Name: SharpMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Sword

Appearance: SharpMan stands at 5'10", blades not withstanding. While he appears as though all of his blades would weigh him down at least a little bit, he weighs surprisingly little, a measly 141 lbs. by real word standards. However, this tends to rarely come up, as his blades tends to absorb any and all attention placed on him.

Aside from his face, SharpMan's entire head is covered by a gray helmet, adorned with four large metal blades. Two extend like tusks from the ear coverings forward, and two more stick up about an inch from the helmet, then extend and curve back down to approximately halfway down the back. One would think they would easily snap due to only being connected at the one point on his helmet, yet it would take an extraordinary effort to break. Facially, he possesses brown eyes, and his mouth is usually in a smirk or grin, in anticipation of being able to rip apart his enemies.

From shoulder to below the elbow, he simply has thin black armor. His forearms, however, are a thicker gray color, and possess the largest blades on his body; each arm has a 40 inch, sickle-like edge from the bottom and outer side of each forearm. These blades can extend and retract at will, allowing SharpMan to cut and slice in a variety of fashions. He possesses hands, but are simply covered in thin black armor, and have no special factors. Especially when compared to those blades.

The chest and upper back are both covered in that same gray armor. Surprisingly, the only blades on this part serve as shoulderpads...razor sharp shoulderpads. The chest also contains his emblem; two sickles that cross each other at both handle and blade levels.

From the chest armor to the boots, SharpMan has absolutely nothing beyond the thinner armor. His boots happen to be fairly generic, but each outer ankle has a small, dagger-like edge that serves as decoration.

Personality: After years of serving as a Navi deleter, SharpMan has little problem with cutting apart others, even if they're only guilty of being the enemy of his current employer. In fact, he seems to relish using his blades for their primary purpose, regardless of the reason being standard virus busting, unstandard Navi deletion, or anything in-between. However, he falls a bit short of insanity, knowing when to halt the slicing and dicing if he must. This has allowed him to expand from being a mere killer to being more of a Navi mercenary, using his four main 'talents' to escort weaker Navis, gather chips for well-paying clientele, and so on.

Outside of battle, his tongue proves as razor edged as his arms, absolutely not afraid to make remarks, witty or not, at another's expense, and not caring of the possible consequences for doing so. Perhaps because of his days as a Navi mercenary, he rarely assists others without some kind of compensation as reward; charity is not a word in his vocabulary.

Custom Weapon: The blades on his arms can be used to slice the target in any number of ways. They can also absorb the effects of most sword-based chips, granting them identical abilities. They can even be detached and tossed for ranged slashing.

Signature Attack:

Tornado Blade
= SharpMan detaches one of his arm blades and throws it with a high degree of spin. It then travels forward, repeatedly slashes an enemy with great force, then returns to its point of origin.
- 20 damage x 3 hits (60)
- Slashing effect (0)