Name: Naga.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Break

Appearance: Naga's normal appearance is actually heavily compressed from his true form, and instead takes the form of a human male of apparently Yumlandian descent. His skin is heavily tanned, smooth, and usually moist, his eyes are dark green and slanted, and his hair is an even darker green approaching black, chin-length and unkempt. On the whole, his human body designed to look like it has seen very little combat. On the other hand, even in his compressed state, Naga is quite large, standing at a little over seven feet, broad-shouldered, and muscular.

Naga's clothing consists primarily of a large robe, looking a few sizes too big even for how large he is. It falls over his feet with a few inches to spare and only avoids covering his hands by way of the edges of the sleeves being slanted, with the top end coming up to his wrists. The fabric is a soft blue color, with a wave pattern sewn into the entire thing and Oriental dragon imagery on the back, over the shoulders, and over the waist. The robe comes complete with an oversized hood, although Naga rarely wears it. Naga also wears a necklace of shark teeth and a sash to keep his robe secured. He tends to go barefoot, and how he traverses rougher terrain types like this without getting injured is anyone's guess.

In addition, Naga carries with him an aqua-colored crystalline orb, nearly half the size of his head and wreathed in coral. The coral also serves as an anchor for a cord allowing the orb to be warn as a pendant. When used to channel water magic, the image of Naga's navi emblem appears in the center of the orb, consisting of a serpentine figure coiled around a pole and surrounded by waves. The Dragon Orb, as Marian calls it and Naga goes along with, serves as Naga's custom weapon, houses his navi emblem, and also serves as a compression program. His true form is that of an Oriental water dragon much larger than what would ordinarily be capable of being contained in a navi. The Dragon Orb, in addition to containing this through compressing Naga into a human form, allows him to partially transform by loosening the compression. At his current level, however, a full transformation is not possible.

Personality: Naga is nearly perpetually calm and serene. He has never been known to anger or act out without extreme provocation, and even when he does manage to get upset by a frustrating situation, his reaction is usually subdued and fades quickly. His manner of speech Marian compares to a monk trying to spread wisdom, although he usually just says whatever comes to mind and simply often uses convoluted expressions. Even in battle he is not overtly aggressive and fights with little unnecessary movement, preferring to let the water he commands act for him.

He does have a breaking point, however, brought on by time and continual stress and provocation. When this breaking point is reached Naga doesn't just snap. He explodes, and visits the wrath of a dragon king on the subject of his ire.

Custom Weapon: Naga's Dragon Orb, which can be used to channel magic-based attacks.

Signature Attacks:
Water Veil [Active, 1TCD]: Naga encases himself in a veil of water, providing a weak and temporary defense against incoming attacks.
20 HP Barrier (20), 20 Total Points

Dragon's Cannon -Low Level- [Active, 1TCD]: Naga partially loosens the compression on his body, encasing him in a thin shell of water in the shape of a water dragon...or at least the head of one. The dragon head launches a single blast of water at a target, damaging and staggering them.
30 Aqua (30) + Knockback (10), 40 total Points