Name: Auri.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Null
Subtype: Summon

Appearance: Auri is a light skinned girl with a height and weight fitting for a young girl about 12 years old. She has short and straight black hair. On each side of her head she has a spire of curled up hair pointing upwards like a drill. She has large and bright yellow eyes with light freckles underneath them and around her nose. Covering each ear is an audio receiver with Auri's emblem, a gold Z with two vertical black lines through its center.
Adorning her head is a golden tiara, resting onto the audio receivers at the ends, with 5 spires like a crown. The spires are ordered in a way that there's one in the center and the four others are smaller as they go further onto the tiara.
Covering most of her body is a bodysuit, from neck to toes and excluding her hands, arms and shoulders. This bodysuit is black, except for a golden line across her sides. In the center of her bodysuit, on her chest, is a white hexagon which is longer than it is wide with a black inner border and golden outer border. Pictured on the hexagon is a gold Z with two black vertical lines. All the gold of her bodysuit pulses with a feint golden light.
Auri wears two golden gauntlets that are used for most of her combat and collection activities. Each gauntlet is rather bulky, has a large pearl at its center, covers the upper part of the hand and has, at the top, spires like a crown (and her headgear) that are pointed upwards across the arms but still allows full movement with her elbow. On her hands she wears a pair of black gloves, but through her abilities she can turn these golden with energy.
Auri wears two bulky and armored boots. They're both gold in color and instead of being rounded at the end, these are square.

Personality: Auri's most noticeable personality trait is her greed. This includes greed for money and similar items, but also food and even people. Essentially if it exists, Auri will want it. Preferably in gold. But even with her greed she knows how to treat others fairly and even more fairly if there's anything in return. She can always be nudged for a joke or two and is generally in a permanent good mood, even in combat 'cause there's always the chance of going home with gold. The only true way to get her angry is to deny her that gold.

Custom Weapon: Auri prefers to get into melee combat, using her fists to punch and transmute enemies into gold. But if she ever can't reach the enemy or just can't be bothered, she can create various gold weaponry to throw at an opponent. Her favorites for this situation are coins, but she can also create weaponry or grab random objects to throw.
GMO Storage

GMO #1

Description: Auri's regular outfit remains as it is completely and only receives additions. Covering Auri's eyes, connected to her audio receivers, is a golden medieval-styled visor with many slits for Auri to look through. To protect her body, she gains a sturdy and gold medieval-styled armor that covers her body and legs with her arms and shoulders still bare. One of the changes to the standard armor model is an armored golden mini-skirt attached to the armor. Embedded into the armor, at chest height, are two large pearls at the places where Auri's bust would've been if she had any. Her armor is also styled around the fact those pearls are there. The leg armor is all standard.
Signature Attacks

Total Pool: 60/60
Max Cap: 60 (90) / 15

Golden Fingers
Auri coats her right hand with an energy that shines a brilliant gold. She then attempts to grab an enemy and transmute it. Even when she fails at completely transmuting the enemy, some parts will become gold yet still capable to be moved freely. When she succeeds at transmuting and killing the enemy, a gold statue looking identical to the enemy in its last seconds appears on the same place.
1 Target; 30 DMG (30)
If Target Killed: 30 HP Object (30)