Divinity is a slim, kind of busty, humanoid Navi with a 'normal' skin color. She wears no bodysuit under her armor, but has a skin like a human. She has white hair, in a ponytail, with a streak of yellow going through it. As most Navis, she lacks ears and has round objects instead of them. These are silver with gold edges and a gold cross, think church, on them. From these objects comes a white visor that covers her white eyes.
Floating above her head is a glowing transparent silver halo that moves around with the movement of her head.
Covering her chest and shoulders is a silver strong-looking armor. The armor on her chest has a large gold cross on it, covering the part between her neck and breasts while the lowest part of the cross goes between them slightly, and looks as if it came from an actual church of God. In the middle of the cross, the place where it all connects, is Divinity's emblem: a white star upon a black background. On her shoulder are extensions of the armor and look like balls that are slightly bigger than her shoulders. On the 'armored balls' are golden lines in a circle with the golden cross on it, pointing outwards. Hanging from these 'balls' are small crosses.
Coming from her back are two long wings, approximately half a size bigger than her arms. The upper part of the wings and the part where it connects with the armor are metallic silver like her armor while the rest seems more natural. She uses these wings to fly freely and for Signature Attacks.
Below the armor, a piece of skin visible between these parts, is a metallic silver 'pantie' with a golden stripe at the top that goes all around. On the sides are metallic silver covers that go down her legs a bit and are attached so that she can still move her legs freely, yet still grant her defense. On each cover is a large golden cross on a silver background. The edges are gold as well.
On her arms are silver gauntlets that cover her entire lower arms. On top of these gauntlets, pointing outwards, are shields that cover it entirely and also extends a bit towards her upper arm. The shields cannot bend along with her body so sometimes stick out of the length of her lower arm. The shields do cover her hands slightly. The shields have a golden line on the edges while having the picture of a golden cross in the middle. In the middle of the cross on each shield is a bright shining pearl.
She has strong-looking silver metallic boots that cover almost her entire lower leg. On the part just above her feet is another shield like on the guantlets, but less big. It merely covers the part of her boot and is covered by the same colors and symbol as on the gauntlet shields.
Soft-hearted and always tries to see the good in Navis and Operators. She acknowledges viruses as bad things so is not afraid of fighting them or destroying them and won't hesitate when making a last attack. She is usually, if not always, serious about what she does and what she has to do. Unlike her Operator, if she's around friends or people who are kind she doesn't really change in attitude. But she remains kind in a serious way.
Custom Weapon:
The two shields residing on her arms.

Quote (Techniques)

Rapid Shot:
One of the shields thrown like a boomerang, capable of hitting one enemy.
Charge Shot:
By slamming her hands together, she creates wind between the shields which work like a wind tunnel thus amplifying the power of the wind to attack the enemy.

Quote (Signature Program LVL1A)

Angelic Gift.
Sending pure defensive energy into her shields, she creates ethereal forms of her shields that are slightly bigger than the original ones. These shields are as fast as wind and always catch an attack headed for Divinity, but never attacks headed for others as they can't stray too far from their mistress. They can dematerialize and materialize themselves to catch attacks with success. After being hit, the energy disappears and becomes regular data flowing through the air.
- 4 1-hit barriers on Divinity.
- Can only pick herself as target.
- 2 turn cooldown. Cooldown starts after all barriers are down.

Quote (Signature Program LVL1B)

Kaiser Blade
Divinity puts both shields against eachother which melt together by the Signature Program. One of the shields generates a hole so Divinity can stick her hand in and grab the hilt that has formed within it. Energy forms around the shields, sensing its shape, and generates a sword slightly taller than herself. She summons Kaiser and jumps on top of him to charge off and attack the enemy with a slash of the sword. The sheer speed, generated by the sword and the speed of coming towards the target, of the slash causes it to bypass defenses. Afterwards, Kaiser returns to his rest spot and the shields fall apart from the energy generated by the sword.
- 60 damage to 1 enemy. Melee range.
- Pierces barriers and auras, dealing damage but not breaking the defense.
- IC speed.
- 1 Action.
- 2TCD.

Quote (Signature Program LVL1C)

Justice Aura
Divinity creates an aura around herself that protects her from a set amount of damage until its defeated. Through divine power, the Aura heals itself occasionaly.
- 60 HP Barrier.
- 20 HP heal on the Aura at the start of each following turn. Takes no action.
- 1 action.
- 3 TCD after Barrier is destroyed.

Quote (Signature Program LVL2A)

Tribute to the Gods
Area slots in a chip, which Divinity then tributes to a 'greater being' in the Net which grants her power depending on the chip she has sacrificed. A surge of data is then transmitted, with the graphic of a colored beam of light, into her halo which sends the so-called ElemCharges into her system.
- Divinity gains [Chip's total damage/10] amount of elemental charges. The charges have the same element as the chip tributed, this includes the 'Normal' element.
- Divinity can use the charges for the following 3 things:
= Change a chip's element. This overrides the original element, it doesn't add the element to it. Uses 1 charge per use.
= Add 20 damage to a chip with an equal element. This cannot be used on a chip changed by a charge. Added to total damage and only against one opponent with multi-hit chips. Uses 1 charge per use.
= Change Divinty's main element. This cannot be used if she is in a Cross or another element-altering situation. Uses 2 charges per use.
- Divinity can only use 2 charges each turn.
- Charges can be used without using an action and are added to a chip, or in case of Divinity's element, a swift action.
- In the case for 'multi-use' chips, she'll need to use a charge for each strike. The weapon breaks if she can't use one.
- If the chip has 50 or lower total damage, it needs 1 action. If the chip has 51 to 100 total damage, it needs 2 actions. 101-150 3 actions. 151-200 4 actions. This only counts for the actual tribute initiation.
- 3TCD. The cooldown immediately starts after the activation, making it possible to have various charges at the same time.

Quote (GMO #1)

Divinity breaks out of her armor, leaving her with just her bodysuit. She immediately gets covered by a long white satin dress that flows from her neck to her ankles and covers her arms to her wrists. At the bottom and at the ends of the sleeves are 3 small golden lines.
Around her upper body, covering the upper half, is a white leather cover that also covers a part of her upper arms. The front part is opened and is attached to each other by two small white leather straps in a cross pattern.
Covering her hands are silver gauntlets with one the right one a golden cross on the back of her hand, but on the left one nothing. Covering her feet are silver boots with a golden line at the bottom and the bottom itself being gold too.
Her shields fuse to create a new custom weapon from 'old times'. Slamming together, they create pages between each other to form a book with a silver cover and a large golden cross on the front. In the lower right corner on the back of the book is, in small and with gold, written the following word: Persephone.
Divinity can float and fly in this mode, but has no particular effects on the battle.

Quote (GMO #2)

Divinity remains her normal size, loses all her armor and gets a gray bodysuit on her body. Particles of solar data form around her and attach themselves to her to form a new outfit.
A pearl white seemingly metallic helmet is created upon her head with a large yellow jewel on the front. A visor is below the front to cover Divinity's eyes from 'sun light'. Her ponytail pops out from the back of the helmet, hanging down to her butt.
On her chest appears a pearl white metallic armor with a yellow jewel on the chest of it while on the back of the armor appear four yellow jewels that are placed so they'd seem like the points of a diamond. These jewels on the back are used for flying purposes and create wings of solar energy.
On Divinity's wrists/lower arm appear large white metallic gauntlets that are three times wider than her actual arms. They don't cover her hand and fingers and reach up to her elbow so she can still move her arm freely. Hanging over her hand and fingers is a large bright yellow jewel that has a shape similar to that of a bird's beak. On top of the gauntlet are four jewels in the position of the tips of a diamond. These jewels can create a shield of solar energy at will for most of Divinity's attacks.
Covering Divinity's nether regions is a pearl white metallic panty with a small yellow jewel on the left side, which is used usually to pull a sword made of solar light from.
On her feet are boots that are, like her gauntlets, three times the size of her normal feet and lower leg. A large triangular jewel sits on the top of each boot, covering the knees but still allowing enough space to move freely, and four small flat jewels on the bottom of her boot that can create solar energy to propel, or keep, Divinity in the air.
Created shields are fluff, not for defense. Unless stated otherwise.