Quote (NetNavi)

Name: ScorchMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Subtype: Break
-Passive: Mass Destruction
-Active: Smash
Appearance: Standing a little under six feet and solidly built, ScorchMan appears somewhat less physically imposing than his comparatively brawny Operator. His bodysuit is a deep, royal red lined with a few navy-blue stripes, mostly visible around his neck, upper arms, and midsection. His upper torso is covered in a gunmetal-grey piece of armour, segmented around the abdomen for mobility. His emblem, an eye surrounded by fire, sits in a recessed cavity in the centre of his chestplate, ringed on all sides by a series of vents that periodically spout small bursts of flame. His shoulders are covered in sizable plates that extend well past the joint to end in sharp triangular points, the backs similarly covered in metal slats for his internal fire to vent from. His arms are unadorned above the elbows, his forearms dominated by his dual Scorch Busters.

Only ScorchMan's bodysuit covers his midsection, armour starting from his legs down. Metal armour the same gunmetal shade as his chest-plate adorns his legs, the outer plates again strategically adorned with more heat-vents; his left leg, incongruous with the rest of his ensemble, bears a noticeable chink in the otherwise-flawless armour, and his gait makes it very clear that he favours it. His feet are covered in blocky boots in common Navi style, once again featuring heat vents on the soles. While ScorchMan is incapable of true flight, he is more than capable, and in fact prefers traveling via bombastic, flame-propelled jumps.

The red bodysuit extends up the neck to cover some of ScorchMan's cheeks. Much of his face is obscured by his helmet, a simple form-fitting apparatus made to fit snugly over the head. Two earpads bearing his emblem are fitted with backwards-facing heat vents, creating a steady stream of fire licking at the sides of his helmet. The only unusual feature to the helmet besides that is the lack of visor; rather, the helmet extends all the way down past the eyes, leaving only the nose down exposed. Even with the visor in place, it's still possible to see a hint of the twisted mass of scar tissue that extend past the metal blind; his eyes underneath are utterly annihilated, nothing left but tattered empty sockets and scars from what look to have been claws.


Personality: In contrast to Griffin's hyperactivity, ScorchMan comes off as much more subdued. Though he certainly doesn't lack the hot blood characteristic of most Fire Navis, it's somewhat dampened by an aura of sternness mixed with melancholy. Having been blinded long enough ago that things like colours and facial features are faded memories to him, he can occasionally be a bit disconcerting to deal with due to a few side-effects to his condition, such as not knowing where exactly to look at somebody, or not realizing just how gruesome his scars can be if accidentally revealed. Just as Griffin relies on him for a level head, he in turn relies on his Operator's innate ability to keep the mood light. For all his melancholy, he does have soft spots; specifically, for children and child-Navis, owing to a particularly character-shaping call that Griffin undertook once upon a time.

In lieu of eyesight, ScorchMan utilizes a few various heat-based means of 'seeing' what's around him. His go-to method is a learned ability to sense the slight heat given off by all virtual creations, sentient or otherwise, in their autonomous processes, similar to body heat in humans and ambient heat in an atmosphere, only generated by virtual objects rather than a static heat source. This is useful for sensing movement, but can only give him vague, ghost-like indications of where things, Navis, viruses and the like are. He can also produce a short-range pulse of heat and feel the impression it leaves on his target for a more detailed view...and, of course, there's the tried-and-true method of simply feeling with his hands, which is much better for creating a mental picture, but requires a little more intimacy, which generally isn't ScorchMan's modus operandi.

Custom Weapon: Scorch Busters
Both of ScorchMan's forearms are equipped with bulky, gunmetal-grey buster-gauntlets, built a full arm's width out to retain a free range of motion for the hand. When prepared to fire, a thick barrel extends from the gauntlet, sheathed in a cooling jacket. ScorchMan can also vent fire from the various ports on his armour, if need be, but prefers to stick with his gauntlets for out-and-out attacking.

Charge Shot: Scorch Blast
ScorchMan builds up an intense amount of heat, and unleashes a torrent of flame from both gauntlets.

Signature Attack: Conflagration
Description: ScorchMan opens his shoulder and chest vents, and expels an impressive amount of fire that settles around him in a protective haze, simultaneously bringing both buster-gauntlets up and firing a long stream of flame towards an opponent.
Effects: [40 [color=red]Fire[/color] {A}, 20-HP Barrier]; 2TCD

Quote (ScorchLady.GMO)

This .GMO file is the singular reason ScorchMan never lets his Operator code while drunk...and really, it's all the reason he needs. One night at the deputy chief's house, gathered around the TV downing beers and watching sports, Griffin and his firefighter buddies all decided it would be the funniest thing to have their brigade of manly, rough-and-tough firefighters' Navis all granted shapely, female bodies. The idea caught on, and that very night the lot of them grabbed their PETs, went out to the nearest electronics store that was open late, grabbed some standard female .GMO bases, and all started adapting their Navis to fit them. Some went a little more overboard than others, and thus ScorchMan is relatively thankful that Griffin didn't alter his design that much...relatively, because it doesn't change the fact that his one GMO file is turning into a woman.

ScorchLady is still noticeably fit, if built more for speed than power like ScorchMan is, and wears nearly the exact same armour as her male counterpart: same helmet, same bulky Scorch Busters, same giant vented shoulderpads, even the same scarred face and leg; only a long, flowing curtain of auburn hair escaping the back of her helmet keeps these adornments from being completely identical. The only change made to ScorchMan's armour is in the chest and thigh armour, both of which have been altered in shape to conform to ScorchLady's impressive...proportions. In addition, she has one addition to her armour that he lacks: the plating over his stomach normally stops at the stomach, covering his abdominal muscles. ScorchLady's variation has it continue in a segmented pattern all the way down her body, covering between her thighs and coming back up the backside, attaching to the back of her torso plate. Griffin argues that this was done with the intent of preserving modesty, as otherwise there would be nothing covering her bottom but form-fitting bodysuit. This may well be true, but the strap-like armour does such a good job of emphasizing her femininity that it more than makes up for the coverage.

ScorchMan's voice changes dramatically in the transformation, going from a subdued baritone to a pleasant contralto, among the lower range for women but still very obviously female. Thankfully for the Navi, all combat routines are utterly unchanged, meaning the sole indignity is the appearance...though, with ScorchMan's attitude on the matter, and Griffin's unyielding resolve to keep the 'Firefighting Ladies of Kotobuki' alive feels like more than enough injustice for him to feel indignant about the whole arrangement.