Name: Katran.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Sword
Appearance: Katran's appearance is that of a slender female of about 5'9. Her snow white complexion is covered mostly by a formfitting thermal base layer top of an icy blue design and standard military khakis in an arctic camo decal. The top covers her upper body minus her hands and feet , stopping short at her collarbone. The top accentuates her curves quite well, especially her above average bust size. Her silvery hair is at a moderate length, a few strands hanging over her sapphire eyes, down to her nose in length. Over the thermal gear her upper body is protected by a compact Kevlar vest covering down to her waist with an arctic camo design, which also does well to suppress the size of her bust to the naked eye.

Upon each hand is a military-styled glove with a similar design, complete with a grip-like texture on the palms for better handling and combat in various conditions. On her feet Katran wears a pair of arctic camo military boots, going half way up her calf and covered by her khakis. Hidden within each boot is a small 4 inch blade which can be used as a surprise attack if the need arises, popping out from the sole at the front with a click of her heels. Around her waist is a military issued utility belt designed to carry multiple styles of knives more than anything, for varying situations. Around her neck is a black pull up face mask which can cover from the base of the top up to her nose, for both cold weather and concealing her face.

Katran's main weaponry are knives and as such she has various pouches and locations in which she keeps them for easy access. The kevlar vest has two standard issue combat knives strapped to the front around her midsection which are her primary knife of choice. For survival and secondary purposes she often goes to the larger survival knife strapped to her right calf hidden under the pant leg. Around her utility belt she keeps an assortment of throwing knives, carving knives, and other styles of combat knives for varying situations. Katran keeps around 9 distinct styles of knives on her in total.

Katran's design was not outfitted to the standard military specification, however. As part of an experimental project in the Sharo military, they attempted to create a better navi by combining human and animal like traits in order to enhance their performance. For her covert work, the idea to make her more agile, flexible and capable in any situation led to a design with feline aspects as well. While the outside appearance was minimized to keep the form as human as possible, the only remaining features are a set of white ears, a tail, slightly sharper teeth and feline-styled sapphire eyes.

Personality: Being designed for covert military operations Katran has a somewhat proud and serious personality, which often tends to clash with that of her operators. This had led to numerous moments of embarrassment in regards to her new look which Mira has provided. She is very confident in her physical and mental capabilities when it comes to combat, and excels in cold climate areas. Her proud personality tends to keep her from being completely honest in various situations, but much to her dismay sometimes the truth is conveyed when watching her feline features for reactions. She tends to resent when Mira's own traits tend to rub off on her, and will usually put her in a bad mood when she catches it. It's around this point that she may pick a fight or two, especially if someone around her has brought up or mentioned the subject of her depression.

Despite the distaste of Mira's ideas and habits, Katran still cares for her Operator deeply for returning her to action in the net after being "retired" from the sharo military. The two don't talk much about how they had come to rely on one another, preferring it stay in the past. Regardless of any disagreements they may have, they wouldn't have it any other way. Aside from a return to her original prowess in Katran's case.

Custom Weapon: Knives of varying styles and uses, though is known to rely on heavier military weaponry under less ideal circumstances.

Signature Attack: Fridgid claw - (30 aqua + Slashing) x two targets ; A accuracy, shot type (B with slashing, A after sub type bonus) - 2 TCD, 60 sig points

Katran makes two rapid slashes with either her arms or her legs, focusing her energy into her claws to create a frozen blade-like slash to strike her enemies.