Name: Scourge.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Null
Subtype: Variable


Visual Aid

It's pretty easy to recognize Scourge's general appearance, as all that defines her are a bundle of faded old wrappings, tightly and loosely covering parts of her pale, dead skin. Several stitches appear to hold her body together in places. Her upper arms and thighs are impaled by large metallic screws, which has her emblem printed on their heads: a purple swirling symbol. Warm purple flares occasionally burst forth from these screws. Her dark purple hair is short and messy, barely reaching her shoulders.

A unique characteristic of Scourge's is that her exact proportions and sizes are difficult to ascertain, as it could be a blink of an eye before one sees an entirely different body type on her person. This is due to an unusual "ability"; Scourge draws energy from her surroundings and enemies to fuel herself, and changes her body type accordingly. The more energy she absorbs, the bigger and stronger she becomes, up to a point. Her smallest form is a young toddler of 4', looking about 5, though this only appears if she is severely depleted of energy. By default, she is around 5'2", and looks around 15 or so. Her largest form is a giantess of 7'.


Scourge's personality shifts somewhat with her energy levels, becoming more and more hostile as she grows. At her smallest, she is shy, though somewhat passive-aggressive, while her largest form causes her mental faculties to be at the edge of going berserk. Even with Sofia, her tone is rather harsh, though she does attempt to restrain herself, partly because of her gratitude to the operator, and partly because Sofia's cheery attitude was impossible for her to break without feeling guilty.

Custom Weapon:

Scourge's wrappings are her main mode of attack, being very manipulable. They can be used to whip away at an opponent, grab them and flail them around, or deflect incoming projectiles, among other uses. Some parts of her are detachable, and she can literally flail herself around.

Signature Attack:

    [li] Passive: Reinforced Linens
    | 20HP Casing | 20 PP/80 SP |
    Scourge's bandages unwrap and rebind around her arms and legs, hardening to create a thin but strong protective self-repairing layer that can withstand a small hit.

    [li] Active: Witch's Trial
    | Freeze, Blast2, Ground-Type | 3 TCD | 100 SP |
    Scourge summons a myriad of wrappings near a target enemy that fly up from the ground and bind up those that come in contact with them, restricting their offenses (e.g. arms, weapons).

    [li] Active: Witch's Hunt
    | Hold, Blast2, Shot-Type | 3 TCD | 100 SP |
    Scourge holds out her hand, unfurling the bandages from her arm into a duplicate bandage-arm that increases massively in size. The giant arm then detaches and rushes forward to entrap enemies in a large area.

  • Active: Shadowstep
    | Teleport | 2 TCD | 80 SP |
    Scourge's bindings enlarge tremendously before covering her entirely. The bandages collapse in on themselves before disappearing entirely. They then unfurl from empty space elsewhere in the area, before Scourge herself arrives in them.