Name: Stage 1 Boss: Stranger.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Bug

Appearance: Existing records depict Stranger.EXE as being of average height, approximately 5'5" net equivalent. Her base graphical file contains Electopian clothes, namely a black kimono and sandals. Clothing is primarily black, with red trim and pattenrs. Circular and wave patterns, resembling surf, line the bottom and sleeves of the garment. Physical characteristics include a slender, developed figure, dark blue, almost black hair, and mismatched eyes. Recent damage has manifested as multiple apparent injuries, present on both wrists and one shin. Injuries are wrapped and bandaged, but noticeably not healing. Stranger will appear at full health despite these injuries.

Stranger is typically seen carrying a parasol with an unusually thick pole. The pole conceals a single-edged blade that is chipped in multiple places. The canopy itself is damaged as well, leaving most of the ribs exposed.

Personality: Stranger was programmed as a low-level "boss" enemy for a combat simulator used with Dentech University classes, intended to be the first instance of a fight against a hostile navi for many of its users. Because of this she was given a personality that was deemed to fit the situation: dramatic, aggressive, and over the top hostile. Then it was hidden beneath a facade of an innocent and helpful, if mysterious woman just for a bit of a fun surprise. Who would suspect, after all, that the helpful navi assisting participants through the standard virus encounters that preceded her fight would turn out to be evil and aggressive? Don't ever trust strangers, kids. Of course, the "evil" personality was intended to be an act, for the sake of the simulation. It was never expected to get out of control.

That was, of course, before she broke. It's difficult to determine the exact cause, since of all the navis involved in this and similar battle simulation programs, cases like this are extremely rare. Still, being "deleted" over and over can't be good for anyone. And since Stranger was one of the first major enemies encountered in the program, she would be doomed to that fate quite a bit. At the end of it all, she went out of control and started showing signs of extreme damage to her mental processes. Now she's erratic, violent, and hostile towards both the creators and other navis of that particular simulation, and anyone she recognizes as having encountered her in the past. Fortunately, her memory seems to be damaged as well, as she can't always recall faces.

Outside of the environment of the Dentech network, she has been observed to be calmer and less hostile, but no less dangerous. She is extremely indulgent and self-serving, and while she seems to be hiding in a PET when offline, she typically acts as though her operator isn't present.

Custom Weapon: A thin blade concealed within a broken umbrella. The blade seems to be a bit damaged too.

Signature Attacks:
Havoc [Active, 1TCD]: Tremble in fear as I tear apart the very ground upon which you stand!
It doesn't seem to do anything else for now
Medium Area Broken Terrain (20) - 20 total points

Gale [Active, 1TCD]: This one'll blow you away, quite literally! Hope you like climbing back up!
Fitting for a stage 1 boss, it's actually pretty weak. But it's still got quite a kick to it, and does aqua damage.
30 Aqua (30) + Knockback (10) - 40 total points