Name: ZephyrMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Wind

Appearance: ZephyrMan appears at a fairly tall 7 feet, yet if he stood on a cyberscale, would weigh a logic defying 7 lbs. His listed height is somewhat exaggerated by his...lower body, however.

ZephyrMan's head, strangely, is nearly unviewable, as it is blocked by several of the Navi's various features. A gray metal band crosses the Navi's forehead, which has two flaps that cover the most likely spot for his ears. These flaps contain his emblem, a stylized view of a hurricane from above. Strangely, no sign of a head exists above this band; instead, a whirlwind constantly spins from it, which obscures any views into his head. Most of the rest of his face is obscured by white, cloud-like puffiness, which takes the form of a large beard and eyebrows. The only things that pop out from it are a pair of eyes and a small, sky blue nose.

His torso is a bit less nebulous; aside from being rather broad, it's simply blue, with no adornments or decoration at all. Whether this is a type of armor or his actual skin, however, cannot be told by sight alone. His arms are fairly muscular, but otherwise are nondescript aside from a pair of gray gloves that cover his hands.

His lower body, strangely, consists of a single large tornado. Due to how it bends with the rest of his body, it most likely serves as his legs, instead of actually having them.

Personality: ZephyrMan is a jovial Navi, enjoying nothing more than a bit of fun, especially when it involves flying. Strangely, despite his aerial appearance, he is much more grounded than his operator, knowing their limitations.

Custom Weapon: ZephyrMan is capable of generating strong winds to attack with.

Buster Shot: Zephyr Buster - ZephyrMan shoots a regular buster shot.

Charge Shot: Zephyr Blast - ZephyrMan creates a straight line wind to blow an enemy away.

Signature Attack:

- Storm Spin: ZephyrMan whips up a whirlwind that either blows the target farther away, or knocks them close. (40 damage, Knockback or Pull, effect determined at time of use) (60)