Name: DruidMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Type: Wood/Ground

DruidMan has the look of a wild man about him. He stands at nearly seven feet tall (Real World Equivalent) and has a large, medium muscled build, making him appear gargantuan when compared to most average Navis. While he appears large and clumsy, he is actually rather agile. He has a tangled mess of light brown hair that is rather simply yanked and tied back. Oddly, though, this is the only evident amount of facial hair. His simplistic simulated lifestyle is as plain as his clothes: simple, yet effective, leather armors, occasionally decorated with a symbol or two whose meaning is known only to DruidMan. Under this armor is simple cloth tunics, which are both comfortable and practical. He also dons sturdy leather boots with thick soles, something that comes in handy when tracking viruses through the wilderness of the internet. DruidMan's eyes are interesting, however, in that they technically have no color. Instead, their pupils mimic the type of druidic magic that he is currently channeling. Since DruidMan is a Wood type Navi, then this is defaulted to green.

DruidMan is a laid back individual, and wants nothing more but natural peace and love for everybody. That said, if someone wants to mess stuff up, he has no qualms about righting the wrong, or wronging the right, for that matter. DruidMan is immensely wise and intelligent, but you'd never notice on first impression, as his speaking mannerisms are reminiscent of an old hippy and a surfer bum, spouting phrases like, "peace out" and 'dude'. DruidMan loves finding humor in situations, particularly ironic humor, which is great, as he finds his existence, a technological construct as a harbinger of nature, hilarious. DruidMan is also a stubborn sort, and typically won't back down in an argument, whether over fact or opinion. This stubbornness can sometimes lead to a small fit of anger, but DruidMan is good about reigning in that aspect of his personality.

Custom Weapons
Druidic Scimitar - DruidMan's scimitar is the natural focus for his druidic spells. However, it is impractical to focus all of his spells into a sword, so he has two other focuses, as well. One is a leather pouch on his belt, which magically produces all bomb and other thrown chip data. In addition, this pouch is where all Zenny, chip data, and other data found is placed to be transferred to the real world. The third focus is a device strapped to his left forearm. Normally it looks like a bracer and gauntlet combo, decorated with leaves and several small pale blue gems. When used, however, it becomes similar to spring loaded launcher. DruidMan only uses this focus for non-elemental long range attacks. If pushed into a corner, DruidMan can use his scimitar like any other bladed weapon. (Regular Attack is a jab with sword [(Attack+Rapid*5) [color=gray]Normal[/color] Damage], Charge Attack is slash with scimitar charged with natural magic [(Attack+Charge*20) [color=green]Wood[/color] Damage.]
Druidic Buster Blade - As Druidic Scimitar, but Charge Attack is Normal Damage. (SeraphCross Only)
Druidic Web Launcher - As Druidic Scimitar, but Charge Attack is Elec Damage. (SylkCross Only)
Druidic Cross - As Druidic Scimitar, but Charge Attack is Normal Damage. (DivineCross Only)

Signature Attacks
DRUIDMAN.EXE SIGNATURE ATTACK: Scorching Bramble Force: This is DruidMan's Fire Domain Magic, and as such, his eyes change color to red to reflect that. After a passionate chant, DruidMan yells "SCORCHING BRAMBLE FORCE!!!" This summons brambles and vines from to ground to ensnare his target, dealing [(Atk+Rpd)*5] Wood damage and holding them in place, followed by a large blast of fire, immolating the target and dealing [(Atk+Rpd)*5] more Fire damage. DruidMan then requires four turns to use the Fire Domain again. ShotBase[Wood](40)+Hold(50), ShotBase[Fire](40+20)=150Mana
DRUIDMAN.EXE SIGNATURE ATTACK: Razor Tornado Force: This is DruidMan's Wind Domain Magic, and as such, his eyes change color to light purple to reflect that. After a long winded chant, DruidMan yells "RAZOR TORNADO FORCE!!!" Then a mighty wind kicks up, blowing razor sharp leaves and other forms of debris across the area, dealing [(Atk+Rpd)*5] Wood damage to one enemy. The wind continues to blow, forming a tornado that picks the enemy up, then blows them away for an additional [(Atk+Rpd)*5] Wind damage. DruidMan then requires four turns to use the Wind Domain again. ShotBase[Wood](40), ShotBase[Null]+Wind+Microburst+Knockback(40+20+40+10)=150Mana
DRUIDMAN.EXE SIGNATURE ATTACK: Crushing Earth Force: This is DruidMan's Earth Domain Magic, and as such, his eyes change color to brown to reflect that. After a rugged chant, DruidMan yells "CRUSHING EARTH FORCE!!!" Druidman then hefts a large, loosely packed boulder and launches it at one enemy, dealing [(Atk+Rpd)*5] Earth damage. The target is then in for a special surprise; sharp root systems inside the dirt clod cut them up, dealing an additional [(Atk+Rpd)*5] Wood damage, too! DruidMan then requires three turns to use the Earth Domain again. ShotBase[Null]+Break(40+20), ShotBase[Wood](40)=100Mana
DRUIDMAN.EXE SIGNATURE ATTACK: Driving Storm Force: This is DruidMan's Electric Domain Magic, and as such, his eyes change color to yellow to reflect that. After an invigorating chant, DruidMan yells, "DRIVING STORM FORCE!!!" DruidMan uses his powers over nature to summon a giant storm, then calls down and strikes the enemy with a bolt of lightning for [(Atk+Rpd)*5] Elec damage. He then pulls several large wooden pikes from the ground, which he drives into the enemy, dealing an additional [(Atk+Rpd)*5] Wood damage. DruidMan then requires three turns to use the Electric Domain again. ShotBase[Elec]+Stun(40+20+20), ShotBase[Wood](40)=120Mana
DRUIDMAN.EXE SIGNATURE ATTACK: Sanctified Recovery Force: This is DruidMan's Holy Domain Magic, and as such, his eyes change color to pink to reflect that. After a graceful chant, DruidMan yells "SANCTIFIED RECOVERY FORCE!!!" Roots burst from their holding in the ground, and wrap themselves around one enemy, dealing 60 Wood damage. The roots then take this energy absorbed and give it to DruidMan, granting Recovery for the amount taken, as well as healing any other ailments. DruidMan then requires four turns to use the Holy Domain again. 60LifeDrain[Wood]+StatusCure(120+30)=150Mana
DRUIDMAN.EXE SIGNATURE ATTACK: Shivering Frost Force: This is DruidMan's Ice Domain Magic, and as such, his eyes change color to light blue to reflect that. After a cold chant, DruidMan yells "SHIVERING FROST FORCE!!!" This draws the moisture out of the air to freeze over a tree branch which DruidMan magically produces. DruidMan then grabs said branch, and wallops the target on the head, dealing [(Atk+Rpd)*5] Wood damage. The ice shatters and coats the target, dealing [(Atk+Rpd)*5] Ice damage. The remaining ice makes a small slick spot on the ground. DruidMan then requires five turns to use the Ice Domain again. ShotBase[Wood](40), ShotBase[Aqua]+Ice+Freeze(40+20+20+50), SmallTerrainChange[Ice](10)=180Mana
DRUIDMAN.EXE SIGNATURE ATTACK: Pulsing Flood Force: This is DruidMan's Water Domain Magic, and as such, his eyes change color to dark blue to reflect that. After a serene chant, DruidMan yells "PULSING FLOOD FORCE!!!" The ground bursts open, spewing a geyser of torrential waters in a path cascading towards DruidMan's opponent, resulting in six instances of 10 Aqua damage. DruidMan then magically summons a large quantity of driftwood into the river, resulting in additional six instances of 5 Wood damage. After the waters crest, a small stream or creek is left behind. DruidMan then requires four turns to use the Water Domain again. [10Aqua, 5Wood]x6(90+20), MediumTerrainChange[Sea](20)=130Mana
DRUIDMAN.EXE SIGNATURE ATTACK: Rampant Growth Force: This is DruidMan's Wood Domain Magic, and as such, his eyes change color to green to reflect that. After a verdant chant, DruidMan yells "RAMPANT GROWTH FORCE!!!" This sends out a burst of natural energy that causes the ground to suddenly and rapidly produce a lush meadow. DruidMan then requires one turn to use the Wood Domain again. MediumTerrainChange[Grass](20)=20Mana
DRUIDMAN.EXE SIGNATURE ATTACK: Resolute Steel Force: This is DruidMan's Steel Domain magic, and as such, his eyes change color to a light grey to reflect that. DruidMan has incorporated some basic Steel element magic into his natural physique. By giving his skin the properties of bark, and further charging it with Ironwood magic, he is able to harden his body and increase his durability at will. A simple chant capped with "RESOLUTE STEEL FORCE!!!" will either dismiss or activate the ability. <Passive>Hardbody(40x4)=160Mana
DRUIDMAN.EXE SIGNATURE ATTACK: Ageless Time Force: This is DruidMan's Time Domain magic, and as such, his eyes change color to a pure white to reflect that. After a quick chant, DruidMan yells "AGELESS TIME FORCE!!!" DruidMan falls out of sync with normal time, and exists in a flow of time that moves at a different speed than those around him, allowing his greatly improved dodging reflexes and attack accuracy for a single turn. After re-syncing with normal time, DruidMan requires two turns to use the Time Domain again. Haste+AccuracyEnhancement(40+40)=80Mana

GMO Files
DRUIDMAN.EXE GRAPHICAL MODEL OVERRIDE: NORMAL: DruidMan's normally long tangled hair becomes straight, and pulled back into a neat ponytail. His green eyes turn a neutral gray color. His normally unkempt look vanishes, and his leather armors change into a suede suit. His scimitar turns into a rapier. While using this GMO, DruidMan appears to be a Normal type Navi, although his abilities and statistics do not change.
DRUIDMAN.EXE GRAPHICAL MODEL OVERRIDE: FIRE: DruidMan's entire body is engulfed in flames. His eyes flare up to a dangerous shade of crimson. His leather armor changes into a fine obsidian armor. His scimitar changes into a great sword. While using this GMO, DruidMan appears to be a Fire type Navi, although his abilities and statistics do not change.



New Typing: Fire/Ground
New Description: DruidMan's body has been radically altered by Drauchen's taint, and now, in place of most of his skin and armor, are brilliant red scales. Whether this is merely armor or skin is not certain. Most of DruidMan's joints, including the knee, elbow, and shoulder, in addition to his fingers, have razor sharp extensions or talons on them. Druidman now wears a helmet that appears to be a great dragon's skull clamping down on his own with his mouth, but his hair, which is now straight and a much lighter shade of brown, comes down from the back. Druidman also gains a pair of armored, leathery wings out of his back, just below the shoulder blades.

DRUIDMAN.EXE BEAST SIGNATURE ATTACK: Draconic Nesting Force: DruidMan roars "DRACONIC NESTING FORCE!!!", and lets some of Drauchen's natural instincts take him over, giving him an edge to all of his attacks involving fire or flame. As a side effect of letting such raw fire magic flood through him, his own druidic magics create a stage wide Furnace. FireBoost15+Stage Furnace Terrain Change (250BSP)
DRUIDMAN.EXE BEAST SIGNATURE ATTACK: Thundering Inferno Force: DruidMan roars "THUNDERING INFERNO FORCE!!!". Drauchen's firey breath combines with the essence of DruidMan's magics, creating a perversion of nature heralded by a mighty thunderclap that deals 100 Elec damage and stuns the target, followed by a rain of firey debris that deals five hits of 20 Fire damage. 100Elec+Stun, 20Fire(x5) (250BSP)
DRUIDMAN.EXE BEAST SIGNATURE ATTACK: Flowing Flame Force: DruidMan roars "FLOWING FLAME FORCE!!!". Drauchen's magma-like lifeblood combines with DruidMan's link with the earth around him, causing a river of boiling water and a river of molten magma to collide on a target, dealing 75 Aqua and 75 Fire damage. The rapid collision of cold and hot forms a rapidly rising spire of rock, which deals an additional 40 Earth damage that causes Impact and Break to whatever defenses remain on the target. 75Aqua, 75Fire, 40Norm+Break+Impact (250BSP)

Support Programs


Name: Simurgh.SP
Gender: Female
Type: Fire/Wind

Simurgh technically has no form, as she is a being of spiritual energy. However, when she is summoned to the material plane by Druidman, she typically takes the form a large bird with red and gold feathers, and a large, 8 foot wingspan, with a beautiful, long tail of gold feathers. However, she is in theory capable of taking the shape of different animals.

Simurgh is DruidMan's guardian animal spirit. She is a benevolent entity, and her purpose is to balance DruidMan's place in nature. If DruidMan becomes too violent, she will become increasingly pacifistic, and vice versa. If DruidMan becomes too lazy, she will become more driven, and so on and so forth. While she is incredibly intelligent and can understand commands, she is still an animal, and therefore cannot speak or understand complex situations.



SeraphCross, Normal/Ground, Level Three: +20 to Non-Elemental Chips, +40 HP, +1 Speed

A dramatic wind blows upwards, causing DruidMan to hover for a moment, the tips of his feet barely scraping the ground. The updraft makes DruidMan's hair billow upwards, forming a gravity defying updo, almost into a conic shape. Meanwhile, DruidMan's armor turns jet black, and tightens quite a bit, accentuating his muscles. Faint green druidic symbols line his legs and arms. DruidMan gains tarnished steel shoulder pads and bracers, the left of which had a single blue druidic symbol on it. DruidMan's scimitar straightens and grows to an absurd size, it's nearly four feet long and about a foot wide when viewed from the side, and it has a simple, angular design. While in SeraphCross, DruidMan strangely quotes passages from some sort of "Player's Handbook."

DRUIDMAN.EXE CROSS SIGNATURE ATTACK: Complicated Math Force: The player's handbook is full of complex formulas, and so are video games. It's hard work to keep track of it all, and, if used in the proper manner, is a weapon in it of itself. DruidMan harnesses this weapon by screaming, "COMPLICATED MATH FORCE!!!" Then, he fires a stream of numbers from his mouth that have a physical form to strike a single enemy. DruidMan then inexplicable pops into existence somewhere else on the field, more than likely because he forgot to carry the remainder or something. Needless to say, this confuses DruidMan to all hell, it takes three turns for DruidMan to gather the courage to try the attack again. 30Norm+Knockback+Stun+Movement+TakeAim (100XP)
DRUIDMAN.EXE CROSS SIGNATURE ATTACK: Random Luck Force: For some reason, SeraphCross DruidMan doesn't always seem to follow the rules to the letter... he must be fudging a number somewhere... He's getting three Heat Sinks every time he yells "RANDOM LUCK FORCE!!!", what gives? At least he can only use it once every 3 turns... SigChill(x3) (120XP)
DRUIDMAN.EXE CROSS SIGNATURE ATTACK: Inexplicable Logic Force: DruidMan yells "INEXPLICABLE LOGIC FORCE!!!" Somehow, DruidMan swings his massive sword down to the ground and fires a pulse of white energy outwards. Illogically, the ground around him crystallizes. The cooldown on this attack is 1 turn. Medium Glass Terrain Change (20XP)


SylkCross, Elec/Ground, Level One: +10 to Elec Chips

DruidMan's leather attire begins to stiffen and darken, as if it had been left untreated for a long period time, until it resembles something more akin to a carapace than armor. What flesh that is visible takes on an ashen complexion, and his hair turns powder white, hanging loosely around his face. His eye color changes to a dark crimson color, and his canine teeth noticeably lengthen, almost to the point they force their way out his mouth. His left forearm swells and engulfs his hand and gauntlet, looking like a spider's abdomen in reverse, allowing the spinnerets to face outwards and fire webs as well as weaponry. While his scimitar is still present, DruidMan opts to channel most of his magic through this 'Druidic Web Launcher'. The most noticeable change, however, is the four massive spider legs that have burst from his back, jutting up over his shoulders and then back down to the ground, which lifts his main body off of the ground, his existing legs barely scraping the floor. DruidMan uses these legs as his new primary means of locomotion, but he can swing them about to attack in a pinch. DruidMan's personality changes only slightly, with his overall demeanor becoming slightly more curt, but his speech becoming slightly more sultry. The 'dudes' and 'man' will live on, however.

DRUIDMAN.EXE CROSS SIGNATURE ATTACK: Metallic Web Force: Druidman yells "METALLIC WEB FORCE!!!" Druidman uses his spinnerets to rapidly generate a cocoon of metal webbing that snugly surrounds his body, protecting him from the next 60 incoming damage. His haste in donning the web leads to a lot of waste getting all over the ground, converting it to a medium area of metal terrain. It takes DruidMan 2 turns to replenish the used webbing. 60HPCasing, Medium Metal Terrain Change (80Points)


DivineCross, Normal/Recovery, Level One: +10 to Non-Elemental Chips

DruidMan's primitive leather armor peels away as the wind blows, revealing brilliantly polished and finely tempered steel armor, with brass trimmings. The armor is so well kept that it appears at first glance to be silver and gold, giving DruidMan a vaguely regal appearance. It is standard plate armor, complete with a breastplate, adorned with a brass cross along the front, gauntlents, greaves, and boots, all accented with brass. DruidMan's left gauntlet (Where his former spring gauntlet was) is encrusted with several sapphires, which DruidMan uses to channel energy blasts for use of long range weaponry. His right gauntlet has a massive steel 'cross' mounted on the forearm, with the longer section sticking three feet outwards past his fist, coming to a point at the end. This Elemental Cross takes the place of DruidMan's Scimitar, still fully capable of channeling his magic, and may be spun around into the reverse position when not in use. From his back are two large steel plated wings, with brass 'feathers'. DruidMan is able to move the wings around, but they are mostly for show, their flight capabilities are limited to little more than hovering or gliding. DruidMan's hair gets a noticeable white streak along the side, and he gains a sliver tinted visor as well. While in DivineCross, DruidMan is even more protective of his friends and peers, and gains a great deal more compassion. However, changing DruidMan's speech patterns are like trying to stop the sun from setting, he continues his lines of 'dude' and 'man'.

DRUIDMAN.EXE CROSS SIGNATURE ATTACK: Holy Protection Force: Druidman yells "HOLY PROTECTION FORCE!!!" Druidman is filled with spiritual energy, and his wings and eyes glow with a pale, holy light. He swings his wings down and around in front of him in a self-protective gesture. Each wing can bat away/absorb/deflect/nullify a single attack. Close proximity to the divine power does 20 Recovery to Druidman. Cooldown is 2 turns for this maneuver. 2HitShield, 15Heal, Medium Solar Terrain Change (80Points)