Name: Camo.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Shadow

Appearance: In appearance, it could be easy to mistake this navi for a new variation of virus or something from science-fiction in all. The truth is, this navi was based upon the chameleon lizard. He looks tall, maybe about 7'1, weighs less than the sum of his parts at around 150-190 pounds, giving the navi a very lanky form, his arms protruding from his shoulders at around half his height, if not longer, allowing the navi to grab onto things farther away than most 'human' navis and he's able to do feats with his arms thought to be impossible.
His entire body, head to toe, is a classic leaf green and much like the chameleon he is based off of, he is able to blend into his surroundings to a point, he requires 'abilities' to be able to completely make himself invisible to the naked eye. His eyes are the same way, green irises and eyelids, they have an important function to both navi and netop however, they can be rotated independent of each other and take 'pictures' that are saved to Camo's PET. He is able to bend his arms and fingers, of which there are three, into places most could not get with 'bones'.
Able to stretch them like rubber, his arms are classified as invertebrates, no more than flesh and muscle. Camo's legs are about the same in most regards, very flexible, able to contort themselves to his liking, they however CAN be broken like other body parts, but they have a sort of sturdiness that outclasses human bones in every way. The only thing that people can use to identify his status as a navi is a dark green bodysuit he wears over his chest for the most part and his crest on his back and chest, identified as a small camera.

Personality: Camo can be eccentric to say the very least of his mind, the chameleon navi is usually calm enough to talk with, and even delightful to be around if you know him like his netop does. He's a nice creature, trying to put things ahead of himself, mostly his netop and his closest friends, however, he is erratic around those he does not feel the need to connect to, sometimes saying things he doesn't really mean or hurtful things he cannot take back. When it comes to his 'job' of researching, however, he is quiet and dedicated to it and does what he can to try and complete his assignments, even if he has to throw someone under the bus to get finished with it.

Custom Weapon: Camo Buster: A small gun that attaches to Camo's side for quick access.
Signature Attack
Crack shot: Camo aims and fires off a small shot of energy, able to break through shields and do damage to those behind them. (40+Break, Null) 60 points, 2TCD