Name: Penny Kiade
Age: 36
Gender: Female
Appearance: As a thirty-six year old, Penny isn't exactly what you would call a bombshell. Years of isolation from most people due to her job has had an obvious deterimental effect upon her body and shape, her height standing at a somewhat middling five-feet six inches tall, and unfortunately for her, the late nights, fast food and ramen have had her somewhat balloon to a fairly hefty 250-some pounds in weight in the last couple years of her working at SciLab. Her skin is a very pale white, her face and arms covered in acne and acne scars from her unhealthy lifestyle and working conditions. She has a somewhat misshapen nose that is covered in deep and dirty pores, aqua blue eyes and her face a little chubby in the cheeks. What she usually wears is simply, loose fitting clothing. Her usual clothing being a simple tan blouse that flows down her body and a pair of simple sweat pants that stretch out and cling to her frumpy lower body.

Personality: Quiet would certainly be the main way to describe Penny's personality. She is usually at her quietest when she is simply...alone with her thoughts. Fenixia being her only real friend since highschool, she has grown dependant on her navi's interactions, but is quick to make analytical commentary on the subject(s) in question, dependent on if she is knowledgeable on the subjects or not. Music is also big in her life, due to some childhood trauma with some local bullies, she retreated into her shell and was heavily dependent on a commercial model navi to do most things for her, at least until a run-in with some viruses lead said navi to be deleted several years later, around a month before Fenixia came into her life. Fenixia has been doing all she can to break her would-be netop out of her shell, but all attempts thus far have failed, even if she has become...more rebellious against those who hold command over her in Scilab.

PET Modifications: An old-model PET retrofitted with new tech to keep up with the ever changing world, it is practically ready for the recycle bin and has had numerous soldering marks on it.