Name: Target.EXE (woo, brought back my original Navi)
Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Type: Cursor
Appearance: Stands at what would be around around 5'4", with a narrow build.
-Hair Color: Brown
-Eye Color: Green
-Skin Shade: Light
-Other things: Has VERY long hair, extending down to around her knees
-Head: Purple Navi helmet, with a place in back for her hair to come out. Also has a clear visor, which is used for analyzing enemies and the like
-Upper Body: Purple armor covers her from the bottom of the neck down to around where the stomach is, while the rest is an almost cloth-like, though still effective, black armor. On her chest is her mark; an outlining of an eye, though instead of an iris, a lock-on cursor appears in the center.
-Arms: Black armor covers her shoulders, and her upper arms down to the elbow. Purple armor covers the rest of it down to the wrist. The hands are covered with black gloves with purple fingers. The right arm can freely transform into a buster gun, though it's a bit more narrow and with a scope on top, reflecting her desire for high accuracy shots as opposed to power.
-Lower Body: Purple armor covers her waist and pelvic area, while black armor extends from the hips down to below the knee. The remainder of the leg is covered with a pair of purple boots with black trim.

Personality: Unlike Brandon, Target (or as she's often called, Tara) is fairly high strung, and tends to get annoyed if things don't break her way. However, she is not as naive as her operator, and sometimes has to bail him out due to the fact she's harder to deceive. Like her operator, Tara is (usually) honest, and isn't afraid of putting herself in harm's way so long as there's a good reason for it. Though since she prefers sniping to hand-to-hand combat, she'd rather not do that...
Custom Weapon: Chargable buster arm
Signature Attack: Snipe Laser - Tara fires a small laser from her buster at a single enemy. 60 damage, 2 turn cooldown.