Name: VenusMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Type: Wood/Team

Appearance: VenusMan is a tall (6 feet; 1.82 meter) and slim Navi with a light green skin color. While not particularly muscular, he is defined enough to look fit. He has dark green hair that’s styled and slicked to the back, leaving nothing over the forehead. Covering his eyes, which are entirely black without pupil or iris, are goggles with red round glasses and black rims. VenusMan also has a fairly wide mouth, filled with sharp, fang-like teeth. Covering his ears are circular audio receivers with his emblem on it. VenusMan’s emblem is a red heart on a dark green background with a single eye in the center, this eye having black sclera and a red pupil.
Covering his body, from top to bottom, is a black bodysuit. He wears a piece of armor over his chest which is dark green in color. The bottom side of the armor resembles an upside-down V and goes from the center of his chest to just above his sides. This bottom edge is jagged, as if they’re big sharp teeth. This armor also covers up left arm up to his wrist, but not his right side. Right below the jagged edge, on his bodysuit, is a red line that follows the same pattern. A red broad line goes across the sides of his bodysuit.
VenusMan’s glove on his left side is dark green and has claws at the end. Visibly entwined around his wrist are light green vines that disappear into the sleeve of his armor.
Attached to VenusMan’s left hip is a dark green disc with a red circle on it. On his bodysuit is a red line around the disc. This disc is a magnetized holster for VenusMan’s pistol, which is dark green with a black top and has a blocky and futuristic design to them.
Curled around VenusMan’s neck is a light green thick and large scarf that is textured like a plant. It is so big that VenusMan could easily hide the lower half of his face by tucking in his head. Coming from this scarf is a huge plant-like growth, mostly leaves and vines, that covers VenusMan’s entire right arm, giving it an enlarged and mutated look. As a result his right shoulder and arm look a lot more beefy than his left. Embedded between the leaves and vines on the side of his right shoulder is a circular plate with his emblem on it. Hanging from the left side of this scarf is the other end, falling over the back of VenusMan's left shoulder.
This arm is also the ‘home’ of Carnivore, a virus that has embedded itself in VenusMan’s programming. Carnivore has the shape of a plant-like light green orb that has a large mouth with razor-sharp teeth and a large eye, black sclera and red pupil, inside of the mouth. VenusMan can summon Carnivore from his right hand, usually launched with a vine linking them. When not in use, Carnivore’s eye is visible from VenusMan’s right shoulder.
VenusMan’s boots are mostly dark green, with the soles and a small part connected to the soles at the front being black. The top side of the boots at the front are angled in an upside-down V shape, jagged like teeth as his body armor. A red line on the bodysuit follows this pattern along the way. The bottom of his boots appear blocky in design. VenusMan’s boots are integrated into his bodysuit and look as if they’re part of his bodysuit.

Personality: Easily infatuated. Acts cool & cold because he thinks the women like that. Actually doesn’t know what to do if he were to succeed at wooing a woman. Normally very laidback and dismissive. Generally a fine guy to hang out with. Dislikes creepy things and will actively try to get out of its way. Does not dislike or get scared of Carnivore though. Smokes.

Custom Weapon:
- Pistol, VenusMan’s Buster weapon, which can adjust its form and size based on the BattleChip transmitted.
- Carnivore, a virus that was made by Maru Lulu that attaches to NetNavis and grow stronger by feasting on others of its kind. Lives in VenusMan’s right arm. Just like VenusMan’s pistol, Carnivore can also make changes to VenusMan’s right arm to incorporate BattleChips.
- Alraune, VenusMan’s link to Carnivore allows him to create floral monsters, similar to viruses, that obey his commands but will usually end up doing their own thing as per their programming. Their intelligence and behavior is similar to zombies. Each Alraune looks a bit different, but they all share the following things: female, light green skin, sharp fangs, clawed hands, completely black eyes.
Signature Attacks

Total Pool: 200/200
Max Cap: 140 (210) / 25

Short Versions
Carnivore [80 Shot WOOD; 1 TCD]
ORCHID - Pistol [TD (Begin Of Next Turn) 100 WOOD; Movement; 3 TCD]

Name: Carnivore
Description: VenusMan lets his head transform into Carnivore, after which Carnivore launches himself at a target in order to bite and/or devour them. If Carnivore were to kill something with this move, the target would get dissolved into data in its mouth before being transmitted to VenusMan’s body.
Because his actual head has been flung around for Carnivore’s attack, VenusMan has a harder time to focus and aim after it has returned which causes a decrease in accuracy afterwards.
80 Wood DMG; 1 Target
Self Accuracy Nerf

Name: ORCHID - Pistol
Description: VenusMan aims at an enemy with his pistol, charging a stronger attack inside of it. But before it’s done charging completely VenusMan runs away while letting his hand and pistol remain in place, hovering above the ground. Some time afterwards, the pistol will fire its attack after which the hand returns to VenusMan.
Time Delayed (Begin Of Next Turn): 100 Wood DMG; 1 Target
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