Name: Rachna.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Wood
Subtype: Wind

Appearance: Rachna is a reasonably tall navi of 5'7" net equivalent, taking the appearance of a well-developed human female, slim and fairly busty but not to the degree of what would cause humans severe back problems. Her skin is tanned, richly enough be called such but not quite to a degree of being dark. Her hair and eyes, however, are both very dark, approaching black with the former being mid-back length and left to flow free.
Rachna has only one permanent element to her outfit, a light mage robe that wraps tightly around her upper body but flows freely past her waist. The surface of the wrap is relatively featureless aside from her emblem, and has only been directly modified by slits on either side of the skirt rising halfway up her legs. For color, the robe is an off-white with hints of tan. Rachna's emblem is sewn into the front of her robe, just below the collar. It consists of a black staff, positioned vertically, with vines wrapping around the shaft and tree branches extending from the head, with a light tan background behind. Beyond this robe, Rachna creates and adds extra items to the outfit more or less at will, usually consisting of various styles of gloves and shoes or boots, occasionally with some form of headgear added. Rarely, she will also add jewelry of some form. Even more rarely, Rachna will go without accessories completely, footwear included.
Rachna's custom weapon is an intricately designed staff. It has no set design, as the weapon is created on the spot. Each individual design of the staff, however, shares three distinct characteristics. The first is the length, always ending up around five to six feet, net world equivalent. The second is color; the base material of the staff is always a dulled ebony hue. Finally, the surface of the shaft is always adorned with intricate carvings, though what all these carvings are differs with each creation of the staff. There is also usually a head of some form on the staff, though not always.

Personality: Rachna has a fairly self-indulgent personality, doing whatever she wants within her power simply because the option is available to her. She was designed as a conjuration navi geared toward net beautification among other things, but has instead decided to use her creation abilities to fulfill her own personal whims. In addition, she has difficulty taking most situations seriously, and will continue acting on these whims even, say, in the middle of the battle. Despite this she is very intelligent and skilled enough in battle to not let these whims affect her performance...too much. Rachna is fairly friendly to most others, but has a tendency to tease them to degrees that some, Ellen especially, think is a little too far.

Custom Weapon: The staff she carries, which can be used by swinging/jabbing at people in melee range or shooting energy bolts from a distance.

Signature Attacks:
-Copy [Active, 1TCD]: Rachna creates a physical copy of herself that she uses for various decoy purposes.
Decoy (20), 20 total points

-Sundry [Passive]: Rachna has made a habit of creating random things whenever she feels like it out of boredom. Most of these are minor objects that she has little use for except to amuse herself with or, in battle situations, to throw at enemies for small amounts of damage.
Passive 10 Null Damage, throw type (10 passive), 40 total points

-Mud Hole [Active, 1TCD]: Rachna creates a medium-sized pit of mud terrain underneath her.
Medium Area Terrain (Mud) (20), 20 total points

-Grassy Patch [Active, 1TCD]: Rachna creates a medium-sized patch of grass terrain underneath her.
Medium Area Terrain (Grass) (20), 20 total points

-Vine Hold [Active, 2TCD]: Rachna conjures a number of vines to bind or otherwise restrain a target.
Hold (50), 50 total points

-Floral Finisher [Active, 3TCD]: A wood elemental spell, designed by Rachna to be used as a finishing move. To execute it, she executes a series of four concentrated bursts of magic, barraging the enemy with brambles, bamboo spikes, logs, or whatever else she feels like. The final hit triggers an explosion of flora which, while not damaging on its own, leaves a small patch of grass and flowers beneath the target and slightly empowers Rachna.
20 Wood x 4 hits (80), then Strengthen20 and Small Area Terrain (Grass) (30), 110 total points