Name: Radiance.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Fire
Subtype: Ground

Appearance: Radiance stands at 5'6" with light skin and a shapely figure. Her hair is shoulder-length and appears an unremarkable light brown shade at first, but on closer inspection is inlaid with lighter, almost white streaks. Similarly, her eyes appear an unremarkable blue at first but are in fact a more metallic shade, appearing almost silver at the edge of the irises and darker blue near the pupil.

Her outfit follows a similar pattern. She wears a silvery blue dress that is fairly low-cut and hugs tightly to her body, but otherwise looks fairly plain from a distance. In reality, however, it is covered in an intricate pattern that is normally either just barely visible or not visible at all. The pattern starts out looking like flames near the base, then farther up looks more like water waves, then a visual representation of electromagnetic waves wrapping around her chest. When visible, this pattern appears to shift between all colors of the visible spectrum. Other than this dress, she wears a silver necklace that looks more like several small mirrors on a chain than proper jewelry and sandals with a glassy finish.

Rather than just being quirks of her design, these subtleties of Radiance's appearance all have a purpose. Nearly every part of her body: her skin, the lighter streaks in her hair, the edges of her irisis, the pattern on her dress, the mirrors on her necklace, and the glass of her sandles all light up. While normally either giving off no light or just enough to be noticeable, they all can be made to give off a brilliant light. It is only when at her brightest that her navi emblem is visible, another pattern embedded into the larger one of her dress, situated over her chest. It consists of a circle bearing a torch-like object with the image of the sun in place of flames.

Radiance also carries a lantern at all times. Normally this lantern is just that: a lantern, and entirely redundant considering that Radiance is her own light source. But at the current time it is also her only means of defense, being able to emit harmful pulses of light or spray flames and embers.

Personality: Radiance is normally a cheerful girl with a sunny disposition and a seeming inability to be mad at people. She's very optimistic, believing that things will always work themselves out. But of course this is because she spent most of her existence working in a controlled environment where things always did work themselves out. She and the people she was working with didn't mess anything up, and on the rare occasions when they did they always handled it professionally and fixed their mistakes. Because of this, she's quite naive and innocent when it comes to anything outside of this controlled environment. While it hasn't completely broken her cheerful demeanor, now that things have gone very very wrong and don't like they can be fixed quite as easily, she isn't qute sure what to do.

Having not yet been outside of an isolated server before, Radiance has no combat experience whatsoever. In fact, before the incident that forced her into working with Ross, she hadn't as much as seen viruses. Because of this she alternates between thinking some of them are cute and not recognizing them as dangerous until they attack her, and being terrified of the rest.

Custom Weapon: A lantern. In emergencies, Radance can use the lantern to attack with embers and pulses of light, or charge it to burn enemies with intense light and heat.

Signature Attacks:
-Scattering Ashes [Active, 1TCD]: Radiance's lantern begins spewing ashes, which cover a small area and turn the ground they touch into burning coals.
Medium Area Terrain (Coal) (20), 20 total points

-Ember Spray [Active, 1TCD]: Designed as an emergency defense system, Ember Spray does exactly what it sounds like. Radiance's lantern sprays still burning embers at a target in a manner similar to pepper spray. It won't cause severe or lasting damage, but can lock a target up long enough for Radiance to get away or attack with something stronger.
10 Fire Damage (10) + Stun (30), 40 total points