Name: Eidolon.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Subtype: Bug

Appearance: The current appearance of Eidolon is the end result of the restoration of a deleted navi called Arsinoe followed by several upgrades performed by integrating the data remains of other deleted navis into the core program. Though much of Arsinoe is still present in the appearance, large parts of it have been damaged, which some of the upgrades have attempted to repair or cover up.

Eidolon is a slender humanoid navi of 5'7" net equivalent with an appearance of not being entirely solid. Her skin, going far beyond pale, has an appearance resembling fogged-up windows, and in some places can even be seen through to a small degree. Her eyes, when not covered, are inverted from what would normally be expected from human eyes: black surrounding white irises. The irises glow brightly in even the slightest reduction from natural light, prompting them to be covered most of the time. In contrast, her hair is an erratic mix of dark gray and red, uneven in length with the longest parts falling just past her shoulders. The remains of her original outfit, a low-cut midnight blue evening gown that accentuates her curves rather well, are tattered and torn in many places, most noticeably across the stomach and in the fact that the dress is at least five inches shorter than it used to be. Though the original navi wore court shoes, Eidolon goes barefoot. Her feet have even less presence than the rest of her, often appearing to fade into nothing past the knees.

Her arms have a similiar problem, but rather than simply fading into nothing they dissolve into junk data along the wrists and hands. For awhile, they were wrapped in what appeared to be red wires to contain the bugfrag remains, but following a recent upgrade the wires have been replaced by the black armored gloves of Pianissimo, which cover her arms up to the elbows. Similarly, a deep cut in her neck has been covered up by the remains of a deep crimson scarf, although what little is left of the scarf makes it look less like an accessory and more like what it was added to the appearance for: a wound dressing. The visor that covers her eyes comes from a different source, the remains of a Techari-created navi called Preon. The visor is solid metal on the outside, but transparent from the inside, allowing Eidolon to see clearly while still covering the glow of her eyes.

Her fighting style and custom weapon change with each upgrade, either overwritten by that of the new navi's data or integrated with what Eidolon currently uses. As of her latest upgrade, Eidolon uses Pianissimo's weapon: an eastern-style sword with a solid ebony blade. Whatever her weapon, though, Eidolon gives no outward appearance of carrying one outside of battle, and appears to summon it by pulling it directly out of her chest.

Personality: Much like her PET and physical appearance, Eidolon's personality is something of a patchwork. Though the personality that resulted from Arsinoe's restoration as Eidolon is still the strongest, pieces of other personality traits occasionally surface. There appears to be no particular pattern for these, or even explanation. Noticeable traits like Pianissimo's deadpanning are more easily defined, but just as commonly something less distinct will surface, such as an irrational flash of anger. Eidolon has enough control over these that she can avoid expressing them outwardly if she chooses, but not to prevent them from appearing entirely.

Without the extra bits and pieces, Eidolon is a soft-spoken and gloomy navi. She is rather cynical, and rarely sees a bright side in any situation. Though not entirely self-centered, she doesn't go out of her way to satisfy the needs of anyone but herself, taking a "do whatever" approach to everything else. She tends to be distant with others, but doesn't go out of her way to drive them away either, and tends to warm up to them the longer she interacts with them. This is a process that needs to be repeated, however, since as soon as they part and meet up again, Eidolon goes back to being chilly and distant. At a glance, she doesn't appear to have anything she likes or hates. She does, however, have a soft spot for jokes and pranks, which leads Andrew to suspect that one of the unidentified navis incorporated into Eidolon may have been a prankster in life.

Custom Weapon: Pianissimo's former weapon, the black blade Silencer. Eidolon changes weapons and styles with each major upgrade, this being the latest one. The weapon did not fully survive the transition, though, and the formerly keen edge of the blade is now riddled with glitches.

Signature Attacks: Toward [Passive]: Telekinetic ability salvaged from Arsinoe. Pulls a target toward the user.
Passive pull (10 passive), 40 total points

Away [Passive]: Telekinetic ability salvaged from Arsinoe. Pushes a target away from the user.
Passive knockback (10 passive), 40 total points

Spectral Shield [Passive]: Can create spectral images of shields and shield-like objects to absorb some attacks.
Passive 1-hit shield (20 passive), 80 total points

Apparition [Active, 2TCD]: Temporarily takes on the appearance of another navi. Since it doesn't affect Eidolon's battle systems, it serves little purpose other than distraction, but sometimes that distraction can be very useful.
Illusion (50), 50 total points

Data Drain [Active, 2TCD]: The ability to have foreign navi data incorporated into her own frame is usually something that can only be done from Eidolon's PET. In a pinch, however, she can resort to a more direct method.
40 Lifedrain (80), 80 total points

Data Vampirism [Active, 4TCD]: And sometimes, smaller amounts just aren't enough.
80 Lifedrain (160), 160 total points

Vanish [Active, 2TCD]: Exactly what it sounds like. Eidolon vanishes from normal sight for a short time.
Invis (80), 80 total points

Reappear [Active, 2TCD]: Doesn't have to be used in conjunction with Vanish, but can be. Eidolon simply reappears somewhere else.
Teleport (80), 80 total points

Point Shot [Active, 1TCD]: Eidolon fires a tiny, nearly invisible burst of energy at an opponent. It's nearly harmless on its own, but can track hidden targets.
20 Null+Seeking (40), 40 total points

Ghost Sword [Active, 3TCD]: Eidolon combines her own apparitions with the combat data of Pianissimo, allowing her to strike deeper into opponents and infect their systems with random errors. As a consequence, however, the sword used for this becomes completely ethereal for a short time afterward, making it completely ineffective in combat.
Two instances of Strengthen40+Glitch (60x2), Buster Lock (-40), 80 total points

Corrosion [Active, 4TCD]: Eidolon hits a target with a burst of spectral energy that directly targets their weapons, dealing damage and causing them to lock up for a short time.
80 Null+Freeze (130), 130 total points

--Icaro: Song of Healing [Active, 1TCD]: Icaro channels healing energy into a target through the power of song and rose petals.
30 Heal (40), 40 total points

--Icaro: Ayahuasca [Active, 1TCD]: Icaro channels spirit energy from plants to create and convey a medicine that cures any one ailment. Needless to say it requires plants of some form to work, but Icaro can grow some in an instant if need be.
Small Area Grass Terrain (10), then Status Cure (30), 40 total points.

--Icaro: Stolen Sight [Active, 2TCD]: Icaro momentarily steals away the sight of a designated target, temporarily blinding them.
Blind (60), 60 total points

--Icaro: Rose Field [Active, 2TCD]: Icaro gathers wind and rose petals around her in a barrier cyclone. The barrier is easy to break, but whoever does is immediately hit with a strong gust of wind.
20 HP Barrier, then Counter (Barrier broken): Microburst (40), 60 total points

Quote ()

A bit of history (the short version): The navi now known as Eidolon was originally a telekinetic navi by the name of Arsinoe.  From what Andrew could tell, Arsinoe was at least three times older than him and had been in his family for most of that time.  He came into possession of the navi when he started high school.  Just in time for him to graduate, however, Arsinoe was deleted.  Unwilling to part with her and simply get a new navi, Andrew gathered up the remains and worked for days on end on restoring her, eventually giving up on repairing all the holes in her program and merging the remains with those of an apparition-themed navi.  From this merger, Eidolon was born.  Andrew considered this his first success and started taking jobs restoring other deleted navis and programs, despite Eidolon's core program and body still being heavily damaged in its own right.  Eventually, he used pieces from a navi far beyond repair, one so far gone that he never learned the name of it, to patch over the holes.

Two years later, he received a request from a contact known only as Metropolis, to restore a navi known as Preon.  He did so but, amazed at the work that went into the navi, also copied some of the core components to upgrade Eidolon with.  Instead of the usual payment from the Preon job, however, Metropolis sent him the remains of the navi Pianissimo, along with the chips and upgrades his operator used and a note saying that both operator and navi had been killed in an accident and that he was free to do whatever he wished with what was left.  Though the note was unsettling to say the least, Andrew jumped on the opportunity to upgrade Eidolon one more time, creating her current form.

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Name: Natural.GMO
Description: Natural.GMO is an approximation of Arsinoe's original appearance, with some enhancements based on upgrades since becoming Eidolon.  The skin and eyes become more natural, reverting to a lightly tanned tone and hazel respectively.  Her hair becomes more smooth and even, making a consistent shoulder length, but keeps the mixed gray and red colors.  Her dress is restored to a like new state, her legs become fully visible, and she wears the heeled shoes that Arsinoe always wore.  Similarly, the injuries to her arms and neck are gone in this form, removing the need to be covered up.  As such, all the accessories: gauntlets, scarf, and visor, are not present.  The downside to appearing alive and intact, though, is that this appearance file comes with no battle data, and must be deactivated for Eidolon to fight.
Name: Icaro
Gender: Female

Appearance: Icaro is a plant spirit, taking the form of a glowing outline of a woman in an elegant dress. She stands roughly the same height as Eidolon and shares the same problem of some parts of her appearance simply not being there. In Icaro's case, the details: eyes, hair, shape of the body, etc can clearly be discerned, as well as the flowery design of her dress, but beyond that she has no solid form, like a drawing that was never filled in. Her outline shifts color between two separate states: shades of green like leaves in a "neutral" state, and a vibrant rose color when attacking or healing. Both are also done by blowing petals at the target, so it can be difficult to tell which she is trying to do until the target gains or loses health.

Personality: On average, Icaro is a soft-spoken, kindhearted SP. She was designed to be summoned for healing, after all, and thus possesses a will to aid others whenever possible. She can be fickle though, and when upset will become cold, stubborn, and sometimes aggressive. Because she was also intended to take away "dark" spirit, she also displays an aggressive attitude toward enemies, which is only amplified when they interrupt her healing work.

Element: Wood
Subtype: Recover

Song of Healing [Active, 1TCD]: Icaro channels healing energy into a target through the power of song and rose petals.
30 Heal (40), 40 total points

Name: AnyisCross
Level: 1
Element/Subtype: Aqua/Melee

Appearance: While Eidolon's natural body is far from the picture of structural integrity, it pales in comparison to what it might have been if Andrew hadn't been repeatedly patching her with the remains of other navis as upgrades, shoddy though some of them may be. Unfortunately for her continued stability, the rest of what was left of these navis' data remained within Eidolon as well, causing more errors than they solved. AnyisCross introduces more stability to the entire system, ejecting most of the foreign data into separate entities to allow the rest to, as long as it lasts, form something more cohesive. Eidolon's appearance changes as a result. Her invisible legs, broken wrists, and slashed neck all fill in, taking on scar-like appearances, if scar tissue was made entirely out of static. Most of this goes unseen by an observer, however, as she gains a full suit of midnight blue cybernetic armor. The armor, though borrowing mostly from Preon's original design, also takes some pointers from the flexible, stealth-oriented armor of Pianissimo. Most of it is very thin and form fitting, with only enough extra bulk in the back and ankles for a jetpack and rocket boots. The rest appears as a slightly thicker bodysuit, with small gaps around the joins only noticeable by the wire-like red veins of data flowing through them. The only other break in the solid navy color of the body of the armor is her navi emblem. No longer buried somewhere within Eidolon's chest, the emblem now appears on the back of her left hand in emulation of Pianissimo's old style. Thus the design of it can actually be seen: three block-like objects surrounding a central body as though floating, with a spectral wisp burned into the surface over the entire design. Eidolon's visor remains, although it has shifted from its original silver color to match the rest of her armor. It has also gotten larger, forming a band around her entire head rather than simply sitting over her eyes, and gaining added sensors mounted into antennae over her temples.

The rest of the data from the patched navis has formed bodies of their own, although they are only shadows of the navis they once were. The first, a spectral navi that gave Eidolon her new name, appeares as a simple spirit wisp, encased in the frame of a female humanoid navi. Similar to Eidolon's spectral shield ability, the navi body is not remotely solid in appearance, and varies in strength from a faintly glowing outline to a full but ghostly image depending on that component's relative activity. The wire navi of unknown name appears much like what Andrew can only assume was its original appearance, a mesh of dark red wires arranged into a humanoid male shape, with extra wires extending like tendrils out of its fingertips. Preon and Pianissimo, meanwhile, appear in their original, fully armored forms: Preon in somewhat bulky cybernetic powered armor of silver color, with the visor that made its way onto Eidolon's base design part of a full helmet, and Pianissimo in thin, stealth-oriented armor with a helmet reminiscent of a hawk's head in design. Upon closer inspection, however, one would notice that the armor is all there is to these two spectres. Both are empty inside.

When crossed, Eidolon fights by allowing herself to be "possessed" by one of these four, temporarily taking them into her body (or rather, her armor) to use their attack capabilities. The spectral navi allows her to attack with ghostly flames, freezing rather than burning much like Anyis. The wire navi gives her wire-like tendrils out of her hands, which she still primarily uses for their same purpose on her base form: binding, draining, and glitching. Preon weaponizes her arms and visor, giving her energy weapons based in both that fire laser-like energy shots. Pianissimo, of course, gives his sword, integrated into the armored body of AnyisCross as an upgraded mechanical blade, keeping the single-edged Electopian design but repairing the damaged and corrupted blade with a plasma edge.

Personality: With Eidolon's crossed form being less riddled with errors, Eidolon's mind and personality become less damaged as well. Outwardly this manifests with her becoming more open, more vocal, and more consistent in attitude. The bases of her personality are unchanged, but are now properly integrated rather than jumping between individual traits or groups of traits. She's also gotten a bit more fire to her, a trait more than likely borrowed straight from Anyis.

---Sigs (80/80)---
As it turns out, giving the former navis that make up parts of Eidolon their own bodies again gives her more direct access to their former abilities, allowing her to channel and properly use them rather than merely adapting them.
Cold Spot [Active, 1TCD]: Eidolon channels her spectral navi component and summons ghostly flames to drastically lower the temperature of an area. Combined with the freezing fire itself, the end result is a cold spot with many of the same properties as a large snowdrift.
Large Area Snow Terrain (40), 40 total points

Point Mass Collision [Active, 1TCD]: Not to have her own telekinetic abilities outdone by a giant guardian spirit, Eidolon channels Preon to generate and hit a target with a cluster of point particles. And as it turns out, a large enough mass of infinitely small particles to form something visible makes for an extremely dense battering ram that can probably send targets into orbit.
Microburst (40), 40 total points.