Name: Katomie Kisirigi
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Appearance: She's a tan skinned beauty standing 5'7, roughly 118 lbs. long straight dark purple colored hair flows just down past her shoulders. Her eyes are a deep, dark purple. Katomie's build had a slight thickness to it, with a little meat in all the right places. Not to crazy, but lets just say her assets were well rounded. Clothes differ from from day to day, as she has a very broad amount of styles she can choose from. Usually prefers fitted clothing, from skinny jeans, leggings, corsets/tank tops, jumpsuits, dresses and skirts even. Almost always tends to favor her assets in some way.

Personality: She is a very shy and bashful person. Doesn't like to be the focus of things. Much rather be stuck in a book, playing a game, or watching anime. A very softspoken personality, compared to that of her navi. Favorite color is purple. Rarely opens up to people, but if she does it means that they are considered a true friend. The young lady has a strong heart, and full of compassion even if its hard for her to show it sometimes. Has a slight kinky nature that she keeps hidden for the most part.

Backstory: A resident of Kotobuki, Electopia. Katomie lived a normal life for the most part. She never stood out in school due to heir shy nature. Lived with her parents up until pretty recently when she bought a small house in the same area. She worked as a librarian during the day, and spends her evenings reading manga, watching anime, playing a video game, or surfing the web with her Navi. Scarlett had been just a basic stock female Navi most of her time in the PET, but was recently upgraded by Katomie to mimic a lot of traits she found interesting, resulting in the dominating succubus navi that resides in the PET now

PET Modifications: Solid purple third generation PET.