Name: Djinni.EXE
Gender: Female
Type: Fire / Shadow

Djinni has a slim body of 6 feet tall with cupsize E. While it's not obvious from a quick glance, Djinni's body is fairly muscled but does not take away her feminine figure. Her skin is tanned, her eyes are of a charcoal black color and her hair color is a vivid red.
Covering the top of Djinni's head is a white turban with a circular ruby inserted in a golden ring at its front. From the sides and back come white colored cloth that reaches down to Djinni's shoulders. At the back of the turban is a hole through which Djinni's long ponytail comes, the ponytail easily reaching her hips. At the base of Djinni's ponytail, like a clasp, is her emblem inserted in a golden ring. The emblem is a black female silhouette in a passive floating pose and arms outstretched to the sides, a red flame behind her with the rest of the background being orange. Beneath the cloth and on top of Djinni's ears are white audio receivers without her emblem on either.
Covering Djinni's chest is a skintight white top that starts just below her eyes, covering her nose and mouth, and ends at a point to leave room for an ample amount of skin from the underside of her breasts yet nothing risky. Covering her back and around her shoulders, also covering practically her entire upper arms, is a cape that's white from the outside but the inside is a clear red that shines with the properties of a ruby. The cape is held together with a clasp at the front, a ruby inserted in a golden ring, and reaches her ankles in length. The cape's width is big enough for Djinni to hold it similar like a robe.
Around each of her wrists Djinni wears a slim golden bracelet. Around her left wrist is another golden bracelet, slightly higher on her arm than the other bracelet, from which hangs a short golden chain, long enough for the end to reach the palm of her hand, with a circular ruby at the end. On the ringfinger of her right hand she wears a golden ring with a ruby embedded in it.
She wears a pair of white Arabian pants which is kept up with a golden ring around Djinni's hips with the size of a belt. On her feet are white leather-looking shoes that are pointed and curved at the end. Djinni's right ankle is encircled by a golden ring. Djinni is capable of transforming her body, from the ring around her hips and everything below it, into a transparent red trail of data. She basically only does this when she is going to go into the air.

Djinni loves doing everything as big as possible. Not entirely due to the reason of wanting to be seen by others, but because she gets a rush out of exaggerated actions. Despite her role of achieving her goals with more stealth, she still loves the attention she gets from men and women alike at any situation. With her body being that of a woman, her heart is still that of a girl's. As such she has very childish tendencies like getting upset when not getting her way, but is generally cheerful and playful.
These two traits don't really translate well into battle situations, but Djinni does not like blocking them despite the chance of them getting in the way. She does, however, know when to get serious in a battle and will do so without a second of thinking time. Djinni's pace of adapting to a battle's situation differs, but is usually not too slow.
Djinni isn't exactly the brightest and basically is a klutz in terms of interactions. As example, she is prone to tripping over her own feet or whatever is on her path.

Custom Weapon:
Djinni's weapon is the entire cape she wears, from the bottom to the jewel at the front that holds it together. From the cape's inside she can fire any sort of attack that is required of her. For melee combat the cape can go along her arm and wrap around it to form a spear point or the cape can split apart in two halves and wrap around each arm and hand to form spear points.
Signature Attacks

Total Pool: 1020/1020
Max Cap: 220 (330) / 35

Short Versions
Mythical Art - Line of Heritage [Shadow; 2 TCD]
Mythical Art - Mankind's Unawareness [Invisible; 2 TCD]
Mythical Art - Deceitful Whispers [20 HP Barrier; Trap When Broken: Nova 4 Glitch; 3 TCD]
Mythical Art - Qarin [Stun 1; Passive]
Fire Art - Hell Furnace [100 Strengthen; Fire Imbue; Large Area Coal Panels; 4 TCD]
Fire Art - Spire Meteor [80 Shot FIRE; Impact; NC Uninstall; 4 TCD]
Fire Art - Steel Meteor [120 Shot FIRE; Break; Medium Area Furnace Panels; 4 TCD]
Desert Art - Veil of Sand [30 Strengthen; Small Area Sand Panels; Szand.SP Only; 1 TCD]
Desert Art - Quicksand [Shot; Slow; Szand.SP Only; 1 TCD]
Water Art - Veil of Water [Status Cure; Small Area Sea Panels; Oasis.SP Only; 1 TCD]
Water Art - Twin Bubbles [2 1-hit Shields; Oasis.SP Only; 1 TCD]

Cross Art - Towering Topaz [4-Hit Shield; Nerf: Self Slow; 1 TCD] [BroadsideCross]
Cross Art - Death Satellite [40 Shot ELEC; Blast 3; Nerf: Self Slow; 3 TCD] [BroadsideCross]
Cross Art - Luscious Embracement [40 Shot AQUA Drain; 2 TCD][EternalisCross]
Cross Art - Unleashed Chi [Haste; 40 Strengthen; 2 TCD][ExorcistCross]
Cross Art - Mesmerizing Steps [Confusion; 2 Movement; Nerf: Off-Target; 3 TCD][RheaCross]
Cross Art - Dragon Dance [2 Movement; Hold; Self Slow; 1 Turn Delay: 110 Melee FIRE; 5 TCD][MeleeCross]
Cross Art - Frostbite [40 AQUA Drain; 2 TCD] [AnyisCross]

1. Mythical Art - Line of Heritage
A state Djinni can enter in order to protect herself from harmful situations. Her body becomes like a flame that never dies while maintaining her standard appearance, any attack quickly rebuilding her body with the flames. Myths claim this state can be cancelled by vanquishing the spirit with a bladed attack.
Shadow (80)

2. Mythical Art - Mankind's Unawareness
By extinguishing the flame of her life, Djinni hides her existance to others to the point of becoming invisible. If she were ever 'seen' in this form, it would only be from a faint glimmer of one of her rubies.
Invis (80)

3. Mythical Art - Deceitful Whispers
As is told in myths, genies are the reason mankind performs evil deeds. Djinni accepts this myth and channels the whispers of evil deeds into a barrier that will swallow anyone, and those surrounding, who tampers with it.
20 HP Barrier (20)
When broken: Nova 4 Glitch (60)

4. Mythical Art - Qarin
In their stories, the Qarin is a genie that accompanies every human through their life but primarily tries to make it worse for them. With use of Djinni's abilities, she can communicate through whispers with the unseen genies of viruses and cause a temporary stun.
Stun (30)
Passive (90)

5. Fire Art - Hell Furnace
Djinni heats up the surroundings and the ground with high temperatures radiating from her body. The heat is primarily created and stored to amplify one attack of Djinni's, but also breaks up the ground below her while making it maintain the heat.
Large Area Coal Panels (40)
Fire Imbue (20)
100 FIRE Strengthen (100)

6. Fire Art - Spire Meteor
Djinni sends out a meteor from her cape that speeds across the air as if it were a bullet. Shaped like a drill or stalagmite in order to pierce, the impact of this meteor is so intense that it's capable of removing a NaviCust program from a Navi.
80 FIRE (80)
Impact (20)
NC Uninstall (60)

7. Fire Art - Steel Meteor
Created with junk from the Networks, Djinni shoots a meteor made entirely of steel at a target. Holes can be seen on the outside from which flames come flying, showing the core is made entirely of fire. Once this meteor hits someone, the meteor will break apart with an explosion and install furnace panels into the ground.
Medium Area Furnace Panels (20)
120 FIRE (120)
Break (20)

8. Desert Art - Veil of Sand
Primarily used to cope with Djinni's personal changes to the surroundings, Szand makes a bit of his sand drop onto the ground and in turn makes use of it to amplify his next attack.
Small Panel Area Sand (10)
30 Strengthen (30)
Szand.SP Only

9. Desert Art - Quicksand
An effect of the desert that one seems to be moving more slowly despite still going at normal speed. Szand is capable of temporarily causing this effect on a target, actually making them go slower.
Slow (40)
Szand.SP Only

10. Water Art - Veil of Water
Primarily used to cope with Djinni's personal changes to the surroundings, Oasis throws some water into the air which then falls on top of her and as a result on the ground which turns the panel below her to sea. As childish as she is, she will continue to splash some water around which as a result may cure herself or someone else from their ailments.
Small Panel Area Sea (10)
Status Cure (30)
Oasis.SP Only

11. Water Art - Twin Bubbles
Oasis creates large bubbles at the end of her twin ponytails which are then used to take the blow of one attack each. Once a bubble has been attacked, it simply pops.
2 1-hit Shields (40)
Oasis.SP Only
GMO Storage

GMO #1
Name: Battlesuit.GMO
Description: Djinni's attire is removed for a black bodysuit. Her body size is not altered through this and despite having her body covered it still leaves little to the imagination. Djinni's mouth and nose are hidden by a black mask of the same material as her bodysuit. Two white lines are drawn from the mask, just below Djinni's eyes, all the way down to her feet. A set like these lines is also on her back, but starting at the highest point of her mask on the back. The parts between the two lines on each side is gray instead of black.
Around her head is a golden circlet with a red diamond-cut ruby at the front. From the top of the circlet come flames which take the place of Djinni's hair. From the back of the flames comes a ponytail-shaped flame that reaches to about the middle of her back. This ponytail is connected to the main mass of flames with a golden band. On her ears she still has the audio receivers with her emblem on them.
Covering her chest is a sleeveless white flak jacket with a high collar. The jacket lacks any pockets on any of the sides and has a large circle-cut ruby on the back with a golden band around it from which Djinni can generate large wings of fire. The jacket can be opened at the front with a zipper that isn't visible which only Djinni can access, but is usually kept closed.
She wears long black gloves with a thick golden band around the end with five circle-cut rubies aligned in a star formation across the sides of the band. The black part of the gloves are entirely set ablaze with flames to the point the gloves aren't visible anymore.
She also wears a pair of long black boots with a thick golden band around the end with a five circle-cut rubies aligned in a star formation across the sides of the band. Same as with the gloves, the black part of each glove is covered in flames to the point of these parts not being visible anymore.

GMO #2
Name: Winter.GMO
Description: With this GMO Djinni dons a skin tight bodysuit made with a material to protect her against the cold. The entire bodysuit is white in color with a zipper across the front, from Djinni's neck to her crotch. Covering her eyes is a pair of thick snow goggles of a white color with light blue glasses. Around her neck hangs a scarf, white in color that gradually turns into the orange and red of fire. Worn on her hands are two white gloves with light blue thick fur, circled around her wrist to halfway her lower arm, at the back of each glove. Her boots are of the same design, white with light blue fur up to halfway her lower leg.

GMO #3
Name: Business.GMO
Description: Djinni's entire attire is exchanged for a black suit with the jacket opened and wearing a white shirt underneath it. The shirt is buttoned open to the point of having ample effect for cleavage and she has a badge on the right side of her chest with her own emblem on it. As finisher she wears a pair of black shoes and a wide black hat with a white band around it.
SP Storage

SP #1
Name: Oasis.SP
Gender: Female.
Appearance: Oasis is a small girl of 3 and a half feet with a tanned skin color and has a childish and slim body. Her hair is light blue and is styled in two long ponytails on each side of her head. Each ponytail reaches down to approximately her knees and is held together at its base with a golden ring. Near the end of each ponytail is another golden ring which keeps the hair together. From these rings Oasis can form large hands made of water and control her ponytails as if they're arms.
Covering Oasis' eyes are white bandages that are tied together at the back, hidden beneath her hair. Her nose and mouth are uncovered. Covering her chest and lower arms are more bandages. The bandages at her arms have some loose ends which hang downwards along her legs and are tied at the top in a small ribbon. Embedded in the back of each hand, not covered by bandages, is an oval shaped blue gemstone. On Oasis' back, almost covering the entire length of her back, is a golden turtle shell with a honeycomb pattern all over it. In the center of the shell is a circular blue gemstone. This shell cannot be removed from Oasis' back as it keeps her bandages tightly so they won't fall.
She also wears a pair of Arabian styled pants in light blue, a bit wide around the legs, which is kept up with belt made of the same material as her bandages. On her feet she wears a pair of Arabian styled shoes that are curved upwards at the toes. These are white in color. Around her left ankle she wears a golden ring.
Personality: Oasis is a childish and carefree person with a limited vocabulary. From every angle she'll look immature and essentially a child. She is very helpful to others and will be quick to offer a hand or four. Alongside with this she is no stranger to jumping into the thick of the fight, even if this means sacrificing herself for the purpose of saving others. While this is not expected to happen often, if it happens she will get a streak of demanding praise and being spoiled by Djinni.
Element: Aqua.
Subtype: Guts.

SP #2
Name: Szand.SP
Gender: Male.
Appearance: Szand is a short boy of about 4 feet tall with a tanned skin color and a slim, but well built, body. Szand has 3 eyes in total, positioned in a triangle on his face with 2 in their regular positions and 1 on his forehead. Each eye has a pitch black cornea and yellow iris. His hair is light yellow and is styled in a long braided ponytail, reaching to about his hips, and is styled flat on the top of his head. Attached to the end of his ponytail he has a golden orb with a scorpion-like stinger. Instead of teeth, Szand has sharp fangs lined up in his entire mouth.
Embedded in Szand's skin, at the right side of his face, right side of his chest, right side of his back and complete right arm including hand, are little chunks of gold with no specific pattern but evenly covering the previously named parts. Through these he can create sand even if it's not in the field.
Szand wears nothing to cover his chest. He wears a pair of Arabian styled pants in white, a bit wide around the legs, which is kept up with a thick brown belt. Attached to the belt is a leather flap, colored white, which comes to halfway the lower legs and covers the left, right and back. The front is completely open. He wears a pair of Arabian styled shoes that are curved upwards at the end. Around his right ankle he wears a golden ring, hanging onto his shoe.
Personality: Szand is generally an aloof person who has a most venomous attitude towards Djinni, but is fine with anyone who isn't her. But even with this, he won't really give a damn about someone. While Oasis portrays the defensive side of Djinni core programming, Szand is the offensive side and will often want to run into the heat of the fight without a thought about his own safety. While this is an obvious trait Djinni would have, Szand refuses to acknowledge he belongs to her.
Element: Null.
Subtype: Bug.
Cross Storage

Type: Elec/Break
Level: 2
Covering her head is a silver helmet with a black visor in front of her eyes. The backside has been opened for her hair which hasn't been styled in any specific way but just falls over her shoulders.
Covering her chest is a silver futuristic-breastplate. The armor stops just below her breasts, revealing the underside of her breasts slightly, and has a high collar. Because of this a part of her face is covered too, namely her mouth and nose. On the back of the armor, near the back of Djinni's neck, is a large crystal-shaped clear yellow topaz which has a ring hovering over it. From the ring comes a transparent yellow energy which functions as cape in the same way as her original does.
Djinni wears two bulky silver gauntlets and golden arm guards that extend all the way back to her elbows. These gauntlets are basically normal, if oversized, mechanical gloves that have a large diamond-cut clear yellow topaz embedded in the silver plate on the back of each hand. These topazes channel Djinni's powers, allowing her to wield her many programs and for this Cross she is capable of generating a blade of electricity or a shield of energy.
Djinni's lower body, starting from the ring around her waist, comes a large skirt made of a flexible yet sturdy kind of metal colored in black. Covering this skirt are four silver panels, one on the front, one on each side and one on the back. The skirt reaches to just above the ground and below the skirt Djinni has entirely robotic legs, colored in silver, with the end shaped like high heels. The panels can fold in and turn Djinni's lower body into a saucer.
With her mechanical state, she is capable of transforming her right gauntlet and hand into a broad and long sword directly attached to her limb. The blade of the sword is engraved with electronic patterns, but retains its metallic color.

Cross Signature Program:
Cross Art - Death Satellite
Practically always done when in the air, Djinni reveals a giant cannon from her behind in her 'saucer form' and aims this at her targets. Shortly after this a quick pulse of electricity is fired which will explode on impact and take anyone in its radius.
40 ELEC Blast 3 (120)
Self Slow (PTS)

Cross Art - Towering Topaz
Djinni enlarges her shield to prepare for incoming attacks. As it takes hits, it also stores energy collected from the hits which in turn allows Djinni to use it more often.
4-HIT Shield (80)
Self Slow (TCD)

Type: Aqua/Recover
Level 1
Djinni's entire body changes into the substance Eternalis is made of, including taking its light blue color. She, however, does not become a mass of hard-to-recognize fluids and has the appearance she always has, although seemingly naked as her original outfit is not included. To 'avoid' this, she wears a set of armor to contain the mass.
A pair of large-eyed goggles adorn her face, silver frame and yellow glasses, that attach to her audio receivers which haven't turned into fluids. Attached to her shoulders each is a scientific-looking silver armor piece which goes all the way to her wrists. At her back is another piece of silver armor which has two tubes sticking outwards and upwards, each tube containing the same liquids. The last piece of silver armor adorns her legs, also forming boots that cover half of her lower leg and feet, which have a similar style as the other pieces.
Due to Djinni's new gelatinous appearance, she can form her lower body into that of a snake's or fish' in order to swim through water. When she does, the leg armor reforms around her hips until she reforms her legs again. This also means she can reshape her hands into weaponry whenever she wants to.

Cross Signature Program:
Cross Art - Luscious Embracement
Using her tentacles, Djinni attempts to grab her target and push it tightly against her body. Through the jelly that's covering her body she drains a part of the victim's life and takes it for her own after which she releases the target.
40 AQUA Drain (80)

Type: Wood/Sword
Level 1
Instead of a turban Djinni now wears a short and loose fitting white hat. Attached to the front of the hat is talisman with a binding spell written on it, which covers the area of her eyes and reaches all the way to her chin. The talisman is black with white borders and its text is silver. To cope with the positioning of her hat, she lets her hair loose without any particular style.
The outfit is replaced for something closer to Exorcist's style, as Djinni's new robe is like an Asian shrine maiden's but without any sort of sleeves and ample space for Djinni's massive chest. The top is yellow with white borders, while the hakama is white. The hakama of the outfit is the divided kind, so the legs are like trousers instead of a one-piece. She wears nothing to cover her feet.
On the index finger and middle finger of Djinni's right hand she wears a silver ring, engraved with symbols of taoism, each on the same height so they touch each other if Djinni holds her fingers together.

Cross Signature Program:
Cross Art - Unleashed Chi
Due to the influence of the Cross and Djinni's nature of being a malevolent genie, Djinni's 'true' abilities have been locked away from her. But with sheer willpower, she can make the spell undone for a short period and unleash her true potential. After a moment, the spell returns to its original strength and Djinni returns to normal again.
40 Strengthen (40)
Haste (40)

Type: Null/Sword
Level 1
Just like Rhea, Djinni's body becomes entirely robotic except her head. Her entire body armor is sleek in style and has almost all of its joints covered, except for a circular disc at her knees and elbows that are all integrated in the armor's exterior. The armor is mostly purple in color, but has silver finishes for borders or details. Despite Djinni's breast size, her chest armor seems slightly smaller than what she could usually fill. The boots of the armor are designed with high heels to still give it a stylish look.
Djinni also wears a helmet in a style similar to the rest of her armor during this Cross and has her hair in a short style, reaching her shoulders barely. From the back of the helmet comes a beam of red energy similar to Djinni's usual ponytail, which moves in the exact same way as her ponytail would. This change was made for her weaponry to not get stuck in her hair. Coming from the audio receivers integrated into the helmet comes a transparent energy which resembles a veil.
Attached to Djinni's shoulders are two pauldrons in the same style of her armor. The bottom part of each pauldron is rounded and is detachable. When detached from the top part, the bottom part folds out to form a handle at the top. Once held, the rounded part grows purple colored teeth of energy, which are constantly in motion, like a chainsaw.

Cross Signature Program:
Cross Art - Mesmerizing Steps
Vents on Djinni's back, elbows and heels open and start to glow red with energy. Djinni then starts taking steps across the battlefield, eventually switching to running/floating/jumping as she goes while the vents leave behind a red trail wherever she goes. However, these energy trails are only visible for one opponent which in turn confuses their thought pattern as Djinni keeps moving and leaving behind the energy. However, all that moving around makes her own aiming a bit hard.
Confusion (80)
2x Movement (40)
Nerf: Off-Target (40 > Points)

Type: Fire/Melee
Level 2
Djinni's new outfit for this form consists of a tight dark-red bikini with a leathery texture, while her body looks a tad more muscular than usual. Around her head comes a silver circlet with a circular ruby at her forehead. At the back of the circlet is an opened circle for Djinni's ponytail. From the bottom of the circlet comes a silver plate of metal that reaches to Djinni's nose and spreads the entire area of her face, connected to her audio receivers. A small upside-down V opened is at the middle of the plate for Djinni's nose.
Djinni wears a set of silver gauntlets but unlike MeleeMan, these are modest in size. They're more like gloves and reach up to halfway her lower arm. At the back of her hand is a vent for expelling smoke.
At her feet, however, she has a pair of not-so-modest boots. Heavily armored and reaching all the way up to her knees, these are Djinni's weapon of choice for the Cross. Across the outward sides of her lower leg is one long vent on each boot, for expelling smoke. At her heel is another one for expelling smoke backwards, for boosts of speed or other things, and finally one vent on the bottom of each boot. These, however, are made to expel flames to fly instead of smoke.
Across her hips hangs a gray belt with a silver clasp as if to say pants should have been there. But they aren't.

Cross Signature Program:
Cross Art - Dragon Dance
With razor sharp movements guided by her fire boots, Djinni prances around an enemy in order to try and keep it in one place. Once she has determined she has the target where she wants it, she attacks it with a flame-assisted flying kick with the image of a red dragon guiding her. This, however, tires out her legs afterwards.
Hold (50)
2 Movement (40)
1 Turn Delay: 110 Fire DMG (110)
Self Slow (+40)

Type: Aqua/Melee
Level: 1
With Anyis being fused with the monstrosity she once fought, a fragment of this history remains in the Cross. Just like Anyis fused with the Titan, Djinni fuses partially with Efreet. Djinni's skin becomes made of basaltic lava characterized by a rubbly surface composed of broken lava blocks called clinker. The lava is in a light blue color with the rest being a very dark blue shade, while Djinni's eyes shine with a white light. Djinni's hair is in the form of concentrated fire, flowing just like hair over her back. Her new hair is not like her regular ponytail, but just loose. In this form Djinni has claw-like hands and feet.
For her upper body she has a single white sash of cloth to cover her bust. The cloth is the same as Anyis' robe. At the back it's fastened together with a red octagonal ruby. Covering Djinni's lower body is a long skirt of the same white cloth. A gold colored belt covers the top of the skirt, another octagonal ruby embedded at the front.
With Djinni's new skin type, she can spout fire directly out of it and form it as she desires.

Cross Signature Program:
Cross Art - Frostbite
Flames start billowing out of Djinni's arms, head and upper body in the form of a demonic entity. A row of fiery teeth is visible from the head which is used to try and bite an opponent. Afterwards the flames will return into her body, but if she was successful the flames will rejuvenate her. Whenever this happens, Djinni will have no recollection of what happened.
40 AQUA Drain