Name: Gary Williamson
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Appearance: Gary stands at an average 5'1".

He has grayish brown hair, which falls to his shoulder blades, and is kept in a loose ponytail. He has gray eyes, and thin black rimmed glasses. While not amazing, most girls his age regard him as having above-average attractiveness.

For clothes, he simply wears a white T-shirt and blue jean shorts, due to its versatility and high amount of motion it allows, and a large gray fanny pack, filled with various role playing gear. On the fanny pack is his Navi's emblem, a stylized version of his Navi's sword.

Personality: Gary loves improvisational acting, considering it his calling in life. He's always looking for ways to engage in it, and will sometimes narrate what his Navi is doing during busting. His other great passion in girls. He'll rarely pass by a pretty face without making a pass at her, though despite his looks, tends to find various ways to flame out.

PET Modifications: A standard gray Link PET, which Gary keeps strapped to his left arm. It contains lots of information concerning his LARPing group, such as scenarios and character bios/stats.