Name: Mask.exe
Gender: Female
Element: Fire
Subtype: Break

Appearance: Mask's body takes on a more humanoid form once her data is transferred and re-coded to a Navi from an SP. Mask, besides having a human face and general body structure, retains her rat-like claws and her tail, the claws dirty and yellowish while her tail is brown and scaly with small hairs growing out from it. Her body takes on the form of a 20-something gymnast, a toned and lithe form that clocks in at about five feet, give or take a few inches, her body weighing about as much as a 140 pound human with tan skin. Her claws about a foot in length with serrated under edges that she can smooth out on a whim.

Her tail is about two feet in length and generally it drags across the ground, regardless of terrain, but it also acts as a third limb for the navi, able to be moved around and used as a whip, wrap around something and a variety of other things. This does not, however, give her the ability to have more than two equipped battle chips/items/etc and if cut off during a battle, it regrows after the battle routine is cleared. Her body is covered with a red, skin tight body suit, a pair of claws and a tail being her crest on her chest where someone's heart would be. Her face is clear of most any blemishes, save a mole and a couple whiskers on her cheeks, her eyes a blazing ruby red and she does have hair, white as snow in color, only a few inches in length much like a tomboy's, but keeps it hidden under a black, sloppily spray painted, helmet that covers her mouth.

Personality: Mask is...a quiet navi to say the least, mainly nodding or shaking her head, though she has a lean towards flipping Jack and whomever she doesn't like, even with her large rat claws. When she DOES say something, mainly after removing her helmet, her voice is rough around the edges and a little raspy from the disuse of her vocal cords, but can be heard well and she also adds a little bit of an accent to her R's and S'es, often extending her words for an additional second or two. Usually, however, she's cold and calculating, trying to do things on her own without regard for her safety and well being of others, but Jack often blames the break subtype in her new programing.

Custom Weapon: Tail and claws: Her tail can whip enemies while her claws can slice and dice her foes for normal attacks, charge attacks glow red and catch on fire before attacking.

Signature Attack:

Tail Crack: Mask lifts her tail into the air and simply smacks it onto the ground, attacking the enemy without flair with fire. (60 fire, Melee, 2TCD)