Name: ShamanMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Variable
Appearance: If one wasn't careful, they might mistake ShamanMan as an inanimate object. His entire being, from head to toe, consists of black armor resembling a wizard's robe, far too rigid to be mere cloth. Black gloved hands occasionally peek out from the ends of the sleeves, though at other times he appears to be content letting his outfit conceal them entirely.

The one exception is his face...or what essentially acts as it. An ornate, brightly colored witch doctor's mask covers whatever opening in the armor would be up there, with straw decoration ensuring that anyone trying to peek around the side will meet utter failure. There are two slots where the eyes would be, but only two red, glowing sphere can be seen through them, with no obvious signs of life. His emblem can be found in the middle of the mask's forehead.

Height: 7'1"
Weight: 43 lbs.

Personality: Most would think a Navi of his apperance would be cold and distant...yet ShamanMan is actually quite talkative and sociable. He can, however, occasionally display poor etiquette, most likely due to spending long stretches with little interaction other than his operator and crew. Like his operator, he has a love of animals, even data-based ones best known for attempting to kill his own kind. Despite his name, he has a definite focus on the here and now, instead of those existing on a different plane.

Custom Weapon: By utilizing BattleChips, ShamanMan can conjure temporary battle images of viruses to do his bidding for him. If he receives a Cannon, he can create a Canodumb to shoot an enemy. If he receives a FireHit, he can create a Champy to punch an enemy. While they are simply 'spirits', and not true viruses, their hearts are linked to ShamanMan, and thus any damage or effects to them also harms the Navi, and effects like Disarm can instantly dispel them. As he summons benevolent spirits, they tend to be friendly to Navis, provided they aren't trying to harm their summoner.

Aside from this, he can use his knowledge of the arcane to shoot off bursts of magic, via both the buster and signature systems.

Signature Attack: Tranquil Magic - ShamanMan uses a spell that soothes (and slightly harms) the savage beast, lulling them into inaction. (30, Sleep, Self Slow) (80/60) (2 TCD)