Name: SplashMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Guts

SplashMan stands at a rather short 5'1" from head to toe, rendering him shorter than most other Navis. Despite this, he weighs a hefty 232 lbs., consisting of little beyond his core programs, body armor, and of course, lots and lots of water. While he doesn't come across as fat, the word 'stout' often crosses the minds of those who meet him, between his fairly wide structure and relatively short legs.

His 'head' appears dome shaped, as though the top half of a blue sphere was cut and placed on a Navi's body. The bottom fifth or so, however, is a black strip that houses his two irisless (yet pupiled) eyes, which are the closest thing he has to a face. Unlike most Navis, not even an indication that a nose, mouth, or ears is visable on SplashMan's head. Luckily, between eye expressions, body expressions, and vocal tones, he can usually compensate for this.

SplashMan's arms are solid black, from shoulder to just below the elbow. From there, however, they thicken slightly, and clear, seemingly shatterproof glass consist most of the forearm. Inside the tank-like apparatuses? Water that completely fills them, and nothing more. His hands are black on the outside half, but the palm and interior region of the fingers are turquoise, like most of his head. To provide the appearance of extra sturdiness, blue shoulder plates extend from the sides of his head to, well, over his shoulders, overall appearing like a hollow, rectangular prism. All in all, the arms fall down just past his knees. This is not because they are exceptionally long, though.

The body, by far the largest part of SplashMan, is as simply designed as the rest of him. The fromt of the torso is black for the approximate width of his dome head, down to approximately where his 'bellybutton' would be. In the center of the chest area lies his emblem: four blue water droplets that meet at their points, forming a + shape. The remainder of the front half is a similar turquoise, in an attempt to make him slightly less monotonous to look at.

The back is entirely black, but this is difficult to tell; most of it is blocked by two large, metallic cannons that rise up near the sides of of SplashMan's head, and in fact could add a few inches to his height if one measured up to the tips of their nozzles. These are used to execute punishing water-based attacks, able to strike with enough force to dent sheet metal. They can be angled anywhere from 0 to 90 degrees, allowing him to attack with them even while standing upright. However, when not in use, they are kept straight up, so they don't impede his abilities more than a pair of large cannons normally do.

SplashMan's legs are perhaps most noteworthy for contributing to his shortness; including the feet, they extend a mere 2 feet, perhaps even an inch or two shorter. The foot or so that consist the true leg portion contain thin blue stripes on the outside and inside, down to about the knee. Whatever lies below the knee is unknown, as thick blue boots cover whatever might exist of the lower leg. Needless to say, while it gets the Navi moving, it does not provide very effective means of speedy transportation. However, they are surprisingly good for swimming underwater.

Physical Abilities: SplashMan possesses above average physical strength, able to lift more than a standard Navi, perhaps because he simply doesn't have to lift it quite as far up. His running speed, on the other hand, is woefully slow, often having to rely on visual cues or gut feelings in order to avoid oncoming attacks instead of sheer quickness. Underwater is another story, as few Navis can match his swimming ability, even though his body structure would seem to hinder this.

Personality: SplashMan is genreally a carefree Navi, not liking to be rushed if it doesn't seem necessary. His calm nature, however, is easily shattered by pain; while he has gotten better about it than in the past, a single powerful smack will easily reduce his rationality.

Nonetheless, he is a kind Navi, willing to help others if they need it, even if it means getting hurt. Above all else, he values his relationship with his operator, Sabrina, and would go to the ends of the Net at her whim. Considering her whims, though, chances are he has without even realizing it.

Custom Weapon: The cannons on SplashMan's back can be used to shoot water at enemies, or whatever he so desires. However, in times of great emergency, he has the old, generic arm buster cannon Navis of yore often had.
Name: SplashLady.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Guts

SplashLady, while taller than SplashMan at a height of 5'5", manages to fail to reach half of his weight, at a mere 115 lbs. If she stood beside him, it would be nearly impossible to tell that they were, in fact, brother and sister Navis, save for their matching emblems.

Her head, unlike SplashMan's, can definitely be labeled as a head. A rather plain blue helmet covers most of it, aside from the face; its lone feature is her emblem, which is identical to her brother's. However, it fails to stop her sea-green hair from extending down to the base of her neck. SplashLady's face is fairly nondescript, though most would still consider it 'cute'. Its most prominent feature, by far, is her eyes, which radiate both strength and calmness, like the ocean itself.

SplashLady's arms, from the shoulder to the fingertips, are clad in skin tight blue armor, resembling a wetsuit. It's impossible to tell from the elbown down, though, due to sea green gloves she wears. They are decorated with flowing extensions on the side away from her body, which resemble an angelfish's fin.

The 'armor' that covers her arms also covers the entirety of her upper body. The sole item (or in this case, items) that breaks the monotony are two generically shaped white sea shells, each covering one side of her chest.

SplashLady's legs are normally unseen, covered by a tightly fitting skirt that extends all the way to her ankles, sea green in color, is decorated at the bottom by what looks like a caudal fin if viewed from directly ahead. Sticking out from this are two identically colored boots, which extend halfway up the lower leg if it could be seen. Unfortunately for anyone viewing her from directly below, a look up reveals virtually no additional 'information'; the wetsuit armor extends well down her waist, clear down to the feet.

Her main weapon comes from a simple blue trident, which prongs can barely pierce a french fry. However, that is not its main purpose, as it instead grants her the ability to bend water to her will for any variety of attacks. If there is no water in the nearby area, she can even conjure it spontaneously using the possibly magical weapon. The tip can even be made usable with sword or melee based chips, allowing it to be used for more direct battle applications.

Physical Abilities: Even without her spear, SplashLady can manipulate water, though not to the same extent as she would otherwise be able to do. Unlike SplashMan, she is capable of maneuvering fairly quickly, despite her skirt's attempts to hinder her in that regard. Beneath the water's surface, however, she is unrivaled in speed and agility, truly befitting a Navi with a mermaid motif.

Personality: SplashLady is a bit brighter than her brother, sometimes assisting Sabrina in battle planning. However, she also comes across as a bit of a smart aleck, not afraid to make the sarcastic remark or two. At the same time, she usually means well, and is usually just trying to help with her comments.

Aside from that, she's rather similar to SplashMan. She possesses a kind heart, and is committed to being as good a Navi for her operator as she possibly can.

VoltCross (LV 1)
Element/Subtype: Elec/Sword

Description: Now that SplashMan can access a form that can use Crosses in SplashLady, his experiences with VoltMan has poured into him, and manifested itself in the form of VoltCross!

The appearance of SplashLady has entirely changed; gone are the water references. Instead, she is simply completely covered with thin black armor, with the forearms, chest and upper back, pelvic area, and feet having a thicker yellow armor. Her helmet is also now yellow, but instead of a single shark fin on the back half of it, a lightning rod now sticks back in a 45 degree angle from each ear covering. A black tinted visor also covers her eyes, obscuring them somewhat from others.

Custom Weapon: Her spear has received a makeover, with the head now consisting of electrical energy in a long, thin triangle shape, easily capable of cutting things down to size. It can also shoot electricity, as opposed to water in the usual form.

Cross Sig Attack:

Thunder Spear
Under the effects of VoltCross, SplashLady can deliver a devastating three-hit spear combo attack, imbued with the power of electricity!

20 x 3 damage = 60 damage (60/60)
Elec element (0/60)
Slashing (0/60)
Total: 60/60


BinaryCross (LV 1)
Element/Subtype: Normal/Variable

Description: Now that SplashMan can access a form that can use Crosses in SplashLady, his experiences with Binary has poured into him, and manifested itself in the form of BinaryCross!


The appearance of SplashLady has entirely changed...this time for the simpler. From the neck down, her entire body is clad in a white, skin-type suit, with matching gloves and boots. Covering this are various 0s and 1s that constantly swirling around. Her helmet remains identical, but like the rest of her, is now white with the rotating 0s and 1s.

Custom Weapon: Her spear has vanished, and manifested itself in the form of one of Binary's favorite modes of attack; tentacles. Six extendable, white tentacles, each featuring diamond-like ends resembling a spear head, or the end a squid's tentacle. These can be used to attack directly, or can be used to power up chip attacks.

Cross Sig Attacks:

Data Flow
Utilizing Binary's ability to boost chip attacks, BinaryCross SplashLady can do the same, increasing the power of her attacks for the rest of the turn by channeling them through her tentacles instead of using them normally.

Strengthen 60 damage (60/60)
Total: 60/60
History of the Splashes, Part I
Despite being the ripe old age of 15, Sabrina Jetto never owned a Navi, nor did she have any desire to get one. Her father, Christopher, and her older brother, Brandon, both decided to change this one day, both being fervent NetBattlers. Each agreed to work on the Navi aspects they were better at, with Christopher creating the physical body and battle programming, and Brandon creating the artificial intelligence. Since Sabrina enjoy hanging around bodies of water, they decided to make the Navi water based, to allow her to do so in the cyberworld as well as the real world.

However, as the two collaberated, Brandon began to wonder if his father's design, which appeared rather mechanical and robotic, would appeal to Sabrina. To this end, he secretly attempted to create a more humanlike Navi, one that his sister might like more. He decided to design it after the heroine of a Netopian cartoon she loved when she was younger, 'Princess of the Sea', even though he himself had to restrain from throwing up at the mere thought of it. However, for reasons he didn't quite understand, he was unable to create that design and make it completely integrate with his AI programming. But instead of scrapping the project, he hid it deep within the recesses of Sabrina's PET, naming it 'Model067.GMO' to make it appear to be an innocent GMO file instead of a complete physical body.

Time passed, and Sabrina was enjoying her Navi, SplashMan. But Brandon was not satisfied with the final product, believing that his design was superior to his father's. Shortly before a tournament his sister had entered, he gave her a file that he claimed 'would allow SplashMan to use crosses', as his current design prevented him from acquiring such powers. Instead, it was a file designed to switch the Navi's body to the one Brandon himself created, and even alter the personality to make it more feminine. Or so he thought...instead of merging and altering the two, it instead copied SplashMan's AI, installed that into the extra body, and forcibly sent the original body and AI into storage. As a result, it appeared to be SplashMan in a female body, which, as it turned out, was not a result anyone especially cared for.

Sabrina, believing it was simply a GMO switch, dealt with it about as well as could be...but Brandon was convinced he could make his idea work. Remotely accessing his sister's PET data, he attempted to fix the error he made before. After a few all-nighters, he finally succeeded...for the most part. Unfortunately, when he sent the youngest Jetto the botched file, he had irreparably merged SplashMan's battle program into the second body. In addition, both would be able to freely access each other's sensory data, though their reactions and memories of it it would be completely unique. As a result, he could not completely separate the two Navis. At the same time, he could not completely merge them into one, as the very same thing could cause...unusual personality changes.

Unable to reconcile the two in either way, he sent the completed AI, activating the second Navi, by then called SplashLady by Sabrina, for good. But since two Navis could be problematic, he included a 'dividing program', that prevented both from being active at the same time. As such, while one ran around doing stuff, the other would remain in stasis, able to observe the other's actions, but nothing more. Sabrina, however, had gotten a great gift, even though it wasn't exactly the one he had planned for her all along; while most were bound to a single Navi at a time, she was able to operate two separate Navis on a whim. And that was good enough for her.