NetNavi Name: Kemix.exe (Version 2.5)
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Subtype: Break

Appearance: Kemix.exe is a large navi, even by general standards, if he were human he'd be 6'6, 230 pounds (mostly muscle surprisingly), his body is very bulky to accommodate his muscle and strength. His hair is long and white (unlike several years ago), long enough that it needs to be put in a sort of pony-tail with a thin piece of "cloth" as it reaches about his mid-back, his eyes are a cold icy blue color and his body is very tanned and browned from his adventures since his data was recovered after his first (real) deletion in the Undernet. What he wears, however, is a different story. His old navi suit is tied around his neck like a cape or a scarf of sorts, parts of the upper torso and arms have holes in them while he wears what seems to be a large suit made of various navi suits in a patchwork manner, various colors appearing throughout the suit, surprisingly though it seems to perfectly contour to his body and seems strong enough to resist wear and tear.

Personality: Kemix is...well, gruff to say the least. He has been hardened for battle through several years of combat practices and training, he tends to be on the serious side of things and focuses (mostly) on a battle. When around other navis, he tends to be quiet and defensive of himself and his past, as well as trying to avoid other navis, though he can be persuaded to socialize be it through bribes or threats of his well being is up to his operator or the others around him.

Custom Weapon
Large Hammer: a hammer that is about half the height of Kemix with a large head on the end and a medium sized spike on the bottom of the pole.

Signature Attack

Improvised quake: Kemix smashes his hammer into the ground, cracking the panel under where he struck and sends a shock wave of sorts through the ground and disappears briefly before appearing from below his enemy, sending shards of rubble around at not only the target, but anything around it. (20 null+blast2, 1TCD) (40 points)

Muscle enhancement: By focusing the adrenaline and excitement of killing an enemy, Kemix can power himself up even more than normal, giving his next attacks an increased boost in power. (Trigger (Enemy deletion), Strengthen20 to self; 1TCD) (20 points)