Name: FactoryMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Type: Elec/Summon

FactoryMan looks like he was forged in the olden era of industry, back when soot, sweat, and grime were poured into every product churned out the doors of the old brick assembly line. He stands about seven feet tall, but is oddly proportioned. He possesses a large, barrel-like chest that's only major feature is the large rolling door that is positioned across his entire front, almost from his neck line to his waist. His other major feature is is left arm; it is a old style clamp 'hand' fitted on a double jointed pistons, allowing him total range of motion at his shoulder, elbow, and wrist. His right arm and legs are comparatively normal and posses no extra features of note. His head appears to be mostly human, though only the mouth and jaw are visible under a massive 'helmet' that covers the rest of his head. At the eye level, surrounding the entire helmet horizontally, is dark tinted glass that has a variety of colored marquee bulbs behind it, which, normally display FactoryMan's 'eyes', but can be used to display any number of messages. The entirety of FactoryMan's body appears to be tempered out of steel and iron, showing slight wear and age. His left arm, joints, hands, and feet are covered with faded yellow and black striped paint, and emblazoned on his main 'door' is his Navi emblem, an alternating black and yellow striped background with a large metal clamp in it's center. No factory would be complete without a smokestack, and FactoryMan possesses a short one on his right shoulder, that belches out smoke whenever the micro-factory is working in his innards.

FactoryMan's motto is 'Hard work never hurt anybody, unless you're working hard to hurt." FactoryMan is all about meeting his quotas and giving it 110 percent efficiency. However, he does understand that without a little R and R, productivity will suffer, so it isn't a total stick in the mud. He just knows that the harder he works, then the better off he and everyone else will be. As a bit of a consequence, he thinks almost exclusively in terms of factory productivity, and will mostly talk using these terms. He speaks with a gruff tone, but doesn't mind telling a joke or two while working the nine to five.

Custom Weapons
Factory Arm - As mentioned, FactoryMan's left arm is a giant crane-like device, and is quite powerful for use in striking opponents in a pinch. It also has the added benefit of being directly connected to the micro-factory's main power supply, and so it can 'overload' itself to deliver electrified blows. (Regular Attack is a punch [(Attack+Rapid*5) [color=gray]Normal[/color] Damage], Charge Attack is a flying electrified punch [(Attack+Charge*20) [color=gold]Elec[/color] Damage.]

Signature Attacks
FACTORYMAN.EXE SIGNATURE ATTACK: Microfactory: AC Coil: FactoryMan constantly toils away building convenience in the lives of the everyday, average citizen. One such modern luxury is air conditioning, and FactoryMan produces parts for new units and repair alike. Sometimes he needs to remove defective units, and launches one out of his main door, dealing 30 Aqua damage. The broken coil is left behind as a 10 HP Broken Coil. Safety codes prevent such a launching for another two turns.