Name: E.M.M.A, or Emma.exe (Electro Magnetic Mammoth Artillery)

Gender: Female

Element: Elec

Subtype: Shield

Emma's Image

Appearance: Emma is a creative mix of human and machine, thanks to the typical male idea of personifying a vehicle or one belonging with a feminine name. Her torso and head comprise the majority of her human features, the with a human-like figure of a female in her late teens. Her skin is fair, a pair of golden eyes occasionally hidden by the complimentary dirty blonde hair that hangs just past her stare messily. Often seen is a headset attach to the right side of her face, with a visual targeting unit over her right eye used to aid her sight and combat capabilities. Her torso is covered with a black skin tight body suit, while her upper chest also has a very light armored casing atop it, sporting a desert paint design.

Working from her elbows down Emma is outfitted with mechanical limbs, cold metal patterned with a desert pain motif. The size of the cybernetic arms are slightly larger due to extra armor plating for durability in combat. From the knees down Emma's legs are designed in a similar fashion, a bulkier armored set of lower legs with the same style of decals.

Around her waist is attached 4 pieces of treads resembling that of a tanks. They hang down the give the feel of a skirt, though there is no fabric or anything to connect them. The top half of the treads are armored, with a matching pattern to the rest of the mechanical pieces. Each shoulder is outfitted with a somewhat compact metallic armor platting extending outward slightly and slanting down the further out it goes. Attached to each shoulder piece are two sets of quad barrel missile launchers, resting vertically against her back.

In her right arm Emma totes what seems like an unwieldy weapon, a large caliber twin barreled rail gun, its design and shape resembling that of the top half of a tank. The bottom is indented to fit her arm into, with a grip complete with a trigger, allowing her to wield it offensively or as a shield when needed.

Personality: If there was one word to describe Emma completely it would be defensive; in regards to fighting, her friends, and her self. She's a proud navi who believes that her's is the ultimate defense, able to fend off against any attacker and trusts Damian's design for her more than anything. It's this pride that will cause her to defend her abilities in a drop of a hat, often getting flustered due to it. When it comes to others, she will be the first one to risk herself to protect the group often trying to take the front lines or guarding the rear depending what the situation calls for.

This doesn't mean however that she never goes on the offensive, because when she does Emma goes all out using her twin-barrel railgun and missile barrages to absolutely decimate her enemies once she has hunkered down and armored up. She would just rather fortify before doing so. Emma strongly believes in a firm defense before a good offense.

Custom Weapon: A large caliber, double barrel tank coil gun is mounted to her right arm. While somewhat difficult to wield, its power can be quite devastating to compensate. The cannon uses an electromagnetic rail system to fire its ammunition at high velocity for utmost destruction.

Starting items: HP + 50, Guard1 chip.

Signature Attack:

E.R.A Shielding - 1 hit shield. Counter (When shield is destroyed): 1 hit shield. Counter (when second shield is destroyed ): 1 hit shield. (60 sig points) 2 TCD

Emma creates a large metallic plating which she uses to take cover, activating her E.R.A (Electro Reactive Armor) system in order to deflect or neutralize any attacks which come her way. She recharges the shield after consecutive hits to even further its defensive power.