Name: Martia.EXE (pronounced as "MAHR-shə")
Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Subtype: Melee
Appearance: Martia stands at a Net height of 5'8", and weighing a measly 110 lbs., mostly due to the looser physics of the cyberworld.

Martia's outfit chooses to eschew the traditional appearance of a keikogi, in favor of something that grants maximum movement for all sorts of martial arts. Her top is made of modified Navi armor material, made to be more flexible than usual, and appears to be reminiscent of a pink, sleeveless karategi jacket. Though there is no opening in the front beyond the neckline, it possesses gold trim to give the appearance of a traditional garment. A black belt-like accessory appears around her waist, containing her emblem as a buckle: a pink forearm performing an uppercut against a black background. Her arms and torso area not covered by her top are instead covered in traditional thin, black Navi armor. Pink gloves cover her hands and part of the forearm.

Her lower body is covered entirely in the thinner variety of armor, but is instead pink in color, unlike the arms. Oddly, her boots are also pink, with only a strip of gold to visually separate them.

She wears pink headgear, more reminiscent of protective headgear used in boxing or other martial arts than a helmet. A wide pink stripe circles around her head, with ear flaps that contain her emblem, and an additional flap to protect the back of the head. The top remains open to allow air in and keep her cool, which shows off her blonde hair. She has the option to add a chin strap and mouth guard to it with a simple thought, though this only occurs during certain battles. Despite otherwise being fairly practical for fighting, a long thin ponytail extends from the bottom of her headgear down to her ankles.

Personality: Much like her operator, Martia lives for the thrill of competition. Unlike Leslie, however, she's less obsessed with total mastery of her skills, preferring to simply enjoy the moment in the limelight. She greatly enjoys learning various types of fighting, which she subsequently puts to good use.

Custom Weapon: Some Navis use swords. Others specialize guns. Martia...relies on her own body to get the job done, using punches and kicks as her default method of attack.

LV 0 - Swimsuit.GMO

A rather simple bikini, entirely pink in color. Martia's forgoes shoulder straps, instead connecting behind the neck like a halter top. Whoever designed the GMO underestimated her size up top, as a fair amount of the sides of her breasts are visible. Aside from that, however, it does a surprisingly good job of covering her breasts. Even most of her cleavage is covered up, though a small amount can be seen at the very top. The bottom covers as much as a regular pair of panties, though it's tight enough that the shape of her buttocks are clearly visible.

WarpCross (LV 1)
Element/Subtype: Normal/Speed

Description: Despite her desire to never don Red Nova's costume again after the mission, Martia's soft spot for Warp has resulted in her having a modified version for battle. Her head now has a featureless blue helmet, which contains a black visor that blocks every aspect of her upper face...aside from her eyes, which look completely normal. It also has an opening in the back to allow her ponytail to stick out.

She's foregone the jacket and halter-top of the regular costume, instead simply wearing a black tube top. It's designed to give her better bust support than regular clothing, and be nigh impossible to slip off without her approval, though it still leaves little doubt as to her true proportions. Her gloves are now blue, with black wristbands around them. These

Her lower outfit is now simply a pair of blue pants, that, much like the costume, are more or less skin tight, especially in the rear. They don't hamper movement, at least. Her boots are now black in color, and lack a heel to prevent mishaps.

Custom Weapon: While she lacks a true weapon, per se, but she can alter space-time by channeling energy into her wristbands. By doing so, Martia can create gravitational anomolies that can hurt enemies.

Cross Sig Attack:

Space-Time Shift - Martia bends local space-time, so that she ends up in another location at the precise time she began the move. It's a tad draining on her processes, however, so it slows her down for a bit. But that's a small price to pay for defying the law of physics. (Teleport, Self-Slow) (80/80) (1 TCD)