Element: normal
Type: recovery
Appearance: Koumori is a bat-like navi as she has large bat wings that span several metools when fully outstreached and has the lower body of a bat with long legs and claws to boot. But, she has a humanoid side as she has brown hair that reaches down to her 'sholders' and tends to get in her eyes of a light blue color when she fights, she has a fairly thin frame as her wings, legs and face are snow white and she has no arms or hands of which to speak of, so she tends to use her claws to grab onto things or enemies.
Personality: She is bold, unlike her netop, and tends to pick fights when she gets upset, which can be easy, but calls her netop 'mistress' constantly, even when in battle, and likes to try to think her actions as throughly as possible before diveing head first into battle.
Custom Weapon: she tends to swoop down at the enemy with her fangs and attempts to damage them by biteing into their data. her charge attack is a large ball of energy with which to heal her that looks and feels like blood.
Signature Attack: Swoop, bite and drain: Koumori jumps up into the air and rides upon the currents as she attempts to bite her prey and drain them of their data and process it into recovery data for her. (30 drain to one enemy, 2TCD)