Element: normal
Type: sword
she has white fur on her upper and lower body that does not cover her head with black stripes on her back, large white ears with a little black on the tips of her ears and she has a human-like shape with a little brown hair on the top of her head and she has paws where her hands and feet are along with a long snow white tail.
Personality:she is a playful navi that has a taste for cyber fish, kind, careing but....has a little glitch in her programing that makes her quite the killing machine that makes her more like a lion in some aspects and of course she's afraid of dogs, cyoties and wolf's.
Custom Weapon:she has a pair of long claws on her paws
normal attack:nikko jumps at the enemy and makes a small cut in their body.
charged attack:Nikko jumps at the enemy with glowing claws and makes a large, deep cut into their body. (does not do anything else but damage)

Signature Attacks

level 1.0: cat attack:Nikko pounces on the enemy with a quickness that matches a cheeta and this deals 50 damage with a chance to stun. (50, chance to stun, 2 turn cooldown)

level 1.50: Feline fury:feline rage:with the instalation of the other expansion Nikko's mind created another survival program, but this time it was uncontrolable, timmy was able to quickly quarintine it within Nikko's mind, and eventualy he was able to get it to the point where he was able to convert it into something Nikko could control at will, though it needs one turn after being used in an attack to cool down, or it might drive Nikko mad and she may become inoperable by anyone, it makes a single attack used by her much more powerful.(allows Nikko to add 30 attack power into a single attack every other turn, needs no actions to activate, passive.)

level 1.51: 9-lives:9-lives:When Timmy installed the upgrades, a hidden aspect of nikko's survival programing surficed from deep within nikko's survival programing. Timmy was able to modify it and make it useful to Nikko as it now alows Nikko to recover herself when she is near deletion, though it shuts off when she is above the near deletion point. (recover 20HP per turn when at 50HP or less)

level 2.0:after the process upgrade decoded and instaled into Nikko's system, another survival program emerged from deep in Nikko's programing and when timmy saw it, he started work to make it into something Nikko could use for both attack and defence and afterwards, he was able to make Nikko's fur spike up and create a sort of armor all around her body, though strands of fur can break off when attacked, it will attack the enemy as though they were needles flying through the air, after a couple of turns Nikko's fur needs to go back to normal and the cool down will begin. (reduces damage by 10, deals 20 to each attacker for 1 turn, 3TDC)


Black cat.GMO

Nikko's body shrinks down to the size of a little black kitten, her body becomes completely furry, like a cat should, and the only way she can comunicate is through little meows that only other animal-like navis can understand. her personality becomes more playful like a little kitten should be and all of her chip based attacks become little claws or she shoots out small needle-like strands of hair, for close-range or long range attacks and her sig attacks look normal as if she were still in her normal apperance.

Furry nurse.GMO
apearance:Nikko's body changes into a tall nurse, she has the usual atire that a nurse would wear, but it's in a light pink instead of the usual white, he body becomes more or less human though as she keeps her usual cat ears and her tail but instead of fur for hur face, body, arms, legs etc. is skin besides her tail and ears, her hair becomes a light pink as well but her eyes become a deep sea blue and she wears a pair of heels on her feet.
weapon:she has a large syrenge that is slightly shorter than her.
chip attacks:her syrenge fires needles at the enmy if it's a chip like a shotgun or cannon, it becomes smaller and more compact if it's a sword chip, if it's an elemental chip the syrenge fills with blue, red, yellow or green lquid and fires at the enemy in the needle, if a guard chip is used the syrenge becomes bigger and much tougher.