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Name: Eternalis.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Type: Team

Appearance: (Link)

Eternalis stands at about 178cm (~5'10"), with a net weight of roughly 45kg (~100lbs), having lost most of the armored weight of his previous form. He has a mostly humanoid body, composed of a very thick, viscous slime material, its color being a light azure. This material is slightly translucent, and can respond to heavy force or pressure by either rapidly solidifying into a hardened material or allowing the force to pass through harmlessly, making it very resistant to damage. The material is also very malleable, allowing Eternalis to shift it into mostly any shape or size he wishes. In general, this material takes on the outline of an average humanoid body type. However, that is not to say the same for the details.

Eternalis' head trails upwards and back into a floating blob-like representation of hair, which appears to evaporate as blobs break off from it. His face consists of two bluish-white ovoids of light embedded slightly into the surface, as well as a jagged-teethed maw. This mouth opens into a black space that is not necessarily contained within the slime body; it is more of a separate space entirely.

His right arm is lightly armored with a dark bluish-grey armor, covering his shoulder and his forearm, and overall looks like a regular human arm, besides being made out of blue slime. His left arm is a lot more chaotic, having still been affected by the Momograve bug. Its composition is usually a disassembled long trail of slime that hangs from his left shoulder, with independent black eyes appearing about its length. Eternalis can retract this into a facsimile of his armored right arm with some difficulty, or morph it into different-looking grotesque creatures, based on combat input from battlechips and the like. It often appears to have a mind of its own with its morphing tendencies.

Down his legs, Eternalis wears a pair of knee-length Navi-styled bluish-grey boots, with an array of vents on the side and front that allow his bodily material to spill out onto the floor. To this effect, he can opt to have his slimy pool propel him around by undulation instead of walking. Finally, on his back, his Ezarith emblem is displayed between his "shoulderblades", depicting five blue crystals around a larger blue crystal on a bluish-grey background. All of Eternalis' external bluish-grey armor is able to be dissolved into and reformed from his body, if he wishes to undergo a more drastic form change with his slime body.


Since the Momograve incident, Eternalis' personality has been a lot more reckless and brash. He still gets along quite well with other people, except with Aurora, whom he is markedly more subdued and reserved with. Flinging himself into harm's way is often Eternalis' preferred method of dealing with problems, but he is still capable of following orders from his operator and strategize well in battle.

Graphical Model Overrides:

Slot 1: BugMemory

Even after the Momograve bug has been purged from his systems, this graphical file remains intact in Eternalis' systems. Armor purged, the only real parts that remain of him are his Emblem, and a few blue spots within the grotesque mass of purple tendrils and organs. Five eyes have manifested to cover the two blue highlights that marked his face, along with a vulgar purple tongue. Several claws and spikes jut out from his back. A hard purple shell covers his arms to act as busters. Unlike his usual form, his fluid body constantly leaks wherever he moves, creating a slick purple-blue trail. Speech is nonexistent, save for a few gurgled groans. Unlike in the real event, however, Eternalis can manifest control over himself in this form, albeit very crudely, and attempt to communicate through means other than speech.

Slot 2: Hell Golem

What was once a glowing goo seems to darken, growing firm and solid while expanding in to fierce jagged scales, ridges and thick, fiery red hide. Armor falls away giving way to fierce, demonic hooves and large, foritifed looking horns protrude out the top of a very monstrous looking head with beady eyes and sharp fangs. [Inspiration.]

Slot 3: Knight of Infinity

This override transforms Eternalis entirely into a fair-skinned human male that appears to be in his mid-20s, with long flowing blue-colored hair that is parted down the middle. In this form, he is clad in gleaming iron plate armor. His top half is covered with a breastplate that has a modified version of the Ezarith emblem on its chest, which is a blue hollow circle with part of its bottom half missing, surrounded by five lines radiating outwards at regular intervals and a horizontal stroke inside the hollow circle. His right side is equipped with a gauntlet and pauldron, while his left side is covered by a large cream-colored cape that flows down to about his knees, with the modified Ezarith emblem on it. Under the cape, his slimy left arm is maintained in its original blue countenance.

Further below, faulds and greaves cover his waist and legs respectively. Some of the plate armor's edges, as well as his shoulder cape, are decorated with a brilliant blue trim. At his side, a blue scabbard holds a one-handed sword, its hilt shaped into a four-pointed star that closely mirrors that of his emblem, crowned with a sapphire in the middle. The blade of the sword is a translucent blue and only mimics the shape of a blade. In truth, it is part of his original slime body, and can be manipulated freely as such. Reference.

Slot 4: Slime Summer

Eternalis's body loses most of its uncontrollable attributes that usually present him as a sloppy mess, instead hardening into a body type that looks more muscular and chiseled. However, he is still able to modify his body shapes as he usually does. Losing the entirety of his armor, he gains a pair of orange swimming trunks that has a colorful fruity motif printed on them in return. On top of his head, a translucent orange sun visor frames his face well. A pair of bright orange swimming armbands ring his upper arms, though their functionality as flotation devices are usually eschewed, since Eternalis himself is able to swim; they are easily discarded at will. In this state, many of his armaments take on a beach toy-themed shape as well.

Slot 5: Second Skin

This override can only be used when equipped onto Aurora.EXE's base model, and deactivates into the base model when this condition is not met at any moment. In this form, Eternalis's body is reduced into a thin membrane that covers Aurora's entire body from the neck down, underneath her usual bodysuit. Her unstable midsection is intermingled with Eternalis's, tinting it a deep blue. His circular eyes appear on the outside of Aurora's blue visor, from which he is able to view the same things as she does, though this does not obstruct her own vision in any way.

By becoming a hidden protective layer, this form allows Eternalis to protect Aurora from any non-piercing attacks that do not target her head. The recessed cylinders that are normally inset into Aurora's back are replaced with reservoirs of blue slime, from which Eternalis's arms can sprout out, in order to provide Aurora with extra limbs for combat support. He can also augment Aurora's movement, allowing her to perform rapid movements that would normally be beyond her ability, as well as take over the movement on his own, should she become incapacitated herself. The one tradeoff is that Aurora no longer has access to her camouflage processes.

Signature Attacks:

  • Passive: Influx Aegis (6 Instances)
    | Support Base (20 Heal) | Aqua | 480 SP |
    As Eternalis' body is made of viscous slime, his body regenerates damage done to it every once in a while, repairing itself to cope with wounds received during battle. This slime can also break off and restore damage to other entities, if he sees it fit.

  • Passive: System Proofing
    | NC Resistance | 20 PP/80 SP |
    As a unified self-repairing system, Eternalis's systems naturally protect themselves from external tampering. This protection applies to the NaviCustomizer systems.

  • Active: Rapid Sublimation
    | Teleport | 2 TCD | 80 SP |
    Eternalis' slime liquefies instantly for a brief moment, and his armor vanishes. He then rematerializes elsewhere and rapidly reassembles his armor.

Soul Crosses:

[Soul Cross: Djinni]
(Fire/Shadow, Level 1)


With the brief interactions they had during the battle with the Neo-Shogunate, Eternalis is imbued with Djinni's power in the form of a Soul Cross. The slime body changes drastically as it morphs into molten red magma. Almost all previous armor is lost to the winds, and its previous ambiguous-gender frame from before turns into a much more feminine form. Her head forms a delicate face topped by viscous magma hair that flows down to her back, along with a very prominent cowlick on her left side. Round yellow eyes punctuate the face, along with a nearly transparent "veil" made out of slime. Full breasts and an hourglass figure are dedicated to the midsection, along with shapely legs that end at about her knees. Below that, the chaotic abomination that once dominated her left side now pools plentifully around her legs, mostly consisting of errant tendrils and eyes that seem to have a mind of their own.

Signature Attacks:

[Cross Processor Capacity: 80/80]

  • Passive: Alluring Mirage
    | Spliced Large Coal/Furnace/Lava Terrain Change | 2 TCD | 80 SP |
    Eternalis spreads out her arms, and the magma around her feet explode out in a large circle to form a pool of Lava terrain, expanding her area of efficiency. Beneath Eternalis' own body, a tiny patch of Coal terrain remains, circled by a ring of Furnace terrain to form a sort of island in the middle of the Lava pool.

[Soul Cross: SplashMan]
(Aqua/Guts, Level 1)


Having met SplashMan and forged a friendship with him, Eternalis gains this Soul Cross as proof of their bond. He shrinks down to about 152cm (~5'), and his armor changes accordingly, with his boots changing to be a bit more stocky to match SplashMan's. His humanoid appearance now looks slightly more boyish, thanks to his shrunken size, and his left side changes into an enormous cannon, with several transparent pods containing water visible around its twin barrels. The pods empty themselves whenever Eternalis uses the cannon for an attack, and refill near-instantly.

Signature Attacks:

[Cross Processor Capacity: 80/80]

  • Active: Pulse Cannon
    | Confusion | 2 TCD | 80 SP |
    Loading up a special charge within his gigantic arm cannon, Eternalis unloads a special water pulse attack towards a target. It dissipates before it hits the target, but the splash pattern that results from the attack causes many programs to lose their bearings momentarily, which can be used to gain an advantage over them.

[Soul Cross: Validus]
(Normal/Cursor, Level 1)


With the bonds between Validus and Eternalis now at a higher level, their friendship is now materialized into this Soul Cross. A band of slime solidifies under the surface of his forehead to create a kind of invisible helmet piece. His right eye splits into a medium sized eye and four smaller eyes off to the side, and is dyed red. A red HUD floats in front of the split eye, providing him with wide coverage for visual feedback. His left side bulges out significantly on the shoulder to mimic Validus's shoulderguard, with Eternalis' emblem embedded into it. The rest of the arm tapers down into a grey gunmetal-colored barrel. This barrel can change its shape at will according to gun data loaded into it, similar to Validus's Morph Rifle.

Signature Attacks:

[Cross Processor Capacity: 80/80]

  • Passive: Target Lock (2 Instances)
    | Take Aim | 20 PP/80 SP |
    Eternalis' red HUD over his right eye provides him with accurate targeting information, and amplifies his ability to hit his targets with greater success rates.

[Soul Cross: Rhea]
(Null/Sword, Level 3)


The friendship bond between Eternalis and Rhea is made into material form through this Soul Cross. His viscous slime, formerly blue, now changes into a light purple, and increases its density by about double its original. He gains Rhea's green earpieces, with her emblem etched into them. His head changes to look more like Rhea's, and the jagged teeth that usually line his mouth disappear. The armor that he dons on his right arm changes into a deep purple with green trim, including Rhea's green monitor display. His entire right hand is dyed an even darker purple, along with both of his boots. Meanwhile, his left side, coalesces into a larger sword generator arm, with its blade set permanently on. Unlike Rhea's purely energy-based blade, however, Eternalis' sword arm is a mix of his slime as well as the plasma-like energy.

Signature Attacks:

[Cross Processor Capacity: 160/160]

    [li]Active: Bit Crasher
    | Null 60 | Break, Slashing, Impact, Seeking | Self-Slow | 3 TCD | 80 SP/40 NP |
    The energy sword generator changes Eternalis' sword arm into a bright red color, imbuing it with many defense-crashing properties. Designed to cut through most defensive techniques, armor- or energy-based, the Bit Crasher's powerful slash also allows the user to seek out invisible targets temporarily by way of an enhanced targeting system. However, it is not without its drawbacks, as it takes up a lot of processing power, slowing down its user's movements temporarily.

    [li]Active: Kinetic Generator A
    | Microburst | 1 TCD | 40 SP |
    Using the sword generator's output, Eternalis alters the energy setting to produce a small but potent charge of directable kinetic energy from the sword arm. With a swipe of his sword, he directs this charge at a target entity or location. This is the repulsion variant of the charge.

  • Active: Kinetic Generator B
    | Gravity | 1 TCD | 40 SP |
    Using the sword generator's output, Eternalis alters the energy setting to produce a small but potent charge of directable kinetic energy from the sword arm. With a swipe of his sword, he directs this charge at a target entity or location. This is the attraction variant of the charge.

[Soul Cross: Broadside]
(Elec/Break, Level 1)


A short bout during the battle to defend themselves from the Neo-Shogunate has created a bond between Eternalis and Broadside, with the former receiving power in the form of a Soul Cross. Eternalis' slimy form loses all pretense of trying to mimic the human form, and expands into a gigantic silver blob, almost 5 meters (~16'4") tall. The only prominent features on the enormous blob are his large round grey eyes, his very cheery-looking teethed maw, and four antennae-like growths coming from the side of it, two on either side. Two red circles end each of the antennae growths. Overall, Eternalis in this form looks like a giant disembodied head. Sandwiching this enormous blob is a large box to his left, containing various armaments that mimic Broadside's arsenal, and a thick steel shield to his right side, both of which can swivel about around his body at will, seemingly attached to nothing at all.

Signature Attacks:

[Cross Processor Capacity: 80/80]

  • Active: Towering Guard
    | 6-Hit Shield | Self-Slow | 3 TCD | 80 SP/40 NP |
    Broadside's shield is inherited by Eternalis in this Soul Cross, allowing him to pivot it in most directions in order to stop a variety of attacks. Due to his behemoth size, however, he normally cannot point it towards the ground to protect himself from ground-based attacks.

[Soul Cross: Lyntael]
(Elec/Wind, Level 3)


Having taken on the burdens of a friend, Eternalis takes on Lyntael's power in this Soul Cross. However, there is a slight anomaly in this particular Cross compared to the others--a large portion of its power is built through Aurora's interactions as much as his own with Lyntael. Thus, it takes on some of Aurora's characteristics, and cannot be activated without her presence.

With their bond growing ever closer, the Soul Cross shifts into an advanced form. Eternalis's previous form in this Cross of a petite young girl evolves into a 5' (152cm) tall young woman, with a very light yellow color slime body, giving off a constant, pulsing luminescence. Her arms and legs form slender, feminine human limbs, though the trail of thin slime formed when moving around is more prominent now.

Discarding all of her previous armor, Eternalis gains a bit more back than the cross's previous levels. Her emblem piece embedded into her back changes itself slightly, with Lyntael's sunburst icon being surrounded by a quintet of evenly-spaced blue diamond shapes. The circular indents recessed into her shoulderblades are now replicated in a smaller form on the backs of her hands. Finally, a small yellow capelet is attached above her right shoulder that floats about freely, though with how short it is, it barely goes to cover anything but her collarbone area and a good bit of her upper left arm.

Her long, flowing blob-hair from before is lengthened to about the small of her back, and twirls around in a rough helix pattern to form a loose tail of sorts that freely floats behind her. Sparks can be seen to travel across the hair trails as the helix revolves.

LyntaelCross Eternalis takes on some of the original's personality, in that she presents an external presence that is more outwardly timid than Eternalis's usual when she speaks to others. In contrast, however, she is extremely decisive in the actions that she takes.

Signature Attacks:

[Cross Processor Capacity: 240/240]

    [li]Active: My Suffering Retold
    | Trigger(Hit by Electric): Counter(Glitch + Hold + Freeze) | Shot-Type | Sacrifice 30HP | 3 TCD | 80 SP/40 NP |
    Taking on some of the electrical quirks of the original, LyntaelCross Eternalis isn't quite as susceptible to being inhibited by her own electrical charge. Despite this, disrupting this internal electrical flow can have disastrous consequences, as she takes extra damage from any external electrical attack. In an attempt to resolve the disruption, however, this Cross form takes the path of least resistance and traces back the path to the source of the attack to return the attack. This counterattack takes on the form of a low-energy disruptive EMP burst, which shuts down most enemies' movement briefly.
    -- Her mind was completely at a wit's end as terror overtook her situation.
    -- She would normally be crying, or pleading, or begging him to let her run away, now, but there was nothing. Just shallow splutters that barely counted as breathing.

  • Passive: My Potential is Limitless
    | Time Delay(1 Turn): Random(Haste / Accuracy Enhancement / Strengthen 40 / Sig Chill / Glitch x2) | 40 PP/160 SP |
    With the electrical energy being integrated more strongly into her body, LyntaelCross Eternalis's excess internal energy reach incredible peaks that are automatically converted by her self-restoration processes into temporary augmentations that manifest after a short delay. Due to the unregulated nature of the Sunseed's influence, the nature of these augmentations are often quite random. There is a small chance that it can go a little haywire, but most of the time, the effects are positive.
    -- ... ... ...
    -- ... ... ...
Support Program 1

Name: Aurora.EXE
Gender: Female
Type: Electric
Subtype: Team

Appearance: (Upgrade Thread Link)

Aurora's appearance is that of a 173cm (~5'8") young woman, visually appearing to be in the early 20s age-wise with a lithe frame and rather modest sizes. Her skin is fair, and her gleaming white hair is straight and long, flowing down to half her back. Her orange eyes are hidden behind a blue tinted visor down to the bridge of her nose. The heads up display visor projects out in an arc from her large ear covers, to about an inch in front of her face, and can be dismissed at will. A face cover can be raised to protect the rest of her face down to the base of her jawline.

From the top of her neck down to her feet, Aurora is clad in a cream-white bodysuit, with pulsing blue lines of light that curve down the sides. On top of this suit, Aurora has inherited a large portion of Eternalis' old blue-grey armor, which has been modified for her uses. The breastplate piece mostly covers the chest area, its bottom half curving up to leave the midriff relatively uncovered. An oddity of the bodysuit on her midriff portion is that it looks to be integrated with her body, which fluctuates between of solid form and liquid form, relatively similar to Eternalis' viscous slime body. If Aurora isn't careful, it ends up being a slimy mess, and can even sever her top half from her bottom half. Though this is possible, she is not too affected by the severing, should it happen, unless it stays severed for too long or too far apart.

Some other small details include the Ezarith emblem is imprinted onto the left side of the chest, and two large flathead screws, recessed into the shoulderblades of her suit, which can extend out to reveal clear cylinders. Streamlined shoulder and forearm armor pieces protect her arms, with the forearms are perforated with blue cylinders as well. Her boots go up to her knees, as per standard Navi designs.


Aurora's personality continues to be rather cold after the Momograve incident, but her attitude towards Eternalis has slightly changed. Instead of being a strictly professional assistant, Aurora's view towards her partner has improved somewhat, and she manages to joke around with Eternalis on occasion. She is still quite friendly with Sparky.

Graphical Model Overrides:

Slot 1: Ouranos' Gauntlets

In this override, Aurora takes on the form of two (or one, if the situation demands) heavy gauntlets, that go up to half the lower arm. The gauntlets are heavily reinforced, and have a round hole in the palm, allowing Eternalis to use his aquatic powers even while wearing these gauntlets. The main color of the gauntlets depends on who is wearing them at the time, as they suit themselves to the equipping party's systems. They also have five blue lines running down from the wrist to each knuckle, which intersect at points. Pulses of light often run down these lines at intervals, which signifies the gauntlets' flow of energy. The palm-space also has a thick blue line of the same design bordering it.

Slot 2: Frost Queen

Skin pales to a hushed white shade while hair grows out and hardens to sharp, icy crystals, complete with the slight form of a tiara atop the head. Full length gloves rise to just beneath the shoulder, topped with their own crystals to aid the look of the ballet-esque one-piece complete with frill skirt. Beneath are aqua shaded leggings that slowly fade to snow white boots. Going along with this is a large scarf bow tied at the back, the tips of which are topped with oversized snowflakes. [Inspiration.]

Slot 3: Sage of Infinity

Aurora's usual blue armor is purged from her body, and her cream-white bodysuit is reduced in size into a low-cut leotard, and her midsection is no longer fluctuating between matter states, being perfectly stable in its solid form. Two orange lines run down the front from her collarbones down to the waist of the suit, from which a translucent skirt fans out, its material constantly shifting its appearance with a kaleidoscope of colors. The flanks of her leotard, as well as the part below her waist down to her legs, are overlaid with segmented golden trimming.

Atop her shoulders, a cream-colored capelet with orange trim splits above her right shoulder and connects to an upturned collar. The capelet sports a modified version of the Ezarith emblem on its left side -- a hollow orange circle with part of its bottom half missing, surrounded by five lines radiating outwards at regular intervals and a horizontal stroke inside the hollow circle. A pair of free-floating sashes of the same kaleidoscopic material as her skirt wrap around her upper arm, extending outwards freely before reattaching to her index, middle and ring fingers on both hands. A smaller version of the sashes are also tightly wound around her forearms as well.

Going further below, her legs are clad in a pair of snugly fitting kneesocks that go up almost all the way up her thigh, leaving only a relatively modest length of thigh between her leotard and the top of the socks of about a quarter of the total. Below that, solid-looking cream-colored boots complete the design, with an orange hinge-like gap just at ankle height terminated by circular insets on the front. Reference.

Slot 4: Borealis Bikini

In this form, Aurora eschews nearly her entire outfit, becoming clad in only a modest two-piece swimsuit. The top half is a halter bikini top with thin straps and a modestly high neck that covers up to her armpits, while the bottom half is a standard bikini bottom, half-covered by a long sarong that is tied on her left side. Both pieces of the swimsuit have a base black color, but the real eye-catching part is the green aurora borealis pattern depicted on both the sarong and the bikini top, constantly shifting as if reflecting the actual night sky. Her long white hair is partly swept to the side over her shoulder. Somehow, her hair keeps its place there even when disturbed, and her top looks somehow fuller... Both of these quirks are quite noticeable, but would instantly be dismissed upon questioning. Any weaponry materialized in this form take on a beach toy-themed shape as well.
Support Program 2

Name: Sparky.SP
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Subtype: Speed

Appearance: (Upgrade Thread Link)

Sparky stands at a little over a foot from head to paw, and a foot and a half from snout to tail, making him about as tiny as a toy dog. Despite having the size of a Chihuahua, Sparky's body isn't modeled after any particular breed, and could be said to look like a mongrel. Sparky's head consists of a medium-length snout, large ears pointed backwards, eyes full of wonder and a tongue full of drooling joy. His downy fur is a light shade of brown, with some streaks of bright yellow, if one looked close enough. However, the most interesting part of Sparky, and the reason for his name, are his stout little feet. Despite appearances, they are faster than they look. A heck of a lot faster, considering that with close to optimal conditions, Sparky times a zero-to-sixty of 0.9 seconds. The tiny speedster is capable of breaking Mach 1 without breaking a sweat, and would, routinely even, were it not for the rather unpleasant effects it exerts on any dependents he has.

Another thing that separates Sparky from any other ordinary-looking dog is the unique armor he is able to summon at any time. The segmented armor protects Sparky from the high G-Forces that he frequently encounters, as well as increasing his speed by way of nanothrusters attached to the exterior. His paws gain additional traction from the armor as well. It mainly consists of several plates of tough white armor with yellow trim, along with articulated segments and an extremely flexible mail-like structure around joints. Technically, the additional armor does Sparky no good in terms of protection from actual battle damage, and he could sustain the forces his speeds exert on him, albeit not for especially prolonged periods. A small device over his head allows for rudimentary data to be fueled to him, indicating things like his current speed and sustained force.


As Sparky's AI is limited to animal behavior, he doesn't have much in the way of personality as would other more humanoid programs of his kind. He does have all the traits of a wonderful canine companion. One of these includes intense loyalty towards both Eternalis and Aurora, though he does tend to favor the latter. He is also very playful, and is easily excited over matters concerning pretty much anything that interests him. Another interesting trait Sparky possesses is his general fearlessness in whatever situation he is placed in despite his petite size, especially combat.

Graphical Model Overrides:

Slot 1: Bloodhound

Sparky turns into a much larger form in this override, taking on a height of seven feet from head to feet and a length from snout to tail of about fifteen feet or so. His eyes turn to a menacingly luminous green, and his teeth become serrated in form and numerous in quantity. His fur changes to a darker black color and a rougher texture, with a mark of red blood on his forehead, and slightly lighter red streaks on his fur. The armor he wears changes color to black with dark red trim. His feet now elongate to allow for incredibly high-speed sprints and endurance-defying marathons; its large claws are made for defensive tactics when the rare moment requires it. This override enables Sparky to be ridden, though the hound has no saddle, as even in his ludicrous sprints, it's his job to make sure any rider that he approves of stays on, and he does this job very well.

Slot 2: Model K-9

Transforming into a usable form for use, Sparky takes on the form of a striking red hoverboard, with a large yellow stripe down its centre. On its front, Sparky's little head peeks out (please do not step on it). The dimensions of this form are variable, as the hoverboard is adaptable to size. Thus, it is able to accommodate a hulking armored mecha, or a petite mouse. When a person steps on the K-9, red indentations mark the place where they put their feet, and hold them in place with a friction modifier function. All a person needs to do to operate the hoverboard is to think; the controls of K-9 are directly linked to the rider's mental processes. Behind the board, two holes indicate main propulsion, though many more boosters are hidden in certain compartments of the board, in addition to microthrusters along the side of the board. The hover function of the board is purely graphical unless Planeswalking functions are installed and activated.

Slot 3: Adora-Fox

The ones small dog now takes on the appearance of instead, a very large tailed fennec. Fur has taken the color of light aqua, with white and gray tones and highlights, most notably around the paws. The most noticeable feature, aside from the large ears, is a tail that's easily twice the size of the little creature's body. Floating about the tail are small spheres that change color depending on its mood. But to accompany the form is a larger sphere that it can bounce and play around with when bored. [Inspiration.]