Name: Persephone.EXE
Gender: Female.
Element: Normal.
Subtype: Shadow.
Appearance: Persephone is a young looking girl with a short length, slim body and small chest. She has a dark skin color and has dark green hair in a short and messy style, coming only barely to her shoulders. Across her eyes she has a white blindfold, blocking her vision, but even if she didn't wear it she would be blind. Her eyes, when visible, are white with a large shimmering green dot in the center without any other details. Covering her ears, below her hair, are circular audio transceivers with her emblem on them. Persephone's emblem is a rectangle-shaped page with scribbles on them which are too small to be read.
Adorning her upper chest is a tight white top simple in design, covering what needs to be covered except her stomach and navel. Around her shoulders she wears a large white cloak that is only connected at the front by two leather black straps. The cloak reaches as far as the bottom of Persephone's top. From the back of the cloak comes a hood with a pointed back which Persephone often wears but can be taken off. On the back of the cloak is an image of Persephone's emblem in a black circle. Attached to her top and coming from beneath her cloak are long and wide white sleeves that reach to Persephone's wrists. On her hands she wears standard black color gloves fit for Navis with a protruding circle on the back of each hand with Persephone's emblem on them.
Covering her lower body is a short white skirt reaching to her knees which is kept up by a leather darkened belt around her waist which has a couple of containers for vials. On her feet she wears a pair of white short boots that seem a little big for Persephone's size.
Persephone's book, her weapon, is approximately as wide as how long her lower arm is, a half size bigger in length and pretty thick. It has a black cover, front and back, and its pages have faint brown borders of them being old. If one were to check the pages, they'd realize all pages are completely empty. The pages are written by Persephone, the symbols used are a script personalized for Persephone, in battles and despite her blindness, knowing what she writes she can also read it. In the center of the spine is a red jewel which Persephone can hold her hand by in order to keep hold of it, rather than using her hands directly, if needed. This is often done during attacks.
Personality: Persephone is a mean one, always has been, and is not afraid of showing this to whoever she comes across. Making others feel miserable and messing with them is what she enjoys doing. The question remains whether there is anything good in her personality, but if there was it'd take years of effort to get her to reveal it. Persephone basically only trusts herself and the five programs buried within her, but won't exactly hesitate to let someone ally themselves with her although she'll dispose of them when they're not needed anymore. She has a sense of humor, but her own twisted sort of humor. One peculiarity about Persephone is that she loves to sleep, preferably somewhere comfortable but will do with any place, and will do so when the opportunity allows her to do so. But when she's sleeping, it would be most foolish to wake her up.
Custom Weapon: Persephone carries around a book that fits easily in her hand and barely reaches her armpit if held under her arm. She can summon her 'inner demons' from the pages or she can tear a page out to create a weapon on her arm by inserting her hand into one side of the page.
Signature Points: 60/60
Process Upgrades: 0

Name: Celsius - Flash Frost Kick.
Description: Persephone summons Celsius for a short time who performs a swift kick at an enemy after moving towards it.
- 40 AQUA DMG. [60SP]
- 1 target.
- 2 TCD.
GMO #1
Name: Nighttime.GMO
Description: In this form Persephone loses all her normal clothes, except the audio transceivers on her ears, and gets these replaced with a pair of black pajamas with silver stars which glow in the dark printed all over them. Both The top and bottom seem a few sizes too big for her body, her sleeves often hanging over her hands. On Persephone's head appears a short cone-shaped woolen cap with a fuzzy ball on a string hanging from its top. This cap has a black color with the same starry pattern as her pajamas. On her feet are a pair of big black furry slippers without stars printed on them. Instead of her book she carries around a teddy bear basically the same size as her book. The bear is light brown in color with large black button eyes, a smile on its face and a patch of white on its tummy. If Persephone were to attack with this teddy bear, a rift of time and space would appear as a crack in the bear's tummy to pour forth whatever Persephone is attacking with.