Adam and AdrianX

Pout. I never got a chance to back up my character, because with my hectic schedule, I'm not able to visit every forum every day. I hope that chaos network comes back.

Anyways, now that the complaining's done, time for the re-registering.

Name: Adam
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Appearance: A young person, with dark brown hair, tanned skin, and long hair in the back. He wears casual clothes, sweatpants all the time because they're comfy. He also has brown eyes. On the side of his left pointer finger is a small brown dot. He generally doesn't clean or clip his nails until told to, so at times they seem dirty and/or long.
Personality: His imagination runs like a machine. He can pump out so many ideas, it's not even funny. Because of said imagination, he thinks his perfect job would be Video Game Designer. He also is unable to focus unless something is really interesting, like a good book. He despises violence, yet wishes so much that, some people he could just beat the !@#$ing hell out of. As long as you mind your manners and don't make any insults or jokes at his offence (or insults at his offence, or insulting jokes), he'll be fine, but beware: Once you've made a first impression, it's hard to fix.
PET Modifications: Adam's PET functions similarly to a laptop/computer, if PETs don't already function like that.

Netnavi: AdrianX
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Recover
Appearance: White-skinned with a white jumpsuit, this navi has seemingly no weapon, but don't be fooled; he can conjure light energy from his hands. Has brown eyes and dark brown hair like his real-life counterpart. As if the light clothing and white skin wasn't enough, he seems to have an intrinsic glow about him, literally; he's a living(?) source of light.
Personality: Very nice and calm outside battle, and tends to keep to himself, but inside battle, becomes fierce and fast, ready to destroy the opponents if necessary.
Custom Weapon: Can summon light orbs of energy to hurt the enemy or heal allies.
Signature Attack: Light Ray: AdrianX builds up large amounts of energy, then releases it as a weapon or a replenisher. Deals 50 damage to one enemy, or 40 healing to one ally. Damage or healing can be distributed in any way. 3 turn cooldown.

How is that? Some things were changed from the original characters from chaos network, but they're the same guys, just... different.
Needs a cooldown on the sig. Also, are you taking any legacy items (see the thread in the announcement)? Plus, I can't approve that PET mod. You could use it to get around the 'every post a netop is away from the PET, the navi goes unop-ed' rule.
1: Ah, I thought I put a cooldown. My bad.

2: I see...

3: No, I will not take any legacy items, if you mean the items from my chaos network game.

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Quote (AdamX)

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Hello? Mr. Modsir? Anyone home?
Ooo, another recover.

I'd just like to ask for a bit more description on the navi and op appearance, then you'll be good to go in my book.
Fixed, it is.

GET NAVICUST: ATK+1, RAP+1, CHG+1, Undershirt
GET CHIPS: Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw

Post 'em up.