Name: HangMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element/Subtype: Wood/Shadow
Physical Description: HangMan is just shy of being scarecrow-esque at 6'6" and of thin build. Upon his head sits a flat black "gambler" style hat with a flat brim, which obscures little of his pale, angular face. His circular, black shielded sunglasses completely obscure his eyes and look quite unnerving when they reflect light at just the right angle, causing the glasses to glow white. HangMan constantly has a smirk on his face and a long, thin, lit cigar in his mouth. He can talk and change expressions freely without having to handle the cigar, even though it moves as he does so, leaving a milky white wisps of smoke in its path.

HangMan's thin frame sports an angular dark charcoal vest over a black long-sleeved collared "shirt," with a tan noose around his neck like a tie. A tan sleeve garter just above each elbow gives his forearms a thinner profile, but the "cuffs" flare out to nearly the same width of his upper arms. Each cuff has a trapezoidal channel built in each inseam, from which a tarnished brass noose extends, and wraps over his black gloves at the wrist. The nooses can spool out several feet, giving HangMan plenty of rope to use for any number of uses. Just below his vest is a leather-looking belt with a circular buckle displaying his Navi symbol: a vertical tan noose over a very dark gray background. Below that HangMan wears what look like dark charcoal slacks with very thin crimson pinstripes, with shiny black shoes over his feet.

Personality/Background: Originally a NormalNavi, he was heavily customized by Holly Dale with the singular purpose of executing the duties of her review/data removal business. Now with a newly acquired virus busting program suite, he is now capable of utilizing battlechips, signature attacks, and navicust programs with the goal of using them to not only remove review data, but also the programs that posted them.

HangMan speaks in a southeastern Netopian drawl, which adopts some of the 'twang' of other southern accents, but also blends some northeastern dialects to make a distinct, yet sophisticated sound. His mannerisms are polite, but with no lack of confidence and seemingly condescending tones, like an aristocrat addressing those of lower social class. He's as dedicated to the business as his NetOp, but he seems to display a token degree of enjoyment in his line of work. He'll throw in the occasional pun with his silver tongue, but ultimately he's there for the job. He mostly ignores other programs unless he's expected to give them notice, and the only person he presently respects, and partially fears, is Holly. Her uncaring, ruthless nature is a regular occurrence in his existence, as such a nagging feeling is starting to grow; once she's had her fill, what will happen to him? Will he be tossed out after he's no longer of use? "Well, it ain't the time nor the place to get all hung up on that sorta thing, not when theah's so much work to be done."

Buster: HangMan can utilize the spooling nooses from his wrists to whip and thrash foes from up close, or even at a distance. If too far away, a default buster does the job much more effectively.

GMO registration: NormalNavi.GMO
Holly kept the data from HangMan's default appearance before customization, and uses it regularly when not conducting business to keep a low profile. His form is of a typical NormalNavi, the only difference being the green/yellow scheme being more of a dark hunter green, like Holly's own school uniform.