Phase.EXE & Dignity.CMD

Quote ("NetNavi")

Name: Phase.EXE
Gender: Female
Phase resembles a young lady right at the end of her teens. Her all of 5'6" body is slender and lithe of build, with modest curves leading down to well-toned legs. Her features are similarly delicate: an elfin jaw, high cheekbones, and heart-shaped lips usually stretched into an excited smile. Her eyes are a curious shade of bright turquoise, with her hair just the slightest bit darker in colour, and styled into a face-framing pageboy cut.

On a normal day, Phase wears a simple Electopian school uniform, only slightly modified for her design. The skirt and collar are both a handsome shade of navy, with a classic bright red ribbon to top off the design; Phase's emblem, a chemical diagram of a water molecule, adorns one end of her ribbon. Her legs are sheathed in black stockings, and her feet are protected by blue-and-white 'uwabaki' indoor shoes.

Upon boarding Dignity's cockpit, Phase automatically undergoes a full cosmetic costume change; the change will persist even if she leaves the cockpit afterwards, and takes a conscious refresh on her part to revert back to her usual outfit. The schoolgirl uniform disappears, in favour of what somewhat resembles a steampunk-ified old pilot's uniform. The navy-dyed top, high-collared and bearing shiny brass buckles on the shoulders, more resembles a very closely fitting jacket than a shirt in its cut, meant to fit snugly without impeding movement; beneath it, she dons a simple white wifebeater, though given the lack of many reasons to adjust her pilot suit, the garment is rarely visible. Brass D-shaped loops are sewn onto the garment atop each pocket flap, and at the border where sleeve meets cuff; they have no real purpose but to look shiny and snappy, or so says Vincent. The shirt tucks into trousers of the same colour, separated by a brown leather belt with a burnished metal buckle bearing Phase's emblem, though the design itself changes upon boarding Dignity: a solid black gear is added around the H2O diagram, signifying that the mecha's combat routines are being successfully run through her coding. Lastly, Phase dons a simple brown pilot's cap, bearing a set of goggles (that, unlike Vincent's, do nothing), and one more instance of her emblem stitched onto the right temple.

Phase's origins more or less line up with Vincent moving to Electopia. She was purchased as a simple NormalNavi, with the purpose of helping Vincent run his classrooms; the then-new teacher's Electopian was a tad rusty, and his control over the scads of teenagers he was in charge of was slipshod at best. His new Navi helped tremendously on both fronts, darting around the classroom in her hologram to watch for cheaters, giving extra help to those having trouble, and correcting Vincent's vocabulary. As the months turned into years, the pair grew closer, going from coworkers into a curious, almost familial relationship. The NormalNavi, at that point still nameless, began identifying her kindly, hapless Operator as less of an owner and more of a father figure, eagerly learning everything he had to offer about science. Vincent noticed this childlike drive to learn and grow, finally realizing that he'd effectively brought a whole sentient being in and of itself into the world; such as it was that one year, he surprised her with a CustomNavi base, and coded her a body that was hers and hers alone. Along with the new body came the freedom of having her own, unique designation: Phase, chosen out of respect for her Operator and their shared love of science.

As an individual grown and raised by a...unique psyche like Vincent, Phase is every bit as eccentric as her Operator. From her lifelong job helping in a science classroom, she's garnered an extreme love for all things SCIENCE!! (as she is wont to put it). She has the tendency to propose experiments at the drop of a hat, usually related in some way to what's going on around her; the actual potential of any of her many, many hypotheses being correct is debatable, but Vincent enjoys her enthusiasm, and will occasionally even take her up on her ideas, however wacky. Besides her enthusiasm for science, she is an innocent, carefree soul, kind-hearted to most everyone she meets, and always eager to meet new friends. It was this drive to meet others that found her under the wing of a kindly Navi by name of Calcinatio, in charge of a small, independently-run virtual laboratory called Vaccine Antiviral.

Prior to a certain mission Calcinatio had posted to assist one of the company's longtime clients, Phase had never had any interest in virus-busting, or combat in general; the CustomNavi frame Vincent had gifted her was hardcoded as a social model, unsuitable for combat. Unfortunately for her, this came back to bite her hard when she attempted to shadow Cal's chosen delivery Navi through an unsavoury sector of Netopia Net, and wound up abducted by a mafia organization. Were it not for the new hire's timely intervention, things could have gone very badly for the girl; even though she was rescued before they could make it back into their HQ, she'd suffered enough at the hands of her kidnappers to give her a slice of very raw, very real trauma. She has zero trust in HeelNavis, and reacts badly to anything or anyone touching her without her knowledge or permission. As a result of both the event itself, and a very inspirational speech from her rescuer, Vincent got the request to code her something she could use to fight with. After weeks of hard work coding, working to find an interface that could work with Phase's strictly non-combat code, Dignity was born.

Name: Dignity.CMD
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Shield
-Passive: Sturdy Defence
-Active: Reinforce

Appearance: Picture
Dignity is borne straight from the mind of one of the hugest steampunk enthusiasts ever to grace Electopian soil, and certainly looks the part. The mecha stands approximately 27 feet tall from the ground to the tip of its smokestack, plated head to toe in burnished, gleaming bronze and copper. The cockpit is analogue to the head, and greatly resembles an old diver's helmet from the outside; in reality, the five portholes are actually full-scale floodlights, meant to illuminate for the benefit of the multitude of cameras strategically laid out around Dignity's frame. These cameras are blown up into a series of screens on the inside of the 'helmet', all arrayed around a saddle-like flight seat and a full wrap-around control bank; movement is keyed to a pair of butterfly grips connected to the seat, with a couple of auxiliary joysticks and levers for fine-tune movements in case the butterflies are damaged or insufficient.

The cockpit rests in a swivel pivot atop a large, blocky torso. The front is dominated by a giant 'moose-catcher'-style grill not unlike those seen on old trains, with Phase's gear-and-H2O emblem proudly displayed on the left 'breast' just above it. The torso extends down behind the grill, most of the more delicate parts vital to Dignity's operation concealed beneath copper plating. Two long arms extend down from each side of the cockpit, guarded by massive shoulder-plates; the left arm is capped off by a massive cannon and bayonet, fed via a thick hose from the reservoir atop the shoulder. The right arm, by contrary, features a mortar-style turret atop the shoulder, and has much more precise motion possible from the elbow down. Rather than another cannon, Dignity is equipped with a five-fingered hand with full range of mobility, with a massive retractable shield stored on the back of the palm - when deployed, the 'petals' unfold into a full circle, and can cover most angles given the arm's tremendous reach.

Dignity's legs extend from behind its torso, giving the mech an almost hunched-over appearance with the chest and arms jutted out in front. The legs are a solid array of pistons and gears, arranged into a digitigrade structure to maximize mobility; its feet are wide and shaped rather like a bird's, with three front-facing 'toes' and one rear-facing for stability, each capable of deploying an anchoring claw into the ground if the mech's sheer mass isn't enough to keep from budging. Dignity can reposition its legs to straighten out directly beneath the torso, standing the mech up directly straight and adding a solid few feet to its height, but given the sheer height of the bronze titan in relation to most denizens of the Net, this is rarely necessary. Dignity's back is covered in a dizzying series of gears, cogs, and smokestacks, which constantly spin and grind to perpetuate the machine's motion; chief among the organized chaos is the main smokestack, also featuring a classic steamship's whistle that Phase loves to toot with impunity.

Custom Weapons: Dignity features a wide array of options in its virus-busting arsenal, including:

  • Main Multi-State Water Cannon

  • Mag-Lock Retractable Shield (Hand-Mounted)

  • Auxiliary Mortar Cannon

  • Main Cannon-Mounted Bayonet

  • Phase Transition Engine

Signature Attacks:
Signature Pool: (80/80)
Caps: 60 (90) / 15

Phase Engine: Setup [40 pts]
Dignity's engine revs with a ferocious spinning of its many gears, improving overall output.
Effects: [Take Aim, Strengthen 30]; 1TCD

Phase Engine: Solid [40 pts]
Dignity's phase-transition engine is cranked all the way to cold and set to max. A semi-controlled deluge of rime pours from the reservoir's overspill drains, freezing into a crystalline sheath around Dignity's chassis.
Effects: [40HP Casing]; 1TCD

Phase Engine: Liquid [40 pts]
A simple, powerful hose-down from Dignity's main cannon.
Effects: [40 Aqua]; 1TCD
Name: CritCross
Level: 1
Element/Subtype: Null/Bug
With the help of another Navi's code running through Dignity's systems, the building-sized combat vehicle condenses down to a suit of cutting-edge power armour. In deference to Critias and his Operator's high-tech synchronised combat, CritCross Dignity runs two parts simultaneously: a piloted suit and a winged exoskeleton. In deference to Critias' tendency towards tight, scaly cuddles, the seven-foot suit of armour packs as much shock absorption and amethyst-painted plating as possible, and casts it in a perfect mould of Phase's slender figure. Bat ear-shaped audio receptors are mounted atop the helmet, which covers the entire face in a smooth sheath of metal. Glowing green slits in the mask give the illusion of eyes, though in reality the nested laser-cams offer a 1-to-1 viewscreen inside the mask, with reception smooth enough to make the wearer forget there's even a mask on. The suit itself has no weapons apart from a small holstered firearm on the right thigh, sleek and silvery with a pistol grip and stripes of glowing light on the sides of the barrel.

The true power of the SoulCross comes into play in the synchronous dance the suit plays with its semi-detached drone unit. Painted the same deep purple as its rider, the flying armour resembles a mechanised dragon-head with gleaming bared fangs and oversized ears, a long sinuous spine ending in a tri-finned tail, and a wide, clawed pair of VTOL engine-equipped wings. A series of retractable cables link the two parts together, stringing from the back, elbows, and wrists of the suit up into the wings. The dragon drone can hover just overhead with cables extended, freeing Phase's hands for shooting airdrop-style, or retract to the armour's fully-attached state. In its draconic, two-headed hybrid form, the dragon's head looms overtop Phase's, wings mirroring the movement of her arms, tail following her natural lines of motion seamlessly.

-Signature Attacks-
Pool: 80/80 pts

Scramble Flare (60 pts)
Dignity collects energy in the mirror-like surface on the backs of its wings, and fires it in an exploding breath attack from its mouth. The resulting shockwave causes irregularities in anything that gets caught in it.
Effects: Glitch, Blast3; 2TCD

Fang Shot (20 pts)
A specially-coded round is loaded into Phase's pistol, firing as a tiny sharp bullet tethered to the barrel by a wire-thin cable. Upon a successful hit, the gun drains a small dose of data from the target, and wirelessly ports it into the suit for repairs.
Effects: 10 Lifedrain; 1TCD