Name: Divina.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Subtype: Recovery
Appearance: Stands at about 5'8", with thigh long silver hair and purple eyes. Her outfit is a sort of white toga dress, ultimately covering the front half of her torso up to around the collarbone, and not a whole lot else. While it actually goes down to her ankles, the front half is designed to resemble a loincloth, allowing almost the entirety of her legs to be seen. Or so they would have, but she wears thigh-high white high-heeled boots with gold trim. She also has gloves of a similar appearance, ending half way up her forearm. On her head is a single golden band, with a pair of ear flaps containing her emblem.

Personality: Above all else, Divina wishes to make others happy. Whether this means going to the ends of the earth, or sitting back and letting people worship her as a goddess, she aims to please. Of course, this makes her prone into getting into things that are none of her business. She also has a strong personal preference for the non-violent approach, though if a friend gets into a fight, she will do all in her power to aid them.

Custom Weapon: A golden staff with a purple orb atop it. Divina can use it to channel light energy in a myriad of ways.

It was a dark and stormy night...but this did nothing to stop a team of SciLab researchers from working on their project: a data entity that could repair and restore any program, up to and including deleted Navis. To ensure that the entity wouldn't simply rebel by creating an army of Navi and virus zombies, they installed a special emotion simulator into it, one that emphasized compassion for all. But the project was ultimately a failure, as they simply were unable to give one program that much power and maintain its stability. Not wanting to waste perfectly good data, one of the researchers converted the entity into a Navi. As the original entity would have essentially had god-like powers over the cyberworld, he gave the Navi an appearance similar to an ancient Netopian goddess in a nod to this, even though her post-conversion abilties were only on par with an ordinary Navi. Her name came from the project's code name, Project Divine Influence, and thus, Divina was born.

Divina was soon given to the researcher's shy daughter, Hikari, to help her make friends. However, one thing he had missed was that the Navi still had all of her original memories as a simple data entity. This caused her to see herself as an actual reincarnation of a goddess. Her compassion data, fortunately, ensured that she saw herself as a benevolent goddess, one tasked with spreading happiness and joy throughout the world.

Over time, Divina's simple, yet positive, message began to take root in various people and Navis. While not particularly large in number, some began to see her as an actual deity, and began to worship her as a goddess, including her own operator. As of now, the Faith of Divina boasts approximately 3000 followers throughout the world. Their goal is simple: to give the world the happiness it so desperately needs and desires. Such is the task that Divina, goddess of happiness, and Hikari Takahashi, her high priestess, have been assigned by fate, and they and the other members of their religion shall perform it to the best of their ability.