Name: Chained.EXE.
Gender: Female.
Type: Elec/Ground.

Appearance: Chained is a 7 feet tall woman with a fairly muscled body and average bust. She has black shoulder-length hair that's usually messy and hanging partially in front of her face. Attached to the sides of her head, beneath her hair, are the two circular receivers Navis wear which are black in color with Chained's emblem on top of it. Her emblem is a chain in a circle with a light blue lightning bolt in the middle.
Tightly strapped around her chest are linnen bandages and a pair of chains. Over it she wears a black and long banchou's coat with a high collar. On the back is the image of a silver chain in a circle with a light blue lightning bolt in the middle.
She wears a pair of black conical pants, starting small at the top and large at the bottom. Around her waist is a thick chain with a lock at the front. She also wears a pair of black boots.
On her hands she wears a pair of fingerless black gloves with chains circled around them that originate from within her sleeves. Two of the chains coming from within her sleeve and around her hand start within her sleeve but are always hanging from her hands and stuck in the ground. Although they're stuck in the floor, they don't make any marks on the floor and Chained's not affected by them in movements.

Personality: Chained is a loud woman who puts courage and guts in front of everything else. She promotes giving your best in whatever you're doing and enjoys a good laugh now and then.

Custom Weapon: Chained uses swords or daggers attached to the chains she has carried around her body.

Signature Attack:
Name: Spiral Dagger
Description: By giving a spinning motion to one of the chains she has going into the floor, she can make a spinning dagger come partially out of the floor beneath an enemy.
- 60 Slashing DMG.
- 2 TCD.