-plate is made of the same material as his standard canopy-style helmet, but blood red in color and formed in an angular, face-like structure.  The forehead slopes aggressively down and forward before coming to a point several inches past Mach's face, looking almost like an elongated nose or beak.  Below the protrusion is a black angular bracket, appearing like a scowl while also framing the jutting out "chin" of the face mask, which extends nearly as far out as the "nose."  The left side of the face mask also features a single angular, glowing amber eye below an eyebrow-shaped streak of white.  If needed, the entirety of the face mask can be removed, revealing the .GMO doesn't apply any cosmetic changes to his actual face.  The areas not covered by the face mask are mostly obscured by fairly long, light gray hair spiking out and back in an wild look, although most of his hairdo was pulled back to short, spiky ponytail on an extended "stalk" made by dark colored tape.

Battle Information:  His mobility and martial capabilities are unaffected, save for a single cosmetic change to his sword and percussive chips.  Instead of swinging a large blade or firing from an air compressor-like gun, he wields a hand fan made of five jade-green "feathers."  They are rigid and sharpened, so while they are capable of conjuring up powerful blasts of air and cutting gales, they're equally capable of directly slashing through targets.
Shrike's .GMOs
Name: NS_Hull.GMO
Description:  With this .GMO active, Shrike's normally spherical eye takes a hexagonal diamond shape (like a two-sided "Tokin" cap), made of a glossy black material.  It more or less acts like a one-way glass shell around its normal eye, so it doesn't impede its vision or capability to gimbal in any direction in its frame.  Its arms and legs remain in the same shape, but are painted in a crimson color, with the two brackets painted white.

Battle Information:  No mechanical or cosmetic changes.