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Name: HandyMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Wood
Subtype: Ground
-Passive: Preserver
-Active: Geomancer
As his name implies, HandyMan embodies the quintessence of the blue-collar, multitalented tradesman. Standing at just about seven feet tall, his build is reminiscent of a cartoon boxer, with a massively-built torso and arms held up by comparatively skinny legs. A baby blue polo shirt is stretched across his chest, with the buttons undone to reveal an impressive carpet of chest hair. His emblem, a three-way cross of hammer, shovel, and monkey wrench, sits proudly on his shirt pocket. Beyond the short sleeves, his gigantic arms are bare, with his hands sheathed in brown work gloves.

A simple brown cap, identical in colour to HandyMan's gloves, rests upon his head, long brim jutting out over a dark, curly fringe; another instance of his emblem appears on the front of his hat like a sports logo. His face is handsome enough, with warm brown eyes, a stalwart chin, and a perpetual smile...though, the latter must be assumed, for much of his face is obscured by a magnificent handlebar mustache, curled at the tips and prone to changing shapes with HandyMan's mood.

For pants, HandyMan dons a pair of sturdy denim jeans, with reinforced seams running up the sides resembling the 'racing stripe' patterns many Navis favour. His feet are protected by a thick pair of boots, the same brown as his cap and gloves, and are otherwise unremarkable but for the unmistakable clinking of a steel toe when he walks. The most immediately distinguishing feature to HandyMan is the belt holding his jeans up: the HandyBelt. Made of brown leather polished 'til it shines, it has more holsters and pockets than can easily be counted, and positively bristles with an inordinate number of workman's tools; hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers - you name it, he's got it.

Helping hold his belt up are a pair of suspenders, which loop around his broad shoulders, and themselves bear HandyMan's second toolkit. The HandyPack looks rather like a giant steel backpack covered with compartments and widgets, and holds all of his larger tools in flagrant defiance of any manner of conventional physics. The exact number of tools HandyMan carries with him is a secret known only to him, and he proves exceptionally tight-lipped to the number.

HandyMan is, more or less, the end result of a standard Net Maintenance NormalNavi that was subject to a ridiculous amount of aftermarket tuning. As a result, his personality could be called eccentric at best and outright insane at worst. He perceives himself as a noble knight, on a lifelong quest to bring order and cleanliness to the Net. Further colouring his demeanor is a rather antiquated lexicon, combined with his rich, booming basso voice to ensure he not only acts, but sounds the part. He is kind but firm in his dealings with others, bringing to mind fairy-tales of pure-hearted knights of the people. He has an unyielding respect for his Operator, for bringing him into the world and giving him his purpose in life.

In combat, HandyMan plays straight as the crow flies; his sense of honour forbids trickery or treachery, and he has no patience for whatever he perceives as underhanded tactics. He is quick to stand up for the underdog, and more than happy to work together...though his knightly mannerisms can result in being rather quick to assume command, and more to the point, engaging in acts of stupidity under the guise of bravery. Thankfully, Eoghan is around to rein him in if he goes too far...though, the cheeky youth is usually too amused to bring the fun to an end.

Custom Weapon: The HandyBelt and HandyPack
Just as many workman's tools have potential to injure if improperly used, HandyMan's veritable arsenal of equipment can invariably be used for battle. Melee attacks are fairly obvious, given the variety of hammers, saws, shovels, and God only knows what else he totes around; ranged attacks are possible as well through nail guns, weed-whacker shrapnel...though he's just as likely to simply throw one of his trusty tools and call it a day. The HandyPack tends to be reserved for Charge Shots, as it holds the larger and more immediately dangerous of HandyMan's arsenal. All chips are automatically rerouted to manifest through the two toolkits as well.

Signature Attack: Cleaning Arts: Purifying Surge
In a classic example of cartoon hammerspace, HandyMan slings the HandyPack off his shoulders onto the ground, opens a compartment, and somehow pulls out an entire pull-start pressure washer. Though he has to take a moment to fire the engine up, the washer is capable of firing a pressurized stream of water with enough force to knock the unfortunate recipient for a loop.

(40 Aqua, Stun, Charge Burner {A}, 3TCD) [60/60, 30 Nerf]