Name: Shuri.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Subtype: Shadow

Shuri is a sleek, ninja themed Navi. As such, she's designed to be as inconspicuous as possible, and travel through the shadows...ironically enough, this tends to make her stick out in a large crowd, since, well, ninjas don't grow on trees.

- Her head is nearly completely covered in a purple ninja cowl with a black mask, save for her purple irised eyes and the bridge of her nose. If it was removed, one would see that she had purple hair that extended clear down to the waist. It'd explain why she didn't keep it outside the cowl.
- Her torso is primarily covered in traditional Navi armor, with a V-neck opening to show chain mail armor traditionally associated with ninja. Purple trim surrounds every opening. Her most notable feature is on her back, however; a giant metal four pointed throwing star, which can be freely detached and thrown. She always keeps it at a 45 degree tilt, to make it easy to grab with either hand. Her emblem is at the botom of the neck opening, where the bottom of her breastbone is: a 忍, the first character in ninja.
- Her arms are completely covered in thin chain mail armor, with purple braces covering the backs of her hands and forearms. Beneath the bracers are black gloves, and on them is purple plated armor. Her legs are covered in thin black armor, except with boots that rise to just below her knees. Each boot is opened toed, revealing socks, and a single thong between the big and second toes. The armor on her pelvic and hip area is purple.

As a freelance ninja, Shuri tends to emphasize herself and self-gain above all else. She tends to be snarky if she believes something is idiotic, and is not above pointing said idiocy out to everyone. She does, however, have a bit of a soft spot for kids and animals, and has no problems with showing this side of herself.

Custom Weapon: As her name and appearance would imply, Shuri's main weapon is the giant shuriken on her back, which contains boomerang-like properties to always return to her, or just regenerate if isn't possible to return. However, she can also generate regular sized shuriken via her buster system to fling at enemies.