Name: Pianissimo
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Sword
Appearance: Pianissimo stands about 6'3" (net world equivalent) and wears full, almost skintight body armor, thin enough for full movement, yet sturdy enough to still be practical. The armor's most distinguishable features are the gauntlets that look like little more than normal gloves but feel much sturdier, the emblem of a katana cutting a musical note in half on the back of the left gauntlet, armored boots with grips on the bottom designed specifically to maximize movement capabilities, and the helmet. The helmet is shaped roughly like a hawk's head, with spikes behind the eyes with shapes similar to kunais. The eyes are covered by eyepieces, leaving only the bottom half of the head exposed. Pianissimo usually conceals that, though, with a tattered scarf, just long enough to be a bad excuse for a cape if worn right. In terms of color, the armor is solid black with dark red trim. The emblem is enclosed in a dark red circle with a gray interior, while the blade is black and the note the same blood red color. The eyepieces of his helmet are red as well, and can be adjusted in brightness from a fairly bright red to almost black. Even brighter dots occasionally traverse the surface of the eyepieces, like datastreams of some sort. Along with this, they glow bright red when Pianissimo is fighting and activate a scanner system, giving him basic information about his opponents (name, HP, etc). The scarf is also blood red. The helmet conceals nearly all of his almost shoulder-length pale green hair.
Other than that, Pianissimo carries what appears to be an ordinary katana strapped to his waist. When drawn, however, the sheath disappears (for convenience), and the blade is revealed to be a perfectly solid ebony color.
Personality: Perpetually calm, Pianissimo is the last person to experience any form of fear or anger, even in the gravest of situations. He is generally a quiet person and possesses a strong dislike for loud noises or any sound that could be potentially distracting. Trained as an assassin, Pianissimo is serious, ruthless, and often exceedingly cruel. He occasionally has a tendency for witty thoughts or ideas, but almost always keeps them to himself. He lacks any interest in anything related to romance and, to a lesser extent, even friendship. For this and other reasons, he rarely keeps allies for very long.
Custom Weapon: Pianissimo's custom weapon is a katana with a solid ebony blade that doesn't reflect light. Pianissimo has dubbed the blade Silensword.

Signature Attacks:
Total Points: 60 + (40x19) = 820

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Enjoy the Silence [4]
Description: Pianissimo swings his katana, negating all sound in the area. Pianissimo gains a boost to all attacks he uses as long as this is in effect.

-Strengthen: Five instances, +30 for each instance. (30x5=150)
-4-turn cooldown
-150 points used, 670 remain

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Cloak and Dagger [4]
Description: Pianissimo moves to and fades into the nearest shadows he can find. If there are no shadows nearby, he gets...creative. After completely vanishing into them, he reappears behind one enemy and stabs them in the back...literally.
-teleport (areagrab effect, 80 points)
-70 damage attack (accuracy boosted by teleport)
-attack has slashing attribute (reduces accuracy by one rank)
-4-turn cooldown
-150 points used, 520 remain

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Silencer [4]
Description: Silencer works just like the name suggests. Pianissimo uses a carefully aimed sword stroke to "silence" (that means kill for anyone who's never heard that euphemism before) an opponent. Unfortunately, it can only do so much damage, so stronger enemies won't be instantly killed by it.

-150 damage to one opponent
-attack has slashing attribute (reduces accuracy by one rank)
-4-turn cooldown.
-150 points used, 370 remain

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Call of Darkness [4]
Description: Pianissimo draws his sword and does a quick 360, sending waves of darkness spreading outward until they cover the entire area, leaving a surreal darkness across the battlefield. All combatants can see normally, but Pianissimo blends into the darkness almost perfectly.

-Surreal darkness (Illusion, 50 points)
-Pianissimo gains invisibility (80 points)
-Pianissimo gains a 1-hit barrier (20 points)
-4-turn cooldown
-150 points used, 220 remain

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Speed of Darkness [P]
Description: Being a naturally fast navi (as would be expected from an assassin), Pianissimo is able to get a considerable natural mobility advantage over normal opponents.

-Passive Tactical Movement (20x4)
-80 Total Points used, 140 remain

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Nightmares [2]
Description: Pianissimo creates an illusion of hazardous terrain all around an opponent, making them think the place they're standing is the only safe spot nearby.  Meanwhile, in reality, he creates a lava panel directly under that opponent, hurting it while it stands there.

-Illusion (50)
-Lava Panel (10)
-2-turn cooldown
-60 points used, 80 remain

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Deep Silent Complete [2]
Description: Similar to Enjoy the Silence, Pianissimo negates the sound of an area by cutting through soundwaves.  However, instead of encompassing the entire battlefield, this ability is concentrated around a single target.

-Silence to one target (80)
-2-turn cooldown
-80 points used, 0 remain

-Name: Erimus.GMO
Description: Pianissimo sheds his normal armor, revealing shoulder-length, rough-looking pale green hair, dark red shades barely large enough to obscure his eyes, a long black leather jacket over a dark gray shirt and black pants. The jacket has many pockets on the inside, most filled with small weapons only activated by signature programs or battlechips. The shirt has the requiem emblem on it, a musical note on a tombstone. The boots he wears are completely different from the ones on his armor, obsidian in appearance, spiked on the heel, and crafted specifically to increase mobility. Pianissimo's custom weapon in this form is his hands, which shape the air immediately surrounding them into blades just as deadly as any katana.

-Name: Mysterioso.GMO

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Using this GMO, Pianissimo takes the form of Duke's first navi, the lost knight Mysterioso.

Mysterioso is what knights would look like if they still fought today. He is a few inches taller than Pianissimo is normally, putting him at about 6'9", and is covered from his shoulders down in the most advanced knight armor in existance. It is about an inch thick, half of that being form-fitting material and the other half being extremely hard metal, allowing for the defense of an enforced steel plate 3 feet thick, but the flexibility of no armor at all. The armor is teal in color, with plates sticking out an inch or two at the shoulders, two-inch spikes curved back slightly on the forearms, plated gauntlets with small thrusters in the palms of his hands, boots with spikes and rocket boosters for extra mobility, as well as grip on almost any surface, a sheath on the back for a medium length broadsword, and thrusters on the back of the shoulders for dashing and VERY limited flight capabilities. Mysterioso also wears a helmet of the same material, covering the entire back and top of the head, including a flip-down force-field visor (glass will break easily at that combat intensity), and three 'spines' on the top. The first rises from the middle of the top of the head, is four inches in length and slants back about 40 degrees. The other two are progressively an inch shorter and an inch further back, and are parallel to the first. His eyes are black, though constantly have data running across them, and his facial features are moderately sharp. Mysterioso is well known for his piercing stare.

When taking this form, the scanning/targeting equipment normally built into Pianissimo's helmet becomes near invisible.  What is seen is projected as a datastream on the force field visor, just as it was on the eyepieces of Pianissimo's helmet.

Pianissimo's custom weapon becomes Mysterioso's lance, Rex Hasta (named such because Duke played too many video games when designing Mysterioso.  The lance is designed for both jousting and close combat.  The shaft is a brilliant silver in appearance.  The spearhead appears to be made of diamond and is surrounded itself by a sharpened force field.  About a foot behind the spearhead is an X-pattern that is the same brilliant silver as the shaft. Each spoke of the X, 90 degrees from the next and 45 degrees off of the shaft, is about 6 inches long and razor sharp.  There are also sliding grips on the weapon shaft that interact with the gloves of the armor to make sure he can't lose his grip on the weapon unless he wants to.  Attached at the middle of the X is a red streamer of five feet.  Mysterioso sometimes used this streamer to distract the opponent, so in this form Pianissimo might do the same.


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Name: RedCross
Element: Normal
Subtype: Wind
Bonus: +10 to normal chips, gain "Gust" ability

Description: Pianissimo loses his normal armor and instead dons a black shirt, pants, leather gloves, and boots, all of which fit rather tightly. He also gains a blood red hood and cape that conceal most of his body. When the hood is down, his face looks fairly normal, except with red eyes and several brown streaks through his normally green hair. When the hood is up, however, his entire face is shrouded and barely visible save his eyes, which glow bright red. Strung between his waist and left arm is a bag that seems to vary in size so that it doesn't restrict his movement. The bag is dark brown and his a wicker pattern on it to make it resemble a picnic basket. Despite always appearing to be empty, Pianissimo always manages to pull just about anything he needs from it. Embroidered in the middle of the bag on the front side is Pianissimo's navi emblem. On the back side is the character for silence.

Custom weapon: Pianissimo pulls a cookie from the depths of the bag and throws it at the enemy. The cookie explodes on impact.
Custom Charge: Pianissimo pulls a large cookie that glows a vibrant red from the depths of the bag and forces the enemy to eat it (by throwing it into their mouth. If the enemy doesn't have a mouth, it just absorbs the cookie, presuming it doesn't miss). Once the enemy has eaten the cookie, which happens to be one of the best cookies ever made, it explodes inside them.

Cross Sig:
-Pie-Wielding Assassin [3TCD]: Pianissimo disappears in a burst of black petals. Seconds later, a pie comes flying out of nowhere and smacks the enemy in the face. Pianissimo then reappears somewhere else after the pie is thrown.
[-1 action charge time (-30)
-Teleport (+50)
-40 damage attack (+40)
((Basically, I'm making the teleport and attack take separate actions.))]
Name: Edana.SP
Gender: Female

Appearance: As a Navi, Edana took the form of a flamboyant young adult girl with fire-based abilities. This design still remains, as a base. She stands approximately 5'7", boasting pale skin and a well-developed figure. What appears to be dark red hair falls just past her shoulders and over part of her face, with a ponytail behind extending to her waist. In reality, her hair is multiple shades and fades from blonde and flame-red at the roots to the dark red that is otherwise visible. In the front, it shadows but doesn't completely cover her eyes, which are light brown in color. Adorning her body is a vibrant red dress, perhaps unnecessarily so, that covers most of her upper body save the arms and two holes torn in the back, and extends to just past her knees. Flame patterns are sewn into the fabric, though they are little different from the cloth of the dress itself and thus don't stand out from a distance.
Due to having been deleted while in the form of a Drauchen BeastOUT, Duke had to rebuild her appearance from this form, and thus she still possesses all the features of this form but none of the power. These include, replacing small heeled shoes, a pair of shin-high scaled boots stained a dark blend of red and green and a matching style and color hat with a pair of horns protruding from the front and wrapping around the back. In addition to these 'accessories', Edana sports a pair of dragon wings, sticking through the holes torn in her dress and stretcing eleven feet from tip to tip when extended.
Her fingernails, as well, are abnormally long and sharpened/hardened into claws. She typically fights by throwing fireballs or using these nail-claws, but can wield weapons given via chips in a pinch.

Personality: Like her appearance, Edana's personality had to be reconstructed after being deleted in BeastOUT, and thus there are a few...issues. At her best, Edana is very bubbly and cheerful, often to the point of annoyance. She is also often rather immature, despite retaining her original design and looking like an adult. When absolutely necessary, she can act her (apparent) age, though she occasionally has a warped perception of "absolutely necessary". Even in this, her more stable state, she is a bit of a pyromaniac and will play with fire whenever given the chance. This was (poorly) blended with the warped personality of her BeastOUT form, making her occasionally go from immature and silly but otherwise normal to psychotic, feral, and exceedingly violent. Fortunately, despite the weak mix of the two extremes, Edana rarely veers toward this feral side, but once she does it's very difficult to bring her out of it with anything other than allowing her to burn everything in sight and let it run its course.

Element: Fire
Subtype: Wind