Net Navigators

Name(s): Raki.EXE / Riki.EXE
Gender(s): Female / Female
Element: Electric
Subtype: Break


Programmed as twin sister Navis to each other, Raki and Riki have some similarities at first glance. For one, they are both feline humanoids, better known in loose terms as "catgirls". With a height of around 5'8" and a slender body shape for both, the usual skin seen on most Navis is replaced by a fine downy coat of light brown fur. They both sport sandy blonde hair, though styled differently, with two large pointy cat ears on the sides. Their canines are visibly larger, viewable when they open their mouths. A fuzzy tail is also found from their backsides, going down to their feet if let down.

This, however, is where the similarities end.

Raki has gleaming blue eyes, with two blue line markings on her face. Her hair flows all the way down to her thighs. She is dressed in a light blue tube top, with a white jacket over it, its sleeves torn off. She wears two elastic armbands on her upper arms, some bar code-style inscription burned into them. She also has large sleek white bracers with blue trim and highlights, both having a couple of luminescent blue wires attached to them. These wires are connected to two black cylindrical terminals on her back, which protrude through her jacket, and have a blue circular highlight on each. She also wears short shorts, from which her tail emerges. She has no footwear to speak of. Raki is able to "project" a myriad of melee-range weaponry from a database stored in her memory. Her favorite projection is a pair of large battleaxes, easily lifted with help from her gauntlets.

Riki has sparkling orange eyes, with two orange line markings on her face. Her hair is cut short compared to her sister's, reaching barely above her shoulders. Her attire is a long white lab coat, buttoned at the middle and going down to her knees. The coat's sleeves are detached, exposing two black cylindrical terminals on her upper arms, with orange circular highlights on each. The long sleeves conceal two wristbands on both hands, which have a bar code-like inscription burned into them. Underneath her lab coat, she has no top, but wears black slacks and a leather belt. The length of the coat usually obscures her tail. She also has nothing to cover her feet. Riki is able to "construct" various firearms of differing types and sizes from her memory, similar to her sister, utilizing her expertise in ranged weaponry. Her preferred construction is a short-range plasma gun. Often, her firearms are connected to the terminals on her back with two glowing orange wires.


Raki and Riki's personality could be said to be a collision of opposites. Raki is usually rather impulsive, using force to solve pretty much anything that she comes across. She's rather rough, and is quite certainly a tomboy. Often teasing Markus to his limits, Raki's mischievous attitude is either endearing or annoying, depending on your view. Riki, on the other hand, is a gentle soul, balancing out her twin sister's usual boisterous antics. She is usually seen somewhere not at the center of attention, and showcases a shy exterior. She is extremely tolerant of anything done to her, usually by fault of Raki.

However, as both sisters' typical facades are broken down, one can see the real faces behind their normal behavior. Despite her usual stormy personality, Raki is actually quite shy and girlish, but often refuses to show it to anyone she isn't familiar with. Even Markus (actually, especially Markus) is not exempt from this. Now, Riki, her nice and shy sister, has a very large emotional buffer, but once that overflows, she is cold and violent. When this happens, Riki emits a demented presence, almost evil, that even Raki is afraid of. It's best not to cross her too much.

In battle, Raki and Riki are designated as a singular entity, in terms of system reference. This means that they have the same statistics (HP, Signature Points, Actions, etc.) as any other Navi, and do not differ in any way.

Signature Attacks:

Active: Synchro Defense
| 1-Hit Shield | 20 HP Barrier | 20 HP Casing | 2 TCD | 60 SP |
Working in tandem, Raki and Riki create a wall of defense around themselves, protecting each other in a variety of ways. From the front, Raki is able to fend off any one attack, regardless of strength. Riki projects a protective energy barrier around them to protect them from the rear, while their individual vitality is boosted, adding a bit more bulk to their own armor.