Navi: Pirouette.exe

Type: Normal
Subtype: Recovery (Amplified Healing, IV Ability)
Apparent Gender: Female
Apparent Age: 23, but due to having a ballet-dancers physique and build, appears more like an under-developed 19.


Pirouette is tall and slender, graceful in movement, and almost perpetually caught up in proper ballet form whatever she is doing. Her body suffers from the normal underdevelopment that most female human ballet dancers live with, which is slightly more puzzling for a navi, but she explains it as being a necessary realism. Her hair is a pale blond that would fall to just below her shoulders if she didn't keep it perpetually pinned back, and her eyes are the same blue as Mikhail's. In the middle of her back, just off the edges of her shoulder blades, Pirouette bears a small, dainty pair of white feather wings. One might call them angel wings, at first, but given her form and ballet background, it would be more proper to recognise them as white swan wings instead. She can move them freely, though they most commonly respond in compliment to the motions of her arms. By themselves they aren't 'useful' in the normal way that wings are meant to be, and are really more for show than anything else.

As one might expect, Pirouette wears an all-covering, if slightly thin, white leotard instead of the more traditional under-suit, but it's fortunate that she does, given that her only other attire is her ruffled white ballet tu-tu, and her point shoes. There are two small slits in the back of the leotard to allow for her wings, complete with a pair of minute clasps that reach up to the neck of the garment; this lets it remain completely covering of her back without obstructing her wings, but also lets her slip the leotard off easily if she wants to, by reaching back to open the catches. With the tight and form-fitting nature of her leotard, and the thinness of the material, any pervert attempting to ogle her would be able to discern that she is, in fact, fully equipped, but despite this level of consideration in her design, Piroutette has never had a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, or any sort of close intimate relation at all. She harbours a fond affection for her operator, but this is more sisterly than anything else, and she hasn't thought overly much about the concept of non-familial intimate bonds.

General Personality:

Generally positive about most things, Pirouette is the sort that is usually eager to try something, and see the fun in most activities, even where others might find it difficult to locate any fun at all. She's cheery, but often in a calm and subdued manner; her emotions don't generally come to the fore very strongly, save when she is caught up in a dance.

Though she has been Mikhail's navi for over seven years, she remains remarkably sheltered and unexpectedly innocent, for that. She still possesses the child-like naivete that believes that all people are inherently good, and that if she is friendly, generous and polite to someone, they will naturally be friendly, generous and polite back to her. Her sense of humour remains fledgling at best, and though she often enjoys the jokes of others, most crude or adult humour tends to go right over her head. Others have described her as having a prim streak, but in truth this isn't actually a fair description. Mostly it comes from the ways she talks and carries herself. Her voice is fairly high pitched, but with the cultured sounds of the high and formally educated; in the human world, she would be the sort who attended a private girl's school and took elocution lessons all through her youth, and though neither of these things actually occurred for the navi, the sense of it is very present in her mannerisms.

Weapon Customisation:

As a ballet dancer, Pirouette's offensive combat systems are fairly limited, and they primarily manifest through her toe-points. That said, she is fully capable of utilising the full spectrum of battle chips and their effects in this manner, and small amounts of combat training and practice in the past have made her quite adept at manipulating her position and the situation to allow it. There is no visible change, or even any visible energy charge, in most cases; the effects tend to manifest on-point and immediately, with very little to-do, giving the the impression of being a navi that moves gracefully, but stings quickly and without warning when the right timing presents itself.


The First Turn: From the second pose of commencement, Pirouette, well, pirouettes. She begins in standard turn out, but quickly snaps her non-supporting leg out to arabesque in a pulse that releases a short-range contact burst of energy around her. (20null, Nova2) 40Pts, 1TCD

Deep Breath: She takes a deep breath, setting and preparing herself for a series of stronger, more forceful actions to come. (Strengthen 20) 20Pts, 1TCD