NetNavi Name:Katana.Exe

Gender: Male

Element: Null/Normal

Subtype: Sword

Appearance: White skinned human like navi with long Black hair to mid back, in slim ponytail. three long spiky bangs. Slender athletic body type standing about 6'1 171 lbs.(wait can a program/navi have a weight lol?)

Clothing: Starting with the undergarments he wears a black tight, spandex like suit that covers from the top of his nose down to his wrist and ankles, with his navi crest on the center of his chest. He usually uncovers his mouth and nose unless in a fight. Outer garments consist of a dark purple samurai kimono top with a black five pointed star on the back with a black diamond behind it(thats his navi crest). Black samurai pants that have a dark purple stripe going down each outside leg. Black sash with two black handled katanas in black sheaths ran through it on his left side. Dark purple tabi socks, with Black samurai sandals. Black conical straw hat that he wears tilted down to hide his eyes. Dark purple arishigaru with black trim guard each of his forearms/top of hands.

Personality: Very honorable, and laid back attitude. Very respectful toward his Net op Joseph. Loves conflict and is always wanting a new worthy opponent. Has a hard time working with others. Quite type, but will talk when necessary. Custom Weapon: Produces a null black energy ball in his right hand and throws it at his enemy.

Signature Attack: Double slash: Slashing + 30 null x 2 = 60 damage total(60 sig points.) He slashes once with his main katana but with extreme speed he unleashes a second slash with the second katana sheathed at his side.